The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie and Her Pregnancy…Again, People and Their Ugly Jealousy Never Cease To Amaze


For those of you who are fans of the “Today Show,” then you already know that this lovely lady is Savannah Guthrie, one of the shows co-hosts. As you know (or at least can see if you haven’t watched the show), Savannah is pregnant and due in the next few weeks. As of the time I’m writing this, Savannah will begin maternity leave in a few days and return to the show later in the fall.

I am normally not able to watch the Today Show very often, at least when I’m home. However, here in Afghanistan, the show begins in the middle of the day, so I’m able to catch most of them, including Al Roker’s “Here’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods” that my wife, being from the country, loves so much. (I enjoy it also)

I’ll get right to the point. I am simply embarrassed by so many people who call themselves adults. Embarrassed and disgusted. “Today” has given a lot of attention to Savannah and her pregnancy. I, for one, have no problem with it, as many others do not as well. However, there are quite a few who have not been shy about their “displeasure.”

People are being truly NASTY to Savannah about this and I’m not sure why I’m so bothered by it this time, because people and idiotic behavior like that does not really surprise me. I guess it’s because I’m looking at what’s going on here. I already have an IMMENSE appreciation for women when they give birth and become mothers. Women are the ONLY ones who can do this and I don’t know…that really stands out to me as an AMAZING thing, no matter how many times I see it.

I get that people tend to say a little more when they’re behind a computer screen and keyboard. People also have miserable lives and the only way they can temporarily feel better is to put others down. I get that and that won’t change. Understood. I also understand that people will be jealous of her getting so much attention. That’s not a surprise to me at all.

It’s the nature of what people are saying that’s embarrassing. Okay, so you hate all this attention Savannah is getting over her pregnancy? Since your remotes are all obviously broken, let’s address this. What in the world is the Today doing differently than any other workplace when someone is pregnant? If the workplace is a family environment, probably not very much. The only real difference is that Today is a television show, so we’ll get to see most of it.

Not to mention, Today probably looks at us viewers as their “family,” correct? So why would they NOT want to share good news with their family? If we are really their family as well, why would we not be happy for Savannah? If you aren’t happy, then why the hell are you watching?

Oh, right…broken remotes. Sorry.

Then people are putting down what she’s been wearing. Now, I don’t know what year everyone else is in, but I and the rest of the world are in 2014, and pregnant women don’t walk around in moo-moos all day anymore. There are a LOT of choices for pregnant women and I can tell you that of what I’ve seen Savannah wear, I haven’t found a single thing inappropriate. Lord knows, I can think of a TON of other much more inappropriate clothing she could wear and she doesn’t come anywhere near that.

She has worn very tasteful clothing that does appear tight on her, but not “going to the club” tight, but tight simply because her stomach is bigger from the pregnancy. Nothing that is the least bit distasteful.

Some of you may be thinking, “Well, you’re a man, Robert, so OF COURSE, you wouldn’t have a problem with her wearing tight clothing.” For those of you who AREN’T childish and juvenile with ignorant and outdated stereotypes about men in your small little minds, I’m looking at her from an unbiased standpoint. She’s not coming on the show in six-inch heels, skirts that are so short that they show all her “business” and shirts/blouses where her boobs are all over the place. She’s always covered up.

People often fuss about her “showing off her pregnancy.” So what do you want them to do…put a big black censor box over her belly every time the camera is on her?

What’s worse about all this is that people are using words, like FAT, UGLY and DISGUSTING to describe Savannah. Seriously?! Are we looking at the same woman? Not that it would even be acceptable to put down a larger woman when she’s pregnant, but Savannah doesn’t even look big. She looks pregnant. Her stomach is poking out, but that’s it. Even though I don’t find a larger woman who’s pregnant to be “fat” or “disgusting,” I REALLY do not see this on her.

Then again, people DO drink early in the mornings these days. Maybe that’s why they see something different than I do.

On top of that, here is what’s even more appalling to me. Now I am NOT in the least making excuses for the men putting her down. There is NO excuse for it whatsoever and if you’re one of those putting her down on the internet, DON’T call yourself a man. Seriously, don’t embarrass the rest of us by calling Savannah every juvenile name in the book and then considering yourself as a man. Yes, you have freedom of speech and yes, you’re entitled to your opinion. I say that you’re not a man. That’s mine.

But what’s appalling is the number of WOMEN doing this. Now LADIES…don’t you have enough trouble with men being idiots toward you than to be doing the same to each other? The number of women who are putting Savannah down and using a lot of the same language the men are using is REALLY embarrassing. The biggest complaint is, “People get pregnant every day! Why is she so special?”

Because she’s the co-host of a television show, that’s why. She’s earned the right to be as special as she wants to be. When you’re on television, a whole lot more is exposed than not. Get your own morning show and I guarantee you would do the very same thing.

