POLITICS: For Many, Nothing More Than An Excuse Not To THINK


Here in Afghanistan, I was watching politics (for a brief moment) on the news and my boss walks in. Before he walked in, a politician made a point. I saw the person’s name and that he was either a Democrat or Republican, but my boss didn’t. This politician made his point and it was clear that my boss agreed with him. However, he asked, “Is he a democrat or republican?” I then asked him, “What difference does it make?” He just smiled and did not answer. I wasn’t surprised. This is nothing new. Knowing my boss from working with him for the past 2 ½ years, if he knew which side that politician was on, that would have determined whether or not he would have admitted to agreeing with him.

You may be wondering, “How exactly does that mean he isn’t thinking?” Number one, because he didn’t answer the “what difference does it make?” question. “It doesn’t” is probably the best answer to give there and it’s very easy to say. Hell, say even if it isn’t true.

But the fact is that it DOES matter what side the person is on to many. A particular point does not matter nearly as much as the side this individual is on. If the person making the point is on the side you’re on, then they’re the most brilliant individual to ever speak. If they aren’t on the side you’re on, then it’s “Duh, duh, they’re stupid, duh, they’re idiots and duh…” everything else. And I’m talking about if the EXACT SAME POINT is being made in both cases.
A few months ago, before I came out to Afghanistan, one of my Facebook friends did just that. She’s one of those who share political posts every five minutes, especially if it makes the side she’s on look better and the other side look worse, whether the posts make sense or not. One day, a person from one side made a statement and she shared it, taking shots at the other. Then, only a FEW DAYS LATER, that same point was made by a person on the other side, in what I see This “brilliant” friend of mine then berated that person as though he was piece of garbage. What changed in that person’s point from the other?

This is why I say politics is just excuse for people not to think. I know…disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean you aren’t thinking, right? It just means that you are, right? Let me tell you as someone VERY intelligent…picking sides or deciding whether a point makes sense based on whether a person is a democrat or a republican is NOT thinking. That’s picking a side. It doesn’t take much thought to do that.

Let’s be real here. No one is going to admit to NOT thinking…so of course, most people would latch on to a point and pretend to understand it just to sound as though they’re really “thinking.” But one thing I always say is that a REASONABLE and SENSIBLE person would never say that someone is either always right or always wrong. Especially when it comes to politicians. As much talking as they do, there’s no way in the world that just ONCE in a while a point made can be agreed upon, no matter what side you’re on. But of course, to show how much you support your side, you can’t admit that. Nope. It’s shows “weakness” to in ANY way support ANYTHING said from the other side, no matter how much sense it makes. You either have to be completely on one side or the other.

This is why I call it just another excuse not to think. Let’s be real here…there are way too many people out there who are just plain lazy in EVERY way, and that includes thinking. If there are two sides to an argument, they simply pick one. There’s no “listening to all the points to make a logical decision…” ehhh…who wants to waste time doing that? Just pick a side. That’s easier and hey…that’s what most people are already doing anyway.

This is why I find it laughable to see my friends with their political posts. I don’t take ANY point seriously when it’s presented in a biased manner, because to me, that shows a person isn’t logically thinking or thinking at all. I like to have INTELLIGENT discussions with people that show ALL angles. To say that you’re “all right” and I’m “all wrong” is just ridiculous and unrealistic. Very seldom is that ever the case.

People know deep down whether they’re thinking logically or just picking a side and it shows in how they speak about it. A logical thinker will present an intelligent discussion where all sides are looked at, even the ones that put his or her side in a bad light. Also, they’re confident enough in what they say where they don’t seem to get easily flustered by a disagreement.

It seems every time I get online, that’s what I see. People calling each other names and friendships breaking up…over petty disagreements. Politics that most people don’t even know much about anyway. The bottom line is that if you’re confident and comfortable in what you’re saying, there’s no reason for disagreements to lead to the extremes they’re usually led to. And I love the “If you agree with this person, you’re a moron” idiots. Yes, I call them idiots, because if you can’t fathom that a person’s viewpoint won’t always match yours, then “idiot” is the nicest word I can think of for you.

Let’s take Obamacare, for example. Now some say it’s been successful and others say it isn’t. But how can anyone really know? Especially from your basements or from the couch…without knowing how it has affected the millions of people who signed up for it, how you can you say one way or the other? Some didn’t have insurance at all and now they do. Some were able to get better rates and others weren’t. So how in the hell does that lead folks to believe that either it’s a success or it isn’t? Most people don’t even know a FRACTION of the people who signed up for this, yet it can be determined as to whether it’s successful or not? No it can’t, unless you’re just guessing, which most people are doing. If you’re an Obama supporter, you say it’s a success and if you’re not, you say it isn’t. Who the hell cares about facts?

In talking about former President Bush, I’ve seen people say he’s the “best president in our history.” I’ve also seen people say that President Obama is the “worst president in our history.” His supporters, in response to that, naturally come back with “No he’s not…Bush was the worst!” Whenever I see that, to me, that’s the equivalent of two kids yelling “YUH-HUH! NUH-UH! YUH-HUH! NUH-UH!” That’s a joke too.

Saying that either of the last two presidents is either the “best” or the “worst” in history is laughable. I seriously doubt anyone did their homework EXTENSIVELY on the other 42 presidents to know that Bush or Obama is the worst or the best. The people saying this have to know their history VERY well, especially when it comes to presidents, and most people simply don’t. Besides, when these same mindless folks are arguing one side or another, are they really going to say, “Hold on one second…let me check on this first and I’ll get back to you with some facts”? Hell no…they just fire back with whatever nonsense comes to mind.

Does this mean that everyone who disagrees is a person who doesn’t think? Of course not. There are people out there who think very logically and I can have a conversation with all day. Unfortunately, there are so few of those people out there that it seems there aren’t any at all.

I understand that very seldom will we agree on everything. That part, I don’t have a problem with. I get that disagreements WILL happen. I only have a problem when the disagreements seem mindless. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a grown adult’s way of thinking when talking to a grown adult.

Then again, that would mean I’m expecting grown adults to actually act like grown adults. Hell, maybe that’s my problem right there.

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