Here Are Eight of the Best Things TO Post On Facebook


Nope, that’s not a typo. I didn’t leave out “NOT” by accident. I don’t know about you all, but I get tired of seeing all these lists that say what someone believes we all should NOT be doing. I get that certain things annoy people (things like people breathing air or blinking), but all these “DO NOT” lists have gotten old with me a long time ago.

Of course, at the end of the day, no one needs my permission or the permission of anyone else to post what they choose to on their own Facebook page. However, just like those who create the lists of what they feel people shouldn’t post, I’m going to create one of what I feel people SHOULD post, or at least the posts I enjoy the most.

1. Posts simply saying, “Good morning.” Even though I’m often a deep thinker and I’m guilty of over-analyzing from time to time, sometimes, it doesn’t have to take that much to talk to other people. Too often, some people feel that the “good morning” posts are silly, but then when someone like me comes along and wants to post something thought-provoking, then THAT’S too much also. Saying “Good morning” is a good icebreaker, and it could be enough to just get someone else talking. It doesn’t always have to be about drama.

2. Posts about going to the gym/being at the gym. You’re bettering yourself. That’s a GREAT thing. So why not post about that? This goes for the gym or any other kind of exercise. You’re putting in the work to better yourself in some way and it feels GREAT once you finished.  Sure, some people don’t want to see those posts, but I doubt it’s other people at the gym who feel that way. It’s the people who sitting somewhere and scrolling their newsfeed for drama who feel guilty that they aren’t the ones at the gym themselves, so they figure putting you down will make them feel better about themselves. Newsflash: It won’t. If people feel guilty about not going to the gym or exercising (you don’t always need a gym membership), that’s their problem, not yours. Post away.

3. Posts about your child(ren) or pregnancies. Yes, yes and YES!! I never get tired of seeing these posts. At the risk of sounding creepy, the innocence of children is a beautiful thing. What I mean by that is, the stupidity that we argue about as adults don’t even register in a child’s mind. Politics? Nope…the only arguing they’d do about that would be debating whose name sounds the coolest. Race? The only arguing they’d do about race is who won the one they had at recess. Only when idiotic parents come along as plant their foolish stereotypes and agendas in the minds of these kids do they start learning this nonsense. I enjoy the kid posts because it many times shows the kids before all that happens. And there is absolutely nothing better than seeing a glowing, beautiful, pregnant woman. SHE IS GIVING LIFE. Good Lord, you can’t find something positive about that? You have no problem complaining about Monday every single week (which really amounts to nothing), yet that woman posting about GIVING LIFE gets on your nerves? So what she’s done it more than once. GIVING LIFE is kind of a big deal, you know. And for those of you who just “hate” children, yeah, we get it. Just remember that YOU wouldn’t be here if YOUR parents “hated” children the way you do, so do us a favor and turn it down a notch. I can understand that you feel that children aren’t for you, but when you get to putting other people down just because they enjoy children, then all bets are off. No one is going to shut up about children just because YOU’RE tired of hearing about them.

4. Long, thought-provoking posts. Some of the most intelligent people I know have a LOT of good information to share, but they feel like they shouldn’t post it because it’s “too much.” Look, I’m not knocking anyone for spending a ton of time on Facebook, but truthfully, the only real ones who have issues with the long posts are the ones who are on here all day looking for drama and your post provides none. HOW DARE YOU! Yeah, well…this is me, big time. I post whatever I feel and however ever much I feel. The ones who don’t have more time to be on Facebook would likely not even know that you wrote that long post, so it wouldn’t be an issue to them. So what…what you say isn’t important because it’s “too long” for someone WHO’S ON THERE ANYWAY to read? It’s “too deep” for them? Never apologize for your intelligence. Ever. If other people can’t handle it, that’s their problem, not yours.

5. Pictures of different foods. I don’t know about you all, but I love food. I’m sort of on a low-carb diet right now (before you run off at the mouth, I’m a VERY svelte 5’11”, 190; not that there’s anything wrong with being overweight, but I feel it’s still something I need to work on), but I still love food. It doesn’t matter that we “wouldn’t go on the street to tell people what we’re eating.” Facebook isn’t the street. We’re talking to people who call themselves our friends. People have a lot of reasons for posting the meals they’re eating or have prepared. Some have cooked a dish for the first time and want people to see how it looks. Some just want to express how much they love a particular dish by posting a picture or two of it. Some are on diets and would like to share what they’re eating. It could be inspiration for others as far as knowing what’s good to eat. I’ve seen dishes before that have made me want to experiment on my own. Sometimes, a beautifully-prepared dish can also add color to a newsfeed. Before you say, “Nobody cares what you’re eating,” keep that “nobody cares” part in mind the next time YOU post something. Right…I didn’t think so. Next.

6. Positive posts and other forms of optimism. I get tired of people whining. Any intelligent person knows what I mean. Legitimate complaints are not whining. Whining is basically people sitting around and complaining about what’s wrong with everyone else or having issues in their own lives while doing absolutely nothing about them. I don’t have time to list every example or exception to the rule, but you should be smart enough to get it. “But Robert…if you don’t like negative posts, then I don’t have to like positive posts.” You’re right…you don’t. But I can guarantee that being positive has gotten me a hell of a lot further than being negative has gotten you. Some people have this twisted notion that being positive means we are delusional to the bad things in the real world. Not even close. It’s just that we have a different way of approaching things and we choose to do it with a reduced stress level. We can get just as mad as anyone else…but more often than not, we choose not to. On top of that, sometimes, we may know that others are going through negative situations and we’ll want to share something that may be able to help them out. I’ve been thanked many times for sharing posts like that (when I say “sharing,” I don’t mean copy-sharing, but just sharing my thoughts). Those people will always trump those who think that those of us who are positive only see “unicorns and rainbows.”

7. Accomplishments. Sometimes, there is no better feeling in the world than accomplishing something. Whether it’s losing weight or getting that college degree, it took a lot of hard work to get there and you deserve to show it off. To other hard-working people, it could be seen as encouragement to them. Even for those who haven’t been able to do much, it could be the push they need. It’s much better to see that stuff going around and actually LIFTING people up than other stuff meant to tear them down.

8. Selfies. I can actually HEAR all the eyes rolling at this one. There is really nothing wrong with a little ego boost from time to time. For those who don’t like selfies, remember that there are often people who lives hundreds or thousands of miles apart, so that selfie lets them see a friend’s face that they may not have seen for a good while. Even if it wasn’t meant for those people, so what? I don’t know too many people who don’t like being called attractive, so if you don’t mind that, then really…what’s the harm in someone posting a picture or two of themselves? If you don’t live by them, then it should be great to see them that often. If you do live by them or even see them every day, then it’s no different than seeing them in person. Certainly nothing to get upset by. Even those who supposedly do it “too much.”

I could probably keep going and I’m sure I’ll create another one of these lists in the near future. As for now, keep posting all this good stuff!!

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