Miley Cyrus Says “Checkmate” (Just Like Many Other Celebrities Do)

In 2013, bad press is good press. Hell, ANY press is good press. As a 34-year-old man, I’ve been around long enough to see the evolution of the internet and social media, but I’ve also been able to see how things were before all this. Back then, a celebrity’s exposure was mostly based on their platform. We knew of singers because of listening to their music, concerts, or music shows on television. Television actors/actresses were seen mostly when we watched television. Athletes-sporting events, and so on. With the exposure being so limited, these celebrities made the best of their exposure and actually aimed to AVOID any bad press. Even in the rare event (yes, this was more rare back then) that someone decided to be wild and crazy, the rarity of it, depending on how it was done, was still appealing to many, but risque at the same time. So it happened, but it wasn’t the norm.

Today, there’s Facebook. There’s Twitter. These are of course, brought to you by the internet. Information gets around at lightening speed. News comes out this morning and most of the country knows it by this afternoon. 

What does all this have to do with Miley Cyrus? Well, it’s well-documented as far as what took place a few nights ago. I don’t usually watch music awards, so I didn’t see it, nor do I have any desire to. But it’s not as though I’d have to explain to any of you what happened. Surely most know by now.

I personally think celebrities like Miley Cyrus KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING when they behave the way they did that night. I’m even willing to bet money that many times, their publicists are the ones encouraging that they do this. Today, people seem to talk more about controversy than good things. Referring back to the music awards, it took place on Sunday. Today is Thursday, and are people still talking about the good performances? Nope. They’re still talking about Miley Cyrus, though. Between her and her publicist, either one or both knew this would be the case. This didn’t happen by accident.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s possible that once in a while, celebrities, especially while young, do crazy things simply not knowing what the backlash will be. However, by now, I think it’s pretty clear.

I really hadn’t heard much from Miley Cyrus before Sunday and I don’t think others have, either. So many refer back to Hannah Montana and how long ago was that? My belief is that it’s basically like this: You were once popular, but you’re not AS popular anymore. You haven’t totally stopped working yet, but you’re not grabbing the headlines. The only thing most people remember about you is Hannah Montana. But you’re an adult now. Gotta shake that “Disney” image. So what should you do? Sing at the Music Awards? Nah. People will only talk about you for that night and a little into the next morning. Plus, good performances don’t get shared a million times, along with memes and news stories being done. People don’t talk about that much.

But what WILL they talk about? What will get shared repeatedly? What will get your name back out there in a matter of minutes? What will get people talking about you for long enough that you become relevant again? (Yes, RELEVANT) Do something wild at the Music Awards!

Don’t worry about those people who think they’re being clever in their reactions. Don’t worry about those who feel you’re such a bad influence on their children. Don’t worry about those who say you’re a slut. Some will just react that way to anything, especially online, since they can remain anonymous and their lives are already pitiful. Don’t worry about any of that, because guess what? You want people talking about you again, right? Even if everything is bad, it will spread like wildfire and people will be talking about you again.

And look at that. Mission accomplished. Or should I say…CHECKMATE.

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