My Open Letter To Connie Britton


Dear Connie,

My name is Robert People. You don’t know me, but that will hopefully change soon. I know you have been an actress for a long time, but strangely, I’ve only known of you since the beginning of Nashville in 2012. I’ve been a very big fan of yours ever since. Even going back and watching some of your earlier work (I just began watching some of Spin City) and a few of your movies, you are truly an amazing actress.

Understanding that you are tremendously busy, I’ll get right to my reason for writing this. I am an aspiring screenwriter. I am finishing up a script and my reason writing it is because of something you said.

On your Twitter page in early April, you posted a picture of you and Charles Esten, and you captioned it with “#Spinoff…when Deacon and Rayna have their own sitcom.” Now you could have very well been kidding about that and I didn’t think much of it after seeing it at first.

However, things have obviously changed. A Rayna-Deacon “sitcom” is the very pilot script I’m finishing up.

Now, this could either be viewed as a little bit brilliant or a whole lot crazy. Either way, I was in the gym one morning and this came to me as a very curious idea as to what a Rayna-Deacon sitcom would be like. As a writer, the best way to know, at least for me, is to make it happen.

Whether you are kidding or not, I would love for you to read this. I am well-aware and greatly respect that this is not a small request to you by any means, because you are certainly not sitting around with nothing better to do. You’re a full-time actress working on television in the fall and winter, movies in the spring and summer (I think I have both of those correct) and you do a lot of work in Africa as well. Along with your appearances on other shows, I haven’t even mentioned you being a single mother. So this is a lot to ask of you right now. I do understand that.

Now I could sit here and give you this great song and dance as to why you should read this script, but I honestly don’t have any. There is nothing wildly special or unusual about me that should lead you to want to read this. I’ll be 36 years old in about two weeks and I’ve been in the Army for almost 18 years. I’m married with two children. Aside from being a writer, I’m a relatively normal person. So why still bother with this?

Even though I am not a salesman, one thing I am is very passionate about being a writer. I know that as an actress for many years, you have read MANY scripts. Some good; many bad. Every new script you’ve received has likely been met with the proclamation that it is the “best script you’ll ever read.” I won’t do that with this one.

If I tell you that this is the “best script you’ll ever read,” that will also tell you that I feel I don’t have room to improve. I do. I always do. This is not me lacking confidence, but understanding just where I am in this process. This is not to say that I can’t and won’t be the best one day, but right now, my goal is to work to become a successful screenwriter, along with my dream of some day working with a fantastic actress.

I understand that if you were kidding about this, then there may not be much point in me writing this letter. However, I do realize I am taking a huge chance here and even if you did give my request to read this script the time of day, you would be taking an even bigger chance to spend the time to look at it with the tremendously busy schedule you have.

Even if you were joking about it, I still would love to know what you think. Just to know that you have read or are willing to would be the best birthday present I could imagine.

I understand that you will very likely never see this letter. Even if you did, I also understand that there’s a very good chance you will not be wildly interested in reading the script. You truly have no incentive to. You don’t know me at all. You’re not someone sitting at home who has been out of work for many years. You’ve read enough lousy scripts over the years to not be very anxious to take a chance on an unknown person just because he says he’s a fan of yours.

I do understand and respect all this.

Just know that along with being very excited to meet you one day, I am also very excited at the opportunity to be able to show you just how passionate I am with my writing and even though I don’t have the magic words that can guarantee you will say yes, I’m very confident my writing will speak for itself, if given an honest chance.

Upon no response or even a response with a rejection, there will be no hard feelings. I do realize what I am asking here. I will still view you as my favorite actress, we will be tuned in to Nashville each week and I will continue to check out a few of your other movies and shows.

Even in the event that lightning does strike and this letter somehow finds its way to you, even upon a lack of interest in reading, I do hope these words still very pleasantly meet your eyes. I hope everything is well with you and your son, and I’m certainly ready for Nashville to return in the fall.

Take care. Thank you so much for (hopefully some day) reading.

– Robert People

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