In a World of Negativity, It Takes a Much Stronger Person To Have a POSITIVE Attitude


These days, negativity is just everywhere. In our daily lives, in the news, at work, at home, with our friends, our family, social media…everywhere. It’s often difficult to get away from.

I can surely understand why so many people carry a negative attitude. When it’s all around you, you can easily become programmed to believe that that’s the way of life. Everything starts with negativity and goes from there.

However, as with anything that’s different or “rocks the boat,” it’s not received too well. As many people believe in that negative mindset, not only do they believe there’s nothing wrong with that, but how dare someone come along who decides to not agree with them and their way of thinking.

I try my best to have a positive attitude each morning, because it’s just better for me. I understand that every day we wake up is not promised, so I start there. On top of that, there are people out there who wake up with all kinds of illnesses, disorders, or diseases. Life for them is really a struggle. Even as an Army soldier who is up at 4:30-5:00 each morning, I’m not about to fuss about that, because at least I’m getting up as a relatively healthy person.

Also, as I am married with two children, my wife recently told me that they really feed off me and my attitude. She said it first started with our seven-year-old daughter, who is definitely a daddy’s girl. Both our moods would often synch with each other’s, even when we’re not around one another. She could tell if I wasn’t in a great mood because of how our daughter behaved. So I started to be more mindful of my moods and attitudes, mainly for their sakes.

Those of us who tend to have a positive attitude each have our own reasons for doing so. Now there are people who don’t have this way of thinking who have a problem with people like us. Some of them think that we’re “delusional” in some way or that we think life is all “unicorns and rainbows.” They think we’re being “fake” or that we feel our lives are “perfect” in some way.

In my opinion, as the title states, it takes a much stronger person to have a positive attitude than a negative one.

Since negativity often seems to dominate our world, jumping on that bandwagon is easy. Taking the road less traveled and working on having a more positive attitude, now that takes strength. You’re doing something that most others are not doing, but you’re also going against the grain of how most people feel you should be.

I’d like to think that people want to feel good as they go through life. I can’t imagine that people enjoy being negative about this and that. I even figure that those who tend to carry a negative attitude may not always want to feel like that, either.

However, there are many who seem to think that it’s “tougher” or more “real” to have that negative attitude. This is mainly because again, they’ve learned that the negativity is life. That’s how things are supposed to be. Anything other than that is just wrong.

Optimism really bothers some people. It’s not real. It’s delusion. However, I’ve been on both sides of this. There was a time many years ago where I had a negative attitude all the time. One thing I can say for certain is that having a positive attitude has gotten me a lot further in life than having a negative attitude has.

Here’s the thing about having each of these attitudes. You wake up with a negative attitude, then you expect things to go poorly. I know those people who say that we should always “expect the worst, but hope for the best,” but that’s not what I mean here. What I’m saying is that if you start the day with a negative attitude, then the usual stresses of the day feel probably ten times worse than they normally would.

You’re heading to work and there’s traffic. This happens every single day, but that negative attitude just magnifies it. Then there are those you work with who you aren’t crazy about. They’re always there, but that negative attitude means you have so much less patience with them. I can understand that dealing with the same thing every day could get rough, but you do know it’s coming, after all.

After work, you have to head to the grocery store. Many of us aren’t crazy about that to begin with, but a negative attitude means that every little thing will set you off. They better have those powdered donuts you like, or all HELL will break loose up in that motherf#^$!

Now a positive attitude doesn’t mean the normal stressors of life no longer exist. This is what the negative folks seem to misunderstand. For us to be positive is about our attitudes more than our circumstances. The traffic is still there, but when get into the mindset of preparing for it, then it isn’t so bad. Those people at work are buttheads; we know this. We try our best to learn to deal with them. We don’t take them too seriously, or we ignore their behaviors when we’re able. The grocery store? We understand that they may run out of the powdered donuts, or we plan ahead of time to go somewhere else just in case.

When negativity is all around us, it can be difficult for even the most optimistic person to remain that way all the time. But to me, when people like that can dig deep and take control of their lives by not allowing the norm to dictate anything or at least most of how things will go, that’s where the real strength is.

Anyone can follow the crowd. That takes no effort at all. I hear people complain about the silliest things. One thing I often reference is those who complain on Monday mornings about it being…Monday morning. Now this is silly to me because Monday comes at the same time every week…after damn Sunday. Not to mention, after one Monday is over with, we have seven days of notice before the next one comes, so we have all that time to prepare. Yet people act as though Monday just snuck up on them and they just have no idea of what to do about it. My attitude about Monday is that number one, the bills aren’t going to pay themselves. Time to earn my money. Second, I’ve gotten my rest for the week and it’s time to get back to work. I don’t necessarily have to love my job, but I love to stay busy.

On social media, all the negative posts will get the most attention, mostly because it’s how other people are thinking also. However, I have no problem getting only a handful of “likes” on Facebook because I know there are other people out there who agree with me and appreciate my optimism. Not only that, but for those who need help with trying to de-program themselves of excessive negativity, this does help them as well.

Speaking of Monday, another one is upon us. I have to get going now to get the kids dinner and ready for the week. Try and wake up tomorrow with a good attitude and that just may help out your day. Sure, it’s not the popular thing to do, but remember that you are the one living your life, not everyone else. You’re the one who has to be with yourself anyway. Those who would agree with your negativity aren’t always there, so there’s no need to keep yourself thinking this way just for their sakes.

As for those of you who like to try and attempt to maintain a positive attitude, thank you. I really do feed off you as well and I always hope that my optimism can be inspirational to you and your day.

Thanks for reading.

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