AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: My Writing Process – Simon Okill


Paranormal author Simon Okill lives in a South Wales coastal town with
his wife. The Phantom Bigfoot Series for teenagers is now complete for
stage 1. The series follows the crazy antics of Duane a teenage
WereBigfoot and his madcap adventures with his tribe of Bigfoot Babes.

Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again is book #1 – Phantom Bigfoot & The
Vampires From Venus is book #2 and Phantom Bigfoot & The Haunted House
is book #3.

His dark Gothic vampire romance series Luna is also complete with Luna
Sanguis (Blood Moon) and Luna Aeturnus (Eternal Moon). This adult
paranormal romance series follows the trials of an amnesiac vampire
trapped in an asylum, France 1925.

He is currently working on Hot in Bigelow a desert romance with idiotic
aliens desperate to get back home and Murder Most Deadly a black horror
comedy set in Cornwall and South Wales.

1. What am I working on? — My WIPs are Murder Most Deadly a horror
comedy set in beautiful Cornwall and South Wales UK. It follows the
dastardly exploits of Bianca as murders her way though her husbands and
boyfriends, chased by a vindictive ghost. And Hot in Bigelow set in
Arizona desert where stranded aliens must depend on three drunken
idiots to get them back home before the planet Earth is destroyed by
marauding space pirates.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? — I am entrenched
in paranormal but have spread my wings to YA and Adult. I guess my
books are different in that they are full of me – my own brand of
insane imagination, humour and weirdness. After all, where else would
you find a YA series based on a new shape-shifter – Phantom Bigfoot a

3. Why do I write what I do? — Stephen King said if he couldn’t write
he’d commit suicide, for me not that drastic, but writing has fixed my
depression brought on by an accident that left me disabled and unable
to work. And the more I write the better I feel so I keep on writing
and editing/proofreading other authors’ works. It all helps keep the
bogeyman at bay.

4. How does my writing process work? — My process is somewhat
different – some time ago a film producer asked me to write a 22
episode paranormal TV series. Okay, I said and off I went. As you can
imagine, nothing came from it except 22 stories in script format. I
know, I’ll convert them all into novels and have been stuck on one
story for nearly 12 months now – The Phantom Bigfoot Series. My Luna
Series vampire romance will be re-released in November and there’s
plenty more to come.

You can follow Simon and find his books in the links below:


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