NEVER Give Up…You Never Know How Close You REALLY Are

Never Give Up

One of the most frustrating feelings in the world is to be going after something and having no idea just how close you are to getting there. Even knowing where the end is can be frustrating sometimes when you know how long it will take to get there or how much work it will be. For example, running a marathon or even a half-marathon; you know it’s 26.2 or 13.1 miles, but that doesn’t make the work any easier, especially when you reach that point in the run where you are ready to give up.

Just imagine having no idea how long those runs are, especially after you begin. I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to give up once or twice.

However, one thing that’s also true is that you never know how close you are. NEVER give up. You could be RIGHT THERE.

As for me, I am an aspiring screenwriter. There are so many factors involved, especially as progress is made that the further along I get, the more uncertain it is. Even though little things happen here and there that show some level of progress each time, one of the toughest aspects of this is not knowing how close I am, if I’m even close at all.

A LOT of patience is needed. I understand this. However, what makes having patience difficult, especially for something like this, is because I’m not sure if I’m actually demonstrating patience or being stagnant, which is the absolutely LAST place I would like to be. Since patience involves “waiting,” it can sometimes be tough to determine whether I’m waiting as I should be or if there’s more I could be doing and I’m not doing it. I never want to not being doing more if I could be doing it, but that’s the tough part about patience, especially when having no idea as to where I’m going.

Then again, maybe what makes it tough for many of us is not so much that we don’t know where we’re going, but in where we’re going being a place that feels nearly impossible to get to. I’ve always loved the picture above, because it demonstrates this very well. As the man as the top shows how we feel in the beginning or maybe the middle stages, the bottom could very well exhibit that feeling of things being impossible. Yes, the message is that this is a result of giving up without knowing how close we are, but it could also be that the man at the bottom is tired of feeling that it’s impossible to get to where he’s trying to get to.

As for me, I have a lot of goals as far as screenwriting is concerned, but one of my biggest ones right now is to meet my favorite actress, Nashville’s Connie Britton. I was once afraid to mention it, but in not wanting to talk myself out of it, I decided to mention it more just so that I don’t let this intimidate me.

However, there are so many times where I feel so stupid in thinking this will ever happen. It’s not all the time and of course, some days are better than others, but the reason this feels impossible is simply because this type of thing just…doesn’t happen. Right? I’m not talking about meeting her as a “fan” per se, even though I am a very big fan of Connie’s. But it’s related to screenwriting.

Connie posted something on Twitter some months back and I basically ran with it by spending the next few weeks writing an entire pilot script based on what she wrote. She may have been kidding about it, but before this, I wasn’t even thinking about meeting her. After finishing the script, even though she doesn’t have to be the only one, one person I would absolutely LOVE to read the script is her, mainly because she’s the one who threw the idea out there.

I truly don’t expect this script to really go anywhere because of how much is involved and due to my lack of experience, but that doesn’t change the fact that I would love for Connie to read it sometime. It would mean so much to me to know what she thought of it. They are filming Nashville right now, so I understand that it’s a lot to ask of her. All the hours she puts in each day and I’m sure the last thing she would want to do is read an entire script as a favor to one of her fans. But because of how big of a fan I am of hers and how much I admire and respect her as an actress and a person, this has honestly become a dream of mine to meet her one day.

Yes, I said a dream to meet her one day. A dream. Some days, I want to slap myself in the head and say, “Wake the hell up, Robert.”

But this is how it is many times. Giving up is the easier thing to do. But DON’T DO IT.

I understand that sometimes it’s better to let go of something because it’s not necessarily always for you, or maybe it just isn’t in the cards. But in that case, make sure you exhaust all possibilities before you let it go. Remember that the tougher the goal, the more often you will feel like this. Don’t be surprised. Take the time to really understand where you’re trying to go and don’t avoid acknowledging how tough it will be. I think that hurts us at times also. We pretend it will be easier than it is and when it hits us that it won’t be, it really hits us. 

There have been so many times I’ve seen people give up on their dreams when I honestly believed they were either close or had a REAL chance of getting there. I wish it didn’t happen so often.

In my case, I think the further I progress, the more that’s out of my control, which adds to the difficulty as well. As a writer, that’s the part I largely have the most control over. I understand that I must keep writing no matter what. But I keep wanting to see if I can do more to make things happen because I always want to make sure I’m doing as much as I can. And I’m not talking about anything crazy. If I do meet Connie Britton one day, I don’t want the experience to be good only for me. I would like for her to enjoy it as well. As a famous actress, I’m very sure that she will be extremely difficult to impress, but my point is that I want to try as much without doing anything that will jeopardize my chances of meeting her or being disrespectful in any way.

Again, it’s tough to know whether you can do more or if more patience is necessary. It’s tough not to confuse patience with being stagnant. But this is how it is with our goals and dreams.

If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it.

But remember…before you give up, remember why you wanted to do it in the first place and keep this in mind as you work toward your goals. Especially during those times that you think you want to quit…take a step back and remember why you started. Let that continue to be your driving force and you will get there.

Have you ever driven somewhere to look for something and then decided to just give up looking for it, only to find out later that you were just down the street or even across the street from what you were looking for? I’ve done that many times. So it is possible. You don’t want that to happen as you look to reach your dreams and achieve your goals.

But never, ever give up. You could be “right down the street” or “across the street” from where you’re trying to get to. You never know how close you really are.

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2 Responses to NEVER Give Up…You Never Know How Close You REALLY Are

  1. This was a good warm and fuzzy. Hope your screenplay makes it.


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