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Writing A Book Vs. Writing A Screenplay; No Contest…I Love Them Both

When it comes to writing, I love just about any kind of writing I can do. Poetry is probably the first I’ve tried and what I’ve done the most, but in more recent years, I’ve written books and screenplays. Between … Continue reading

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I’m Going To Start The “Mirror” Challenge. This One Is Where You Think Of Ten Ways To Improve Your Life and Better Yourselves. Don’t Hit The “Share” Button All At Once

Often I see posts or articles saying, “Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do…” or “Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say…” or “Ten Ways to NOT…” this or “Ten Ways to NOT…” that, but you know one I have yet to see? One … Continue reading

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The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie and Her Pregnancy…Again, People and Their Ugly Jealousy Never Cease To Amaze

For those of you who are fans of the “Today Show,” then you already know that this lovely lady is Savannah Guthrie, one of the shows co-hosts. As you know (or at least can see if you haven’t watched the … Continue reading

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A Few Ways You Can Stay Motivated To Keep Going To The Gym (Or Other Daily Exercise) Especially If You’re NOT A Gym Junkie

I’m a very humble person and not often will you hear me compliment myself, but I took this picture a few weeks ago and I have to admit…I look pretty good. Even though I did say a few weeks ago, … Continue reading

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So, “Perception Is Reality”? Maybe in YOUR Small Little Mind, But Not In the REAL World

These days, people will use any excuse in the world to be lazy and not have to THINK. Whether it’s stereotyping or assuming things about others, anything that allows people to think less is what they tend to jump on … Continue reading

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