Here Is Why I Don’t Support “Black Lives Matter” and Never Will


Yes, I’m black. There were a bunch of pictures I could have used for this blog post, but I’ve decided to use my own, because I want those of you reading to know exactly who is talking here, right away. One thing I don’t and will never do is shy away from the way I feel or hide who I am just because people may not agree.

I’m 36 years old. People have disagreed with me many times. Hiding my face won’t change any of that.

First off, I’m well-aware of what “Black Lives Matter” means. It’s said to be a “movement” against the mistreatment of blacks, especially when in police custody. I get all that. One thing about me is that I may not be the smartest man in the world, but I am very intelligent. I get that people are saying that black lives aren’t more important than others in saying that “black lives matter.” It’s just to show support to a particular group.

It’s the same way as if you did a 5K in support of breast cancer. That doesn’t mean you find other cancers to be of less importance just because you’re throwing such support to this one.

I completely get all that. In understanding all this, I still do not and will never support “Black Lives Matter.” Here’s why.

For one, because a lot of people are full of shit. Plain and simple. I usually don’t like to curse very often, but that’s about the best way I can describe it. But I’m not dancing around that. While some may very well be viewing this as a legitimate “movement,” this is nothing more than another tool for many, especially within the black community, to continue to segregate themselves from whites. You can talk to people or even read comments online to understand this. This is nothing new. Some use being black as a crutch and “Black Lives Matter” just helps and encourages them to continue doing so. That’s all there is to it.

Next, “black lives.” I got it; black lives aren’t more important than all the others. So why not the same when we as blacks kill each other? This happens at a MUCH HIGHER rate than when some white police officer does it. Yet, it’s barely mentioned when we kill each other. Aren’t they still “black lives”? I’ve never heard anyone mention that this movement was “only” when we’re killed by white police officers. I didn’t know that “black lives matter” had conditions.

I know, I know…in my beloved hometown and city of Baltimore, the police officers in the Freddie Gray case aren’t all black. Of course, that means those I spoke of above would then be able to say, “See? We don’t hate white police officers!”


I never said everyone falls into that category. Whenever I speak of this, that seems to be the message taken from it. It applies, yes. I’m not going to believe that it doesn’t and that there aren’t people out there who are strictly against white cops. Please. Hell, even some who were up in arms about this happening toned it down a bit once they realized that the police officers were not all white. That’s how much some of them are against white police officers.

Yes…I still remember some commenting to say that the black police officers were “tricked” in some way to take part in everything that the white officers were clearly the ring leaders of. In other words only the white cops were responsible. The black officers were there and did whatever against their will.

I couldn’t make up something that ridiculous if I tried. Then again, I’m a writer, so…I probably could. Never mind.

Anyway, how about “black lives” when we kill our own? I know, I know…”but Robert, we DO speak up and protest against black-on-black crime.” Sure you do…but not nearly as much as it happens in cases where the perpetrator(s) are white. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen, because I’m sure it does. But there seems to be so much more anger toward this when white people are involved. That seems to bother some folks WAY more, and the reason is obvious.

Now let me be clear on something: I’m well-aware that there are bad apples out there who are racist against blacks. Of course they are. My focus is on the black community, but at the same time, that doesn’t mean I’m trying to imply that certain things aren’t happening because of race. It very much is. I don’t doubt that there are white police officers here and there who have problems with black people. I’m certainly not implying that there aren’t.

However, that’s only for those few. That does NOT apply to them all and if you think so or want to lump them all together based on the actions of a few, you’re wrong. Period.

Another reason I am not supporting “Black Lives Matter” is because the same people who support this cause would never support similar causes. Back to the breast cancer example…now I’m pretty certain that most people who would support breast cancer awareness would not necessarily avoid supporting the fight against leukemia, prostate cancer and so on. Of course, everyone may not be able to support every single cause and one may hit home a little more than another, but it wouldn’t necessarily “bother” you to address the others and their importance.

However, it’s not even close here. Sure, you can say “Black Lives Matter,” but how would you feel about people saying “White Lives Matter”? How about “Blue Lives Matter” (Police officers)? How about “All Lives Matter”?

