RAVENS FANS: Stop Blaming