My Return From My Writing “Hiatus”


I returned from Afghanistan about two months ago. I returned to a family of a wife and two young children. My wife and I went on a two-week vacation and we just got back a few days ago. My wife, the kids and I have been doing some catching up with watching our shows, playing video and board games, along with reading stories together. Now some would say those are acceptable reasons to take a break from writing and I wouldn’t disagree.

However, it’s time for me to get back to business.

I’ve really missed writing. If this is the first blog post of mine that you’re reading, I am an aspiring screenwriter, author and poet. I’m working on my fourth book right now and I have several other projects in mind when I’m finished. As for my writing, I didn’t exactly plan on an official “hiatus” so to speak, but I knew that I didn’t want to just be returning from a deployment and take time away from my family, even though I really do love to write.

I don’t necessarily feel “settled” back in the states just yet, but that’s because of being in the military. Those who are in or have been in understand what I mean. There may even be some cases where it doesn’t feel like it’s ever possible to get fully settled, because the possibility of deploying is always there. On top of that, it’s close to Christmas and New Year’s, so that provides a good amount of down time as far as work is concerned, so that’s an opportunity to catch up on things I otherwise wouldn’t be able to, such as taking care of things around the house (repairs, cleaning, etc.). I’d like to think I’m a pretty good time manager, so along with exercising six days a week (to include training for a half-marathon I’m looking to do in the spring), I think I’m ready to get back to writing a little more to where I can get a good amount in each day.

My current project is a book that I’m writing from a screenplay I’ve written and finished about a year and a half ago. It involves Virginia Senator Katherine Wallace who runs for United States president against Tennessee Governor James Trotter, who is sort of a “closet” sexist. She wants to run a clean campaign to get away from the “same old, same old” of typical politics, as her opponent uses every trick in the book to paint her in a negative light. However, as she deals with a family tragedy, she receives information on James’ past that would be certain to hurt his chances of becoming president. She fights with herself to determine whether to use this information to her advantage or to stick to her beliefs. I’ve just started this book, so that’s what I’m looking to finish in the near future. This is where my focus is going to be for the next month or two.

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