A “Can’t Sleep” 4:30 In The Morning Post About The Importance of a Positive Mindset

6a00d8341bf67c53ef0176166f3a83970c-800wiActually, it’s not that I “can’t” sleep. Well, maybe it is. I just have this thing about trying to go back to sleep when I have less than two hours before I have to be up. It’s not so much that I don’t want to go back to sleep, but in 35 years of living, I’ve learned my body pretty well and it’s become evident that having less than two hours of sleep remaining is a ticket for my brain to start the gears turning. Whether it’s thinking about my current writing project, which area of the house I will clean next, or if there are any drawers/cabinets in the house that aren’t closed (I’m very OCD about that), when the mind is awake, that means sleep is not happening, at least for a while.

Now there are times when my body is too exhausted to do anything BUT sleep, whether there are two hours remaining or not. My wife loves these times, because that means I stay my butt in bed. However, I often tell her not to get her hopes up on that happening very often. She’s back to snoring before I get that sentence out.

I suppose this essentially makes me a morning person. People resist that notion SO much and while I do understand that it’s not the greatest feeling being up at a time you would otherwise be sleeping, I am a soldier and have been for the past 17 years. Like me, there are many others out there with jobs/careers in which they have no choice but to be up at a crazy time of morning when the average person is not.

I’m not going to sit here and force others to be “morning” people, but one thing I learned a long time ago when I was a young soldier was that we all HAVE to be up anyway. We can either let the morning take us down (which will in turn lead to the DAY taking us down) or we can make the most of it. I would understand if you were someone who was new to the concept of getting up early…but when you’ve been doing it for a while, it just doesn’t make sense to me how some people still insist on making things as rough as possible for themselves.

Yes, I DO have a point. The right mindset is EVERYTHING. Many times, we underestimate just how important this is. So many out there resist the notion of a POSITIVE mind and attitude because they believe this notion is filled with delusion and fantasy. Besides, most people are negative by nature and why would ANYBODY choose to ride in the other lane and have a GOOD attitude and mindset? That’s not the “trendy” thing to do, right?

When I wake up in the morning, I thank God for waking me up. People die in their sleep all the time. People my age and younger have died, either from natural causes or from ailments they had no idea existed. I’m VERY thankful that has not happened to me as of yet. This is where I begin. Now, being a morning person does not mean I often wake up and I’m not tired. Most of the time I am. Getting up before I have to happens often, but not every day. There are times I would not hesitate to roll back over and go to sleep.

So back to the importance of a positive mindset. Whether you think so or not, our day is carried by our mindset. A positive attitude doesn’t necessarily mean that every will go well or even is currently going well, just like a negative attitude doesn’t mean every will go terribly or is currently in a bad place. It’s the mindset. A positive mindset is what will tell you that you can handle whatever the day throws at you. It doesn’t mean you have to LIKE it…but that you’re ready for it.

A positive attitude and mindset to me even often involves those aspects many others would find negative. A person correcting a mistake I’m making would be a positive thing. My wife telling me that a new dish I cooked could stand an improvement here or there; same thing. Someone proofreading my writing projects and making corrections; those are very positive. When done in a constructive manner, I would very much prefer when things like that happen. I would find it to be negative if people DIDN’T let me know those things.

For those who are determined to be negative no matter what, well…the sad thing is that many don’t see it that way. They think there’s some “need” to be that way or that it’s being “realistic.” Let me explain an example of this alleged “realism”…I don’t read statuses on Facebook all the time like I used to. Every once in a while, I see those friends who do nothing but post stories of things that upset them or they comment on similar stories. They spent several hours doing this. To make matters worse, most of the time, these “stories” or from satire web sites. That means these stories are totally made up. These satire sites decide to take what’s currently going on and put just the right twist on it so that it fires people up and they spend several hours talking about it.

Wait…who am I kidding…half the time, that “twist” isn’t even necessary. Sometimes the name of the site itself, the headline, or elements in the story make it painfully obvious that it’s entirely made up. There was even one story in which the first sentence at the head of the page SAID that “we make up all these stories,” and on that very page, people commented as though the story is real. That’s a pet peeve for another day.

The MINDSET is what drives people to do this, along with it being how the rest of their day will go. It doesn’t make sense to me. I can understand a bad mindset when something in your life has struck you in a negative way, such as as death in the family, a disorder, or some other similar bad news. However, when this is where you CHOOSE to go every day, it makes me wonder why anyone would ever want to MAKE themselves go to a place they would normally not want to go.

The example I often say is this: If you’re driving in to work and you encounter a road in which there is heavy traffic, would you turn off onto a road you KNEW had MORE traffic? Of course not. So why would you, already disgruntled from having to be up so early in the morning, INTENTIONALLY take your thoughts to a place you don’t want them to be?

I don’t care that people believe my optimism each day is based on delusion. Their negative attitude is the reason for that and if that’s where they insist on remaining, that’s on them. It has nothing to do with me. My day may not go the greatest or finish on the best note. That part I may not have control. However, my attitude at the beginning of the day and throughout?

That part, I DO.

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