I Can’t Go Wrong If I Always Write. And I Always Write So I Don’t Get Left


So, what would I like to be known for? There are a lot of things I could list here. However, if I had to narrow it down to a short list, writing would certainly be somewhere near the top.

Now I could load this up with a ton of the other things in life that are important to me, but anyone who knows me knows that much of that goes without saying. This post is going to be strictly about my love of writing and why I would like to be remembered most for it.

Again, aside from the important aspects of life, such as being a good father, a good husband and simply a good person, I would love that people remember me as not only a GREAT writer, but as someone who loves to write. When describing me, I want that to be among the first things people think of.

A lot of things identify us as people. There’s honestly very little that is more satisfying to me than when a friend writes to me on Facebook and it has to do with writing. Every now and then, someone will post something to my wall that involves writing or what my more specific focus is now…screenwriting. Whether it’s an article of some kind or a shared post, it’s great to know that these friends think of me when they see something about writing. Even if I’m tagged in something, that’s great as well. Again, even though it doesn’t happen too often, I really appreciate when they do this. There have even been times when a friend I hadn’t heard from in a while or someone who doesn’t post on Facebook often sends me something. It not only tells me that in the rare instance that they choose to post something, I’m the person who came to mind, but also that even though we haven’t necessarily spoken in a period of time, they remembered something very important to me.

I’ve loved writing for most of my life. I first began writing poetry at the age of 12. I’ve self-published three books and written several screenplays. I could talk about writing all the time and even though many people really aren’t that anxious to talk about it themselves, every once in a while, I will find that person who shows a little more interest in it. For example, sometime last week, a co-worker was talking to me about the side jobs he’s held and somehow, we ended up on screenwriting. I really don’t talk that much about it to other people, especially to people I don’t know too well (as this co-worker had only been there for a few days by then), so if I start mentioning anything about it, I sort of rush through it or I try not to get too detailed about things. I often assume that folks don’t really want to hear too much of it.

However, in this case, my co-worker kept asking more and more questions and really seemed interested. Not to the extent that he would take up screenwriting himself, but he actually did want to hear some of the ins and outs of how a screenplay is done. Many times, I would explain that a screenplay is either a movie or television show and that’s the part that grabs their attention. Not often does it happen as it did in this case, where I’m talking about formatting, what screenplay terms mean, and he’s actually listening to it and wanting to know more.

I’ll be honest; I was borderline giddy talking to him about it. The technical aspects of screenwriting can be painfully boring to many people, so to find someone who actually leaned forward when I said, “And this is what a slug line is” or “This is how many pages I’ll need to do for this…” or “A scene description has this many lines,” it really meant something. I think it really let them know how much I love to write and how much I cared about what I did.

I’ll conclude say this: There’s a lot I really wouldn’t mind being remembered for. One thing I hope is very near to the top of that list is writing. Whether it’s poetry, books, or screenplays, I really do hope that writing is what comes to mind when people think about me. Someone asks them, “So what do you know about Robert?” I wouldn’t be mad at all if they said, “Well, I know he’s loves to write.”

I would be perfectly fine if that was all they said.

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