A better question is, why should these bother you at all? If you can support yours, what’s the problem? You should be able to handle people saying “white lives matter,” because after all, they get killed also. Don’t talk to me about “white privilege.” The person is damn dead. Privileged or not, that life still matters.

Let’s take what’s recently happened. Without looking it up right now, I understand that multiple police officers have been killed by black people within the past two weeks or something to that effect; the most notable being Houston’s Deputy Darren Goforth being killed execution-style by a black man by the name of Shannon Miles and why? Because of his uniform.

Now that police officer did nothing wrong whatsoever to him. So how come there can’t be support for him and the other police officers who were killed just doing their jobs? Yes, you can say “Black Lives Matter” all you want, but when you turn around and say, “That doesn’t mean that black lives are the ONLY lives that matter!” yet you say next to NOTHING when an innocent police officer is killed (of course, who happens to be white), then don’t talk to me about black lives NOT mattering more than others, because you’ve already proven one thing…

That you’re full of shit.

Again, not everyone does this. I shouldn’t have to keep saying that. If the shoe fits…you know the rest. And most of the time, the guilty ones will eventually expose themselves anyway, so in that case, then yes…I’m talking to you.

Probably the biggest reason is this…because it still segregates. Our civil rights leaders have fought VERY hard to END segregation and for what? For us to go RIGHT BACK TO IT? It’s ironic that many of the same ones quoting great people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., are also behaving in the exact OPPOSITE manner as Dr. King and others would have liked us to.

Even though it may not be everyone’s intention to segregate, all you have to do is put the shoe on the other foot. If you aren’t bothered by “White Lives Matter” for the same exact reason, or “Blue Lives Matter,” or even “All Lives Matter,” then I’m not talking about you.

However, saying any of those others bothers a lot of people, and if “Black Lives Matter” isn’t about attempting to put black lives above all others, then those other ones really should not bother you very much. You don’t have to verbally admit to being bothered, but again…your statements will dictate that for you.

I don’t expect many to agree with my stance here, but that’s the beautiful thing about this country. You don’t have to. But this is something I will never support.

I respect anyone who fights for any cause. I don’t have to like or agree with the cause. Within reason, of course, I have respect for those who stand up for what they believe in. However, these are some of my thoughts about some of those who are big supporters of this “movement.” And yes, I put that in quotes because that’s exactly what I feel about it. Again, I respect people who fight for whatever cause, but I’m also going to express what I feel about the cause and be completely honest about it.

ALL LIVES MATTER. Why is that so hard for some people to say? Especially when you are claiming that one life is not more valuable than another. How come there are so few people who agree wholeheartedly and/or support when ANY life is wrongly taken away?

The answer is clear and obvious. Those people who fall into that category, and you know who you are, are part of the problem. The bottom line is that I want no part of that. We will NEVER get away from this issue of racism in our country when we continue to do the very thing our civil rights leaders have fought so hard at bringing to an end.

When that happens, that makes it very clear who adds to the problem of racism in this country, and it damn sure isn’t white police officers.

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25 Responses to Here Is Why I Don’t Support “Black Lives Matter” and Never Will

  1. tattoochick92 says:

    I love all your blogs. They make so much sense and are interesting to read. I applaud you for making this blog especially.


  2. Russa Baca says:

    So true. Completely agree with your thoughts. We could all learn a lot from your words.


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  4. Alyssa says:

    Wow! Its nice to see a person of my opposite color be so positive and not hateful. I’ve had many friends get mad because im offended by the whole thing and white privilege stuff. Im nit privleged by any means. My mom was a single mom of 3 kids and we struggled. Very nice blog!! I myself have wondered why the poor officer who was murdered bevause of his unifirm why that was not all over the news. Thank you for not thinking all white people are racist. It’s nice to see!


    • pplscrt79 says:

      I do understand that so much of it exists only in their minds and that’s it. I’ll never in a million years think all white people are racist, because you simply aren’t. Yet, if people said “all” blacks are criminals, then we would go crazy. It doesn’t make sense.


