ANOTHER O-DARK THIRTY POST: Inner Peace Is Vital Because I’ve Learned Long Ago That There Will Never Be Outer Peace


4:16 a.m. – When you hear the term “inner peace,” the first thought that comes to the minds of many is a group of people sitting in a circle around a campfire, legs crossed and some fool saying, “Hummmmmmm” or everyone singing, “Kumbayah.” Getting in touch with your feelings and all that jazz…and many find that to be a complete joke. However, judging by how things are in the world, the joke is on those who feel this way.

I, on the other hand, realize that this is made fun of all the time because people simply don’t get it or they believe inner peace is impossible.  It’s the whole case of making fun of what you don’t understand.  Doesn’t make sense? Poke fun at it. You’re not alone. Others will agree and that will make you feel better about it not making sense to you. That’s how it works, right?

Yes, I’m one of those freaks who wishes for world peace. If you think that’s a joke, tell me how funny it is to see the world as it is now and the horrible things that happen on a daily basis. Hold on…let me finish this sip of water so I don’t choke on it from the laughter.

As the title suggests, I’ve learned a long time ago that I need to work toward inner peace, because unfortunately, at least in my lifetime, I will never see outer peace. I do believe that on some level, we ALL want to see it, but there are just SO MANY personal agendas out there and this, to me, is the main reason it will never happen.  The sad thing is, if even a fraction of the people in the world, or hell, just the country worked on developing inner peace, we would see improvement right away. (By the way, I know that I have international followers, so to clarify, the country I’m referring to is the U.S., where I live. However, this could certainly apply to nearly any country out there.)

Just a few examples.  I’ll take something somewhat simple…politics.  Now, it’s alarming how vicious people become when it comes to arguing about, let’s say, whoever the current president happens to be.  Not agreeing with policies and so on is expected…no way any president could please everyone in the country, no matter how hard they try.  However, listening to some of the things people say and reading what’s said on social media is just depressing to me sometimes.  To say that they are “insults” is grossly understating it. People are wishing death upon them. Calling them “POS” (meaning “piece of shit” for those who don’t know), which I feel is extreme when only referring to not agreeing with certain policies; ultimately, that’s all it boils down to.  Believing all the lies put out about them which, thanks to the internet, there are WAY more because of the hundreds of satire sites out there.  The list could certainly go on.

On top of that, how about those who don’t agree with them?  Agree to disagree?  Nah.  They get called names, too.  It’s never okay people to disagree with some folks.  If you do have the nerve to disagree, shame on you, you stupid “POS.”

By the way, no, I’m not referring to just the current president right now.  I’m talking about ANY president.  I do believe I said that above.  For those who voted for or against President Barack Obama, if the shoe was on the other foot, I know too many people who would do the very things I just mentioned.  So no, this is certainly not exclusive to just one group or president.  It was the same with former President Bush and will be the same with our next president.

Another example is the set of recent events that have led to the hashtags, #blacklivesmatter, #bluelivesmatter, #alllivesmatter and whatever else has come about by now.  Personally, I believe that these are driven more by personal agendas than beliefs.  I don’t have the time to really break it all down right now, but it’s pretty simple.  A black man dies at the hand of of white cop.  The details aren’t important and it’s just that simple for way too many people out there.  Then two cops lose their lives.  Again…details, schmetails.  The appropriate answer will be that nothing should be said until all the facts (the REAL facts, not the bits and pieces you choose to highlight) are all stated.  However, we all know the drill. The agendas are brought out right away, many times, having very little to do with the events themselves.

I feel that this is the main reason outer peace will never happen…because people simply don’t want it enough or are too caught in their own agendas for us to ever get there.  There are days when I have some hope, but for the most part, I’ve decided years ago that I need to just work on myself.  Of course, people have the tendency to try and force their agendas on me, but I don’t budge.  It’s a different story when someone approaches me and we have a discussion in an intelligent manner.  I don’t mind hearing someone out in that case.  However, I don’t buy into agendas.  That never helps the situation.

To me, inner peace isn’t about sitting around a campfire.  It’s about being comfortable with who you are.  It’s about looking at yourself in the mirror EVERY day and not just when you’re brushing your teeth or putting on makeup.  It’s about not doing what’s popular and being able to sleep at night afterward.  It’s about understanding that mistakes will happen and realizing that they aren’t the end of the world, as long as you make a REAL effort to learn from them.  It’s about relieving yourself of those toxic individuals who only care about their own agendas and nothing more.

Inner peace is also understanding that everything wrong with the world isn’t my fault, nor is it my responsibility to fix it all. I don’t have to be wrong about something to step away from it or to leave it be.

I would love to see better, but I’m afraid I simply never will, at least not when it comes to world peace…and that’s all right. Inner peace tells me that…that’s all right.

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