Want To Lump All Police Officers Together Because of a Few Bad Apples? Feel Free. Just Don’t Be Surprised When They Aren’t There When You Need Them


A few days ago at around 11 p.m., I got a speeding ticket somewhere near Kansas City, MO, for going 83 in a 70. When I was pulled over, of course, I was a bit annoyed, but I understood that I was the one at fault. The policeman does his thing, checks my stuff, hands me the ticket and sends me on my way.

However, there was a little something I noticed about him. He seemed a bit apprehensive. Even though I had my hands folded in my lap the entire time, addressed him as “Sir” each time I spoke to him and said little else, he seemed like he was ready to get through the entire thing over with. Not just in the way of moving quickly, but this sense of being slightly uncomfortable.

Of course, the police officer was white and I’m black. Now I’m adult enough to admit that I could be completely guessing in saying that my race may have had something to do with his demeanor. Then again, with guessing comes the possibility of being wrong and being right.

In this case, I will never know, because it’s a done deal. However, as more stories seem to be featured showing non-black police officers and black suspects, usually the verdict is in after the first wave of news is shown. If the black suspect comes out on the raw end of things (in the most recent cases, they have each died), then right away, without evidence, the cop was guilty.

Hell, even when evidence is presented, many members of the black community then come out and questions the evidence. All of a sudden, it’s not legit. Zero proof of this, other than things that have “happened in the past” with other police officers, or the classic case of “whites hating blacks” being the reason for the outcome. So first, the issue is little to no evidence. Then it comes out, and since it’s not in our favor, it’s not legit.

At that point, of course, then the usual police bashing occurs. Very seldom is it only the police officer(s) involved. Nope…it’s whole police forces. Damn near everyone is guilty of what these few bad apples did. They’re all corrupt.

Even though it’s not only black people who say this, this is where most of it comes from.

What’s most embarrassing is how many feel about police officers. Now, if ANYONE should understand what it’s like to be grouped in with everyone based on the negative actions of a few, it should be us as black people. Yet, we seem to forget that whenever we put ALL or even most police officers together because a few want to be fools. Now the same ones yapping about how “police as a whole” are jacked up would be ready to fight someone if they were to see something on the news (take your pick; we’re on there every day for stupidity), and they said, “blacks as a whole” are jacked up. Nah…we can’t have THAT, right? Not fair and everyone is “racist” who says that, right?

One of these days, the same ones bashing police officers as a whole will end up needing a police officer to help them and guess what? The police officer(s) will either not want to help, not feel safe doing so (without the fear of being the next “example” from those who want to cry “racism”), or doing a halfhearted job.

Personally, not only would this not surprise me, but I would not blame them one bit. I say this as a black man who HAS been wrongly discriminated against by the police.

It’s a shame that there are so many ungrateful people out there who aren’t mature enough to understand the job and the people a police officer has to deal with each day. They leave their homes and families unsure if they will ever come back. Their lives are in constant danger and they’re being killed in routine traffic stops. Not shootouts, hostage situations, or high-speed chases. Freaking traffic stops. Fools are breaking the law and then have the nerve to shoot and kill the police officer for doing his or her job.

What, you haven’t heard of that happening? You’re on your phones anyway. Look it up. Stop cherrypicking just the parts that help your little “F*** the police” stance. The facts are there, whether you want to acknowledge them or not.

I don’t blame anyone for criticizing a police officer who does wrong when the evidence is there and beyond a reasonable doubt. But when the conversation almost always becomes how corrupt police officers are as a whole, that’s not helping the situation. Again, it’s the exact same thing as people lumping all black people together just because of what they see on the news.

And we can’t stand that, correct?

Anyway, back to the possibility that the bashers may need them and they won’t be there. As a soldier myself (18 years of active duty Army), I have a TON of respect for police officers. Of course, not the ones who take advantage and do the wrong thing, but ONLY THOSE WHO DO THE WRONG THING. Not every police officer does the wrong thing.

Is this really that difficult for people to understand?

Again, it wouldn’t surprise me that certain police officers will eventually stop caring. In dealing with people who are as enormously ungrateful as many in the black community are (and I’m aware it’s not only the black community, but a good majority), I can honestly see this happening, even though I sincerely hope it doesn’t, because the ones who don’t deserve that will be the ones to suffer. Those who do what they’re supposed to do will be the ones to be hurt by this if it happens.

Before you resort to, “Well cops aren’t supposed to be doing that! They’re supposed to be professionals and to do their jobs!” STOP. Just stop. We’re not supposed to be breaking the law and we do that. But let someone say we’re supposed to “stop breaking the law” and we’re ready to fight and call people names. Yet, when it comes to cops, they’re supposed to be professionals and do the right thing all day, every day?

While I hold police officers to a much higher standard than people on the street, guess what? Police officers are human also, and I can imagine that while many of them are numb to their treatment and view by some members of society, there are those who have had enough or are close to it. We can sit here all day and tell them how they’re supposed to act, but if how we as the black community don’t behave as we’re supposed to, how can anyone open their mouths about how others are supposed to act?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. When people are pulled over or stopped by police officers for whatever reason, if you are wrong in any way, you don’t have a leg to stand on. Period. That doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable for mistreatment by the police officers. Of course not. But if you’re starting off on the wrong foot, the last thing you should be doing is trying to raise up on them. Wrong answer.

You get what you deserve there. Period.

When you get to resisting arrest, trying to take a police officer’s weapon, throwing things at them and everything else, you are really in no position to talk. In all these stories, I can’t think of a single case in which the suspect was doing absolutely nothing wrong. Again, not making excuses for police brutality, but stop pretending that blacks or those involved are always innocent. Most of the time, they’re not.

Simple as that.

Again, certain police officers will stop caring and to be blunt, members of the black community, especially those who love to just bash them as a whole, will have themselves to blame. It’s absolutely laughable and sad at the same time to see so many of my friends and others not even have the maturity to address just the police officer(s) who did wrong. No, they have to try and attack all of them. 

Then, many think they’re really doing something by continuing to bash them, like they’re really standing up for something. What they fail to realize is that they’re really just hurting themselves in the long run. Of course, they don’t get this because they spend all their time on social media yapping about how much they’re going to “continue fighting” and they’re getting these cheap “high fives” from their friends who are just as ill-informed as they are. Yet many wonder why they’re where they are in life.

But that’s a blog post for a different day. Then again, surely that’s not their own fault, either. The police officers are likely at fault for that as well.

Not that I need to keep repeating this, but I feel that the police officer(s) who do wrong should be dealt with accordingly. No sympathy for them. But why adults can’t fix their mouths to say that NOT ALL POLICE OFFICERS ARE BAD is beyond me. Especially in the black community. Once again, if anyone should understand, we should.

Then again, if people don’t have the sense enough to understand that much, then it’s hard to have sympathy if they eventually need those very same police officers they spend all their time bashing. I would guess that it wouldn’t happen often because I have more faith that police officers, despite their treatment, would still do their jobs in full. However, there may come a time or two where they’re mainly trying to protect themselves, which will lead them to possibly not do a job as fully as they should, if they do it at all.

Is that wrong? Absolutely. But if we start off wrong ourselves, who are we to get on them? After all, if we have the moral compass to tell the police officer(s) who potentially do this that they are wrong, why not use that on ourselves so we’re not in the situation(s) to begin with?

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