It’ll Soon Be Friday Night, and I Have a Hot Date…With Writing


The day just started and understandably, the clock is already being watched. The hours and minutes being counted. For those who work the traditional Monday-Friday, today is the end of your work week. Many will enjoy a well-deserved night out to dinner, a movie, nightclubs or anything else.

As for me, I will make a date that includes a few glasses of wine as I’m on the couch with my laptop.

I will be…writing.

I started a 30-day blog challenge 12 days ago and at 10:08 a.m., this is the earliest I’ve done any of them. I normally write them late afternoon or late into the evening, but because I know I will be working my latest screenplay project tonight, I’m getting everything done ahead of time that I’ll need to do so that I’m not distracted. Once our children are put to bed, then it’s just me and my laptop.

I’ve honestly been slacking a bit over the past two weeks. Knowing what’s going on, many may say it’s justified. After all, I’m married, but my wife is away for Army training (we’re both Soldiers) for another week. We have two children and I’m very actively involved with them. They also just started school this week. Then there’s my full-time Army job and keeping the house together. So maybe it’s excusable to others, but not me. I’ve simply done a lousy job. Especially since I now do have a literary manager and I need to continue finishing projects to give him so that he can continue to sell me as a writer. I’m sincerely hoping to do this when I retire from the Army in two years.

I love to write. I absolutely love it. I’m looking forward to catching up tonight. I’m working on another sitcom script. I’ve finished several scripts, but my first attempt of a sitcom early last month. I have such fun doing this. I almost despise the fact that I haven’t written much in about two weeks.

I’ve also caught up on sleep. Yeah, I do that every once in a while. As I’m working on projects, though, I don’t sleep nearly as much. It’s not uncommon that I will sleep for maybe four hours before I’m up again and writing more. This time, I’ve really felt the lack of sleep and for once, I didn’t really fight it. I used this week to really catch up and I’ve felt pretty good. But now, I have to get back to my routine, even if that means going back to not sleeping very much.

Besides, I’m like so many writers in that I really seem to have the most ideas late at night and early in the morning and I’m one of those who just gets out of bed when they come to me, or stay up until I’m done with a particular scene or reach a stopping point.

Now many of my fellow writers may be doing the same thing and joining me in writing tonight.  But whatever it is you’re doing, enjoy yourselves, be safe, and I will be working on hopefully the next great sitcom.

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