Writing a Book From Two Different Perspectives


I recently started another book, which will be my fourth book in total, but my first one in two years.  In this book, I’m going to try from two different perspectives.

The story will be titled, “Reaching Peach,” and involves a recently retired Army journalist who lands a job working for a national morning news program. He develops an unusual (but sensible) attachment to one of the female anchors there. I’ll leave it there for now, since I’ve only started and it hasn’t fully developed yet. The writing has began, but my stories tend to change as my writing goes on, so I’ll save a fuller synopsis for later on.

I will be writing this from the perspective of my main character, Marcus James, and my female anchor, Georgia Sullivan. Every odd chapter will be Marcus talking and every even chapter will be Georgia. I hope not to confuse anyone doing it this way, but my intent will be to keep both perspectives somewhat in synch with each other. They will each remain at the same period; in other words, after a pair of chapters in which each person has done their “turn,” it will be clear that it’s at the same time, rather than two entirely different stories going on, if that makes sense. Technically, they WILL be different stories as it will appear from different perspectives, but one chapter may talk about Marcus as he’s working at the studio one afternoon as the next one will feature Georgia in the same time and place and what she’s doing. As the story moves on, they will interact more, which means each perspective will not feel as “separated” as in previous chapters.

I’m probably making this sound more complicated than it is, but this is something I’ve never tried before, so it should be interesting. Now to get back to it.

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