But seriously, ladies…shouldn’t you all be standing by each other? Shouldn’t you be supportive, especially when it comes to something as special as pregnancy, something ONLY YOU LADIES can do? While I said that a lot of women are using the same language as men, I’ve seen a LOT of comments from women that are much worse. From women. Not to say that you’re the only ones wrong about it, but it just surprises me that more are not standing behind Savannah instead of jumping on the “I desperately need likes” Facebook bandwagon.

It’s funny to me how people are fine seeing all the BAD aspects of a celebrity’s life and their response then is, “Well, they’re celebrities and that’s what they signed up for. If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t have become a celebrity.” Then when something positive like this goes on and it’s shown, now all of a sudden people hate it and it’s “too much.” Nothing says JEALOUSY more than that.

If you can drool all over the place when you hear something bad go on with a celebrity, you should be able to handle something like this also. If not, that’s your problem.

Another sad thing is that these people, again, who call themselves “adults” don’t realize that to put Savannah down in these extreme ways is more of a reflection of THEIR character than hers. These are not teenagers. These are people who, at least in age, are adults. Many are older than me. There’s such a thing as being CORDIAL when you disagree with someone or something.

Then again, maybe they’re all just mad at their broken remotes.

Speaking of which, not to jump off topic too much, but there are people who claim to be so “sick” of her and the pregnancy that they “threaten” to stop watching. For one, that isn’t true and we all know that. Two, these people are still posting on the Today Show page. What sense does that make?

That’s exactly what I mean about people “calling” themselves adults. If something has happened on a show that has bothered you to the point that you are “done” with it, that means DONE IN EVERY WAY. To claim to be done watching the show but still sitting on Facebook and badmouthing that show on their Facebook page really shows the character you have, which is none.

I’m a very positive person by nature. Being over here in Afghanistan, believe me, there’s enough bad going on over here in this part of the world that when I turn on a television to back home in the states, I want to see GOOD news and GOOD things going on. When I watch a morning show that I enjoy and one of the hosts, a beautiful woman with a smile that can light up a room wants to embrace her pregnancy, what in the hell is wrong with that? So what if she wants to show it off?

Yes, it happens every day, but look at all the other things that “happen every day” that people STILL feel the need to brag about. Posting food on Facebook. Do people not eat every day? Buying a new car…are you the first one to ever do that? Celebrating an anniversary. Not the first one. Now I don’t have a THING wrong with people doing that stuff, but we brag a LOT about things that happen every day. All I need to do is go to my Facebook news feed and of probably the first ten statuses I see, seven of them will be of someone either complaining about something or bragging about something that happens every single day. Just as I said above, the bad things that happen with celebrities are heavily exposed and we don’t seem to have a problem with that. You should be able to handle the GOOD things, too.

Savannah wrote a post on the Today Show web site and she went a little bit into what people have negatively said to her during her pregnancy. This post actually prompted me to send her a handwritten letter from over here. I don’t know if she received that letter or will receive it, but I sincerely hopes she does. The letter was simply to say that I’m sorry for how people have been treating her and that I wish her, her husband and the new baby nothing but the best of luck.

The good thing is that Savannah’s supporters FAR outnumber those who don’t, so ultimately, they’ll fade away anyway. But that still doesn’t change the fact that there are grown “adults” who feel that it’s appropriate to sit on the internet and talk about someone like a dog and why? Because she’s showing her pregnancy? Because she not wearing a moo-moo every day? Even if you don’t agree with those things, does any of that warrant her being treated and talked to that way?

And lastly, PLEASE don’t give me that “freedom of speech” and “entitled to your opinion” nonsense. Let’s be truthful about that; most of the ones who are quickest to resort to that only do so when it’s convenient and they seem to forget that those rights apply to OTHER people as well, even when they say something you don’t like. Either way, as a 35-year-old man, I have the “right” to do and say a LOT of things. That doesn’t always mean it’s in my best interest to say and do those things. Adults should be smart enough to figure that out.

Then again, many aren’t even smart enough to figure out how to change the channel from something they supposedly “hate” so much, so what am I thinking?

I didn’t write all this because I expect anyone to change their opinions or their behavior. I just find it sad, disgusting and again, embarrassing that people around my age and older are sitting on the freaking internet and putting someone down. Bullying. Kid’s stuff. We talk about how messed up this generation is, yet this is what some of find to be acceptable. People in their 30s, 40s and 50s and calling someone names from behind a computer screen. Kills your “point” every time.

Even though I’m sure Savannah will not see this, again, I wish the three of them nothing but the best of luck. People who have a problem with that…well you just keep sitting there and stewing in your anger. At the end of the day, that only hurts you. Savannah has a loving husband, she’s co-host of a successful daily morning show and she has a baby on the way. What do you have?

Ah…there’s your problem right there.

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