  5. Kel says:

    We cannot help the color of skin we were given, but we should be grateful to have been blessed with it. We can’t help what certain skin colors did in the past. We could have been born another race in another country. This racism shit has to stop. Everyone of us bleeds the same. Life is hard enough to deal with then to have this bullshit to. We need to get along with everyone. I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO HELP THE COLOR OF MY SKIN OR WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST BUT I CAN CONTROL HOW I TREAT OTHERS. THINK ABOUT IT. BE THANKFUL FOR YOUR LIFE , NO RACE IS BETTER THEN THE OTHER. IT IA WHAT WE CHOOSE TO DO WITH OUR LIFE THAT MAKES US OR BREAKS US.


  6. Thomas Nordhoff says:

    I agree. When Martin Luther king Jr. lead The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, of the more than 250,000 participants, approximately 60,000 were of other races.
    Americans have come a long way since then but we still have further to go.
    When my fellow veterans and I were fighting to preserve the freedoms of Americans, it was for all Americans.


  7. Debra says:

    Thanks for your post. Its quite refreshing, honest and on point.


  8. Kyle says:

    Absolutely THE best thing I have read on the internet in a long long time. People like you should be running the country or making billions helping people, not the fools who have irdained themselves our keaders.


  9. Anthony says:

    I agree with you! I don’t support Black Lives Matter. However I do support All Lives Matter.


  10. Shirley says:

    Finally someone has the balls to come out and say it. I enjoyed reading this.


  11. Myeika says:

    You really have a good point, I am also African American and I really believe our people use race as a crutch. I also agree that if Black Lives Matter than why are we killing each other..Why don’t more people come forward for the little girl that was killed over east playing, or the women that was hit by the guy on the dirt bike and lost her life. People record everything with there cell phones especially when it has something to do with the police. But no one can help solve a murder of two innocent people who were of African American decedent. So how does black lives matter…my guess is when they are only being taken by white people. Its a joke and I agree with you 100%,


  12. YNewell says:

    Haaaa nice picture, but i still think a white man wrote this! Lol sounds Exactly like what white poeple say about why black lives don’t matter! If i had to guess, Is say thiswas written very close to Uncle Tom and his cabin!


    • pplscrt79 says:

      “Written by a white man. “Uncle Tom.” Typical responses when the truth hurts and it’s coming from another black person. Heard that before, many times. So a “white man wrote this” just because it’s hard for you to believe that not everyone is so weak-minded and brainwashed to run around and shout “Black Power” every five seconds? I have nothing to do with a white person’s response. This is MY response. Now unless you have something more of substance to comment with aside from the typical retorts, stop embarrassing yourself and wasting my time with the “Black Pride” foolishness. I’m not the one.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. eminentlyenthused says:

    So, i read your article and like most articles, which is of course your opinion as is this statement. One of the reason and Black Lives Matter came about wasn’t for segregation, It was killing UNARMED BLACKS for the people who are suppose to serve and protect. To you it is probably OK, that the person must have did something, that a person is shot in the back running away, or shot in the head while sitting in a car complying was there fault. That shooting someone 31 times is ok, And about the office shot, that wasn’t a black lives matter issue, but they didn’t condone that action and most of the activist have not used violents. Mostly protest and rallies, Black Power has never hung anyone from a tree. And having Pride in my Blackness isn’t foolishness, everyone has pride in there culture. The ones who don’t need not comment. The ones who don’t, i don’t need them standing anywhere near me, you are not to be trusted.


  14. Y.C says:

    I agree and I appreciate your article! I’m very concerned about what’s happening. I’m black and the division the BLM movement has created is not good. So far, most of it has not been good.


  15. Brooklyn says:

    Black lives matter isn’t about using black as a crutch. It’s a statistical fact that you are more likely to be discrimated against if you are black. As a mixed woman I am lesss privileged than a white woman and more than a darker women. It’s actual fact. Also, no one is saying with black lives matter that all white people are racist. If that is the case we would argue there be no white cops. Blm is arguing for equal treatment not better treatment


  16. I wish I could like this more than once! You’ve hit the nail on the head.


  17. Mathieu says:

    Great opinion, i totally agree. Each race needs to donselfninspection if something keeps going wrong. I am asian.


  18. I agree with you, i support the idea but not the movement because currently is has been turning into a hate group


  19. Hillary Magee says:

    Brilliantly written. I whole-heartedly agree.


  20. Rachelle says:

    Sums it up for me. I wholeheartedly agree with your stance! Thanks


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