My Open Letter To Connie Britton (Part 2)

Connie Britton

Dear Connie,

I wasn’t originally planning on writing another letter like this, but I’ve mentioned you more than once in my blogs and I felt I should say something about why I’ve done that. I really don’t expect you to read these, but in the unlikely event that you do, I hope this is one that you see.

Yesterday, a few co-workers of mine were talking about meeting their favorite celebrities. The question was asked, “So what would you do if you ever met (whoever)?” The answers they gave included running up to whoever it was, “ambushing” them so that they couldn’t try to avoid the person coming after them, taking pictures with them (whether they had permission or not), hugging them, kissing them (again, with or without permission), and the list went on.

I wasn’t originally included in the conversation, but of course, my co-workers made their way to where I was, so they asked me also. My response was, “Nothing. I wouldn’t do anything.” When they asked, “Why not?” I responded, to the effect, “Because I wouldn’t be comfortable doing any of that stuff. How do you know they would like all that, anyway? In my case, I wouldn’t say anything unless she spoke to me first.” I said more, but I may as well have been speaking in Chinese. I didn’t mention you by name, but it didn’t matter. My stance was obviously just ridiculous to them. My responses were met with, “Please. How often do you get to meet people like that? You better take advantage!”

Apparently, people who feel the way I do are not in the majority. I’ve realized that there are so many fans out there who feel that because you’re celebrities, you’re basically here just for our entertainment and we can “use” you however we want. We can approach you whenever, say whatever, do whatever and it doesn’t matter how you would feel. After all, you’re a celebrity, so “this is what comes with it.” Personal time, personal space…nah, you’re a celebrity. You don’t deserve that anymore. Feelings? What’s that? Only people who aren’t celebrities are allowed to have feelings and be human. Not you all. In yesterday’s case, the message I received was that obviously, since I wouldn’t have many opportunities to meet you or any other celebrity, upon meeting you, I should do whatever I choose, just for myself.

I wanted to write this to you to say basically one thing: I would NEVER do anything like that.

I know that you could probably easily find a few hundred of your other fans who would say the same exact thing, so why am I special? I’m not. Even considering something I finished recently that I’m hoping will make its way to you, I still don’t expect that you and I would ever meet.

However, if I did ever see you in person, the last thing I would ever do is approach you for any reason. I would go the other way. I’m very serious in saying that unless you spoke to me first, I would do my best to avoid eye contact. Having been a well-known actress for a long time, I can’t even imagine how many times you’ve been approached both by fans and paparazzi, and how many of those times you weren’t necessarily in the greatest of moods to be approached in some of those manners. Not to say that you’d always be ungrateful, because I can imagine you would be quite generous at times with them. However, as wonderful as it would be to meet you one day, one thing I certainly don’t want to take away from it is the feeling that I was one of those people who you weren’t very pleased to have met at that time, because of the fact that I caught you on a bad day, you were out with your son, friends, or just…anything. Sometimes, you just want time to yourself, even when you’re out in public and you have every right to that. You’re in front of a camera working for who knows how many hours a day on a show that several million people watch every week. You deserve to be left alone when you want to be. I would never want to take that away from you.

I have such a great amount of respect for you as an actress and as a person. I felt the need to write this because I have mentioned you more than once in several of my blog posts and the last thing I would ever want is for you to get a negative impression of why I mentioned you so often. You’d likely read and not think much of it, but just the number of times had me a bit concerned on what your reaction would be in the off chance that you happened to read any of them. I don’t expect that you would have much time to, but just in case, I hope you do understand.

If we ever met, I would love for the experience to be pleasant for not just me, but for you also. I know you, but you don’t know me. For that reason, of course it would be a little more pleasant for me because I do admire you so much, while you really don’t know me at all. Not that I would hound you for a picture, but in case that did happen, I would love to look at it and upon seeing that beautiful smile of yours, feel that you did that because you wanted to rather than because you felt you had to.

I know this may not be necessary and it may seem a little silly, but it means a lot to me to have written this in the slim chance that you end up reading any of these. It is a big deal for me to have explained this to you, and I hope that you do get what I’m saying here.

This may be hard to believe, but this is not a plea for you to read my script or to want to meet with me. This is simply to let you know how I would be in the rare chance that I did see you in public at any time. I would not bother you. I would rather walk away having my great admiration and respect for someone I’ll never meet than to force the issue at an unfavorable time, and always remember that I’ve left you a negative impression of me or that I’ve made you uncomfortable in any way at all. I would never want to do that, even if it means we never, ever get the chance to meet.

Besides, in reference to what my co-workers said above as far as how they think I should react upon seeing you; there are a quite a few things I wouldn’t mind getting if I ever met Connie Britton in person. A restraining order is NOT one of them. 🙂

I hope you and your son are doing well. Greatly looking forward to the season 4 premiere of Nashville. Take care.


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