#DonaldTrump Supporters: He Will Eventually Say Something You Won’t Want To Hear and Guess What? He Won’t Care Then, Either


Many of us just love that person who “tells it like it is.” Says what he/she feels. Doesn’t have much of a filter. Doesn’t censor themselves. Says what they believe most of us are thinking. Not concerned with offending anyone. There’s something very refreshing about a person like that.

These days, a lot of folks have such an issue with those who are not this way. There’s been a lot of complaining about those who are believed to be “easily offended” by this and that. Even the mere thought of someone possibly being offended by something and people are seemingly enraged.

“People are too damn sensitive,” right?

If you’re reading this, you likely know who Donald Trump is. Even if you don’t know how to read, you still know who Donald Trump is (and very likely, you wouldn’t be reading this.) You also may know already that he’s running for president and ever since he announced his decision, he has said that things that were, to say the least, a little unusual and different from your typical presidential candidate.

Much of what he’s said has been quite offensive, especially toward women. Despite this, a lot of people still seem quite giddy at the fact that’s he’s saying whatever he wants. After all, this is something new. He’s “shaking things up.” He’s viewed as “better” than other politicians in some way because, as I said above, people believe he’s saying “what we’re all thinking,” and it’s about time someone “had the balls” to say what “needed to be said.” Right?

However, for those who enjoy that he’s doing this, here’s a word of advice: Don’t get too excited. As he continues to say the first dumb thing that comes to his mind (which is often followed by the second, third, fourth and fifth dumb things) he WILL eventually say something that even YOU won’t like.

And guess what? He won’t care then, either.

First off, this is NOT about Republican and Democrat. I really don’t believe it is. A lot of people are going to force that issue because when it comes to politics, many have been brainwashed to believe it’s all about one party or the other.

It’s true…even for those who don’t even speak about politics, I can’t tell you how many times people have assumed that just because a person takes on a particular stance or has agreed with something a politician has said, it automatically means they’re on one side or the other. There ARE people out there like me who don’t just go and choose one side or the other. We actually DO listen to what’s being said and make our decisions on what to agree or disagree with based on the issues themselves rather than the political party the particular person is affiliated with. That’s right…we’re actually thinking for ourselves rather than just choosing a side. That means there are points one each side that we will either agree or disagree with. One side will not be ALL right while the other is ALL wrong.

Again, we are in the minority. How DARE we have the nerve to address issues rather than the political party. But this is what people will do.

As a Republican, Mr. Trump will get the support of others from his party, just as any other politician tends to do. However, I think some people are under the false impression that just because he is a Republican, everything he says will offend Democrats and Democrats alone. I’ve seen many comments where people are so happy about him taking shot after shot at Democrats.

However, not every Republican supports him and he’s lost a lot of that support due to recent comments.

As “refreshing” as it may be that someone says whatever they please, whenever they please, even if it means offending others, some tend to believe that what is said will always be something they agree with or will support. One thing to keep in mind is that the more someone “tells it like it is,” the more likely it is that it won’t matter who the crudeness and insensitivity will be directed toward; in this case, even if it’s members of his own political party.

It may be too early to tell, but it seems that Mr. Trump really has no limits as to what he will say. When it comes to certain topics, that’s fine and may be absolutely necessary. However, as a 69-year-old man, he should understand that it’s not always in his best interest to say whatever he feels.

Before anyone resorts to say “Freedom of Speech,” let’s be clear on what that actually is. Freedom of Speech means that the government cannot punish you for what you say. That’s all it is. I learned this in grade school. So it’s baffling to me as to how many grown adults are so quick to throw “Freedom of Speech” out there every time someone has an issue with what someone else says.

Freedom of Speech does NOT mean you can cuss out your boss or be insulting to others and nothing is supposed to be said or done back to you. Remember that the same Freedom of Speech you have is what others have. If you can say it, then people can respond. Simple.

To me, it is not “tough” for someone to say whatever they feel. A person isn’t “stronger” in some way because of it. Any idiot can do that. So I’m at the grocery store and an overweight woman crosses my path. So let’s say I get in her face or say, loudly enough for her to hear, that she’s fat. Let’s throw in some comments about the clothes she decided to wear and let me demean her for that also. So to do this means I’m a “strong” person? Kudos to Robert for “telling it like it is”? Then, if she’s offended by that, that’s her problem? Something is wrong with her because I decided to put her down?

could just keep my mouth shut and go about my business. After all, I’m there to shop, not critique everyone’s weight as though I’m perfect myself. Ah, but then that’s when people will throw out the term “politically correct” and feel I’m scared to open my mouth and say what I feel.

A lot of people are confused on what it means to be politically correct. People these days throw that term out there for pretty much anything and everything. Political correctness is defined as: “The avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.”

I can imagine that some of you reading may see that “taken to extremes” part and think “Yes! That’s it! That’s why we can’t stand people who are politically correct!” Here’s the thing with that, though. Is NOT calling that overweight woman at the grocery store “fat” really being “politically correct,” or is it just being polite and exercising discretion?

Is it “politically correct” to avoid making comments about Hispanics being illegal in this country, or is it intelligent because NOT every single Hispanic person is an illegal immigrant?

Is it “politically correct” to use the terms “lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender” when referring to the community rather than to just call them “faggots”?

The list goes on. As for my last example, you may feel that’s a bit extreme. Unfortunately, some people actually do think that it’s better or more “real” and tougher to use the childish, juvenile term of “faggot” when referring to members of the LGBT community. And how dare any of us say otherwise.

This is what people do. Any time a person is attempting to avoid offending others, they are being said to be “politically correct” and often times, berated for it.

People need to understand that being “politically correct” does NOT mean a person is afraid to speak his or her mind. It means they have learned the art of using discretion. They’ve learned to NOT say anything and everything that has ever come to their minds because they realize it’s not always in their best interests to do so. Many also realize that showing a level of sensitivity is NOT a bad thing. Going back to the example of the overweight woman in the grocery story again…maybe I decide not to say something because I may have been overweight at a young age and remembers what it felt like when people put me down for it.  Is there something wrong with that? Showing that level of sensitivity is a bad thing? How so? Because you have a disdain for overweight people, believing that they’re all “fat” because they just sit around and eat all day and night?

As a 36-year-old who really has never been truly overweight, one thing I DO understand is that not every person is overweight by choice or by their decisions. That’s my first thought whenever I see someone who is overweight. While it may be true in particular instances, how would I know that seeing that woman in the grocery store for the first time? Nah, it’s just easier to call every overweight person “fat” and berate them for overeating all the time. Because after all, who wants to be “politically correct” and actually THINK before speaking? Sensitivity is a negative trait as many people believe. Sensitivity is viewed as a sign of weakness.

Well, keep in mind that while you may not display a lot of sensitivity or have sympathy for that overweight person, you DO have something in YOUR life that you are sensitive about. Yes…we can throw the stones, but how about when people throw stones back at us?

I’ve learned a long time ago that the people who cry the most about others being overly sensitive or being “offended by everything” are very likely the ones who get offended more than anyone else. They are much more sensitive than the ones they are putting down. They figure if they’re louder about it, people won’t notice.

But folks aren’t stupid. I’m surely not.

My point is this. Donald Trump expressed that he has no desire to be “politically correct.” That’s fine and that’s his choice. If you support that, wonderful. That’s the beauty of living in the good ole U.S. of A. You have the freedom to do that. However, keep this mind…

…for him to say that he has no interest in being politically correct means that there really are no limits as to who he will offend. That means that while he may not be offending you right now, trust me…he will.

And he won’t care then, either.

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