Where Is This “Middle Ground” That Everyone Keeps Talking About?

If you’re stupid, you’re wrong. If you’re smart, you’re wrong. Is there such a thing as being not too stupid and not too smart at the same time? Would that be acceptable? Would we even know the difference?

It’s the white man’s fault. No, it’s the black man’s fault. Is it possible that fault lies in the INDIVIDUAL and not the race?

If you have a dirty house, you’re a good mom. Does that mean having a clean house makes you a “bad” mom?

When the term “gun control” is spoken, why do people who want to keep their guns hear “gun removal” and get angry? For those who are against guns, why do THEY hear, oh yeah…”gun removal” and get excited? Whatever happened to the word “control”?

If “real women have curves,” what does that say about a woman who is anorexic? Is it more important to express that she “isn’t real” or to get her help? What about those women who simply can’t gain weight? Many say they “can’t lose it,” right? So is it possible to be someone who “can’t gain”? Of course not. Those women are simply not “real.”

I could do this all day. A long time ago, I’ve come to the conclusion that many people have a natural desire to just want to fight, no matter how easy it will be to find a solution or how close they already are to middle ground. Even two people who actually AGREE on something will fight because they don’t agree in the same way. For example, I recently took part in a conversation on a friend’s Facebook page about God and whether I believed in Him. Another friend of his said that she believed in Him as well. Yet, we basically didn’t see eye to eye because of the fact that we agreed in “different ways,” if that makes any sense.

The most ridiculous part of all this is that folks have to take things from one extreme to another. Everything has to be ALL THE WAY on one side or ALL THE WAY on the other. People who voted for Obama are “idiots.” Plain and simple. It’s not possible that they just shared a different opinion than those who voted for Romney. For those who voted for Mr. Romney, they’re all “racist.” It’s not possible that…you get the idea.

Homosexuals will burn in Hell. Period. God will forgive every other sin, but homosexuality is one that there’s just NO turning back from when it comes to Heaven or Hell. This is the argument many Christians use. They seem to not realize that NO, this is not how God works, but even if He did work this way, many people do not believe in God, so that’s a debate that won’t get far with them…since after all, homophobia has NOTHING to do with it, right? It’s ALL about the Lord, right?

Why do things have to be EXTRA large or EXTRA small? Why isn’t there an EXTRA “medium”? Why is it the three LITTLE pigs and the BIG bad wolf? Goldilocks was most comfortable with Mama Bear’s things because it was right in the middle. Didn’t turn out too well for her. When the news reports a crime, society determines that the person is innocent or guilty right away from just the mug shot, as though it would be better if the person smiled.

I’m starting to think this “middle ground” doesn’t exist. Abraham Lincoln wanted equality and he was assassinated. Same for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Is middle ground really THAT bad? Or do people enjoy fighting THAT much?

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