Don’t Like Facebook Posts About People Exercising or Going To The Gym? I Don’t Believe We Asked For Your Permission


This is me following my six-mile run early this morning. I felt great, as I always do after a run, especially on a Sunday morning. For some reason, this is the day I feel the most relaxed when running. I think it may be because it seems that’s when the least amount of people are out and about.

Now, let’s talk about those like me who often like to post this on Facebook. Either running, going to the gym, or any other form of exercise. We all have our own reasons for wanting to post. Of course, there are also those of you out there who aren’t too pleased to view statuses like these. Many of you are tired simply don’t like seeing it. So if you’re one of those who falls in this category…

…I don’t believe any of us asked for your permission. Either deal with it, unfriend, unfollow, or better yet, find that “log out” button.

Here is my honest opinion on those who like to fuss about people posting their exercise routines. You’re one of those on Facebook constantly (meaning all the freaking time), and you’re on looking for something interesting. Since you seem to think that every single post is somehow made with YOU in mind, you figure there’s a level of entertainment that should be provided to you and when that doesn’t happen, you get a little disgruntled.

On top of that, you’re also that miserable person who can’t find enough positive in your own life, but rather than working toward improving that, you’d rather jump on Facebook and look for others to be miserable as well. Whenever that doesn’t happen, yep…you get pissy about that, too.

AND…the only ones I truly believe who would have an issue with people posting about going to the gym or exercising in some other way would be those who feel guilty that they aren’t going themselves. I mean, seriously…if you didn’t have a desire to go to the gym, why in the world would it bother you to see other people talk about it? It doesn’t interest you, correct? So why is it a problem?

What I always find funny about those who have issues like these is that you never seem to have a problem with the negative stuff, or anything that brings about drama. You’ll just sit back and eat all that up. But since talking about going to the gym or exercising doesn’t provide that, you look at us like WE did something wrong.

That’s cute.

As for me, if any of you reading who know me have a problem with me posting about going to the gym or running, as I said above, I didn’t ask for your permission. I will post as often as I see fit and hell, I just may do it even more now just to spite you. I’ve long ago gotten tired of miserable people who have nothing better to do to be sitting on Facebook and thinking that everyone else is supposed to shut up about anything positive just for their sakes. Not happening anymore.

Not with me.

If you want to be miserable, that’s fine. You can be as miserable as you want. But you don’t have anything say about what I’M allowed to talk about. I don’t care who you are. Just as you have the right to post every negative status you want where you whine about every little speed bump in your life, I can do the opposite and there’s not a thing any of you can or will do about it. So again, your options are to unfriend, unfollow, or hell…do you need help locating that “Log Out” button? Because after all, we don’t exactly have a gun to your head and are making you sit on here and keeping reading these statuses that you hate so much.

And for those who want to say “Nobody cares about your workout…” Stop. Seriously, just stop. You don’t speak for everyone. How could you possibly know about the other friends someone has to know that “nobody” cares? That is one of the most idiotic phrases anyone can say. That’s the biggest form of lashing out. Seriously…YOU don’t want to see it, but you just MAY be smart enough to know that saying you don’t care won’t matter to them. So you figure that you have to say “nobody” cares, because that way, it will seem like ALL their friends don’t care, right?

But here’s the thing. That’s not even close to being true. Have you talked to all their friends to know whether it is or not? No? Then have a seat.

Also, let me point out that if you have medical issues and exercise of any kind is not possible, then again, it really shouldn’t bother you that much that people are talking about working out. Last year, I broke my ankle and was in a boot for six weeks. I couldn’t work out in that time period, even though I seriously wanted to. However, it didn’t bother me to see other people talk about working out, as much as I wanted to be in the gym myself. It didn’t make sense for me to be bothered. I was, get this…happy to see that they were getting it in.

To tell you the honest truth, it’s not really even saying all that to me that matters. Those who get tired of people talking about exercising or the gym, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I will get it in regardless. And I will TALK about it whether you want to see it or not. Don’t care if you have a problem. Chances are, you’re asleep or sitting on your ass somewhere else and being unproductive while you sit and want to cry about me or anyone else who talks about exercising. I can’t speak for everyone else, but as far as I’m concerned, you’re honestly not doing enough for me to be concerned. Again, I’m getting it in, regardless. I know my gym-going friends are the same way. Your crying isn’t going to change anything we’re doing.

The ones I am concerned with are those who are just getting back to going to the gym and/or the ones who struggle with getting up the nerve to return to exercising again. I understand that not everybody is gun-ho about it. But I also do understand that a lot of people really make a serious effort to get back into it and they struggle with it for whatever reason. There’s no good reason to be nasty toward them just because you don’t have it in you to get yourself together. I commend people who can be brave and take that step toward bettering themselves physically if that’s what they choose to do.

How about that husband with the wife who’s overweight and doesn’t want to see her lose the weight? Now that’s just pathetic. She needs your encouragement, not your negativity. You’re probably one of the very few people she looks to in order to bring her up, not down. If you’re doing everything you should be as a husband, then your wife losing weight shouldn’t be a “threat” to you or your relationship whatsoever.

And ladies, how about that overweight friend you have? You know, the one who normally didn’t care much about her weight and you were fine with that, because you think you’re more attractive than she is and you normally get all the attention? But then, low and behold, she decides she wants to lose weight. NOW you may have some competition. She won’t be just your “fat ass” friend anymore. She wants to feel better about herself because she’s tired of feeling the way she does. It may not even have anything to do with men or being in competition with you. But you don’t see it that way. All you see it as is that she’s going against you in some way. You were able to look down on her (of course, pretending you care) since you were viewed as the “better looking” friend, but with her wanting to lose weight, you may not be able to do that anymore. So of course, she won’t be encouraged either. At least not by you.

That’s right…this is NOT to simply put down folks who are overweight. This isn’t at all about that. Thin folks could be miserable too and not want to see their friends trying to improve in some way. That’s a big problem as well. Society views thin folks as “better” than those who aren’t thin for some reason, so as long as you have that person around you who isn’t thin, you’re okay. But God forbid they want to try and better themselves by looking to lose weight.

Just what in the hell right do any of you have to put somebody down for wanting to better themselves?

So you don’t want to see it. Who the hell told you to look? Who is making you sit on Facebook and continue reading these statuses that you hate so much? Believe it or not, not everything on Facebook revolves around you. You may be on here all the time, but when we post things like this, we couldn’t care less what you have to say about it. I’ve seen my gym friends talk about minimizing these posts out of the concern that they will offend people. Well that’s not happening with me. You have a problem with me posting about it, that’s exactly it. It’s your problem, not mine. It’s just like the title states…I don’t remember asking for anyone’s permission.

Oh, right…because I don’t need it. Neither does anyone else who posts statuses like these. Either log out of Facebook or roll back over and go to sleep. You don’t run anything but your mouth, and I, for one, won’t change anything I’m doing. If you ARE PHYSICALLY ABLE and you feel guilty about not exercising, then you only have one option…

To shut up, get off your ass and start exercising.

End of story.

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  1. I literally have tears coming down from laughter this is great, I love how honest you are. It’s true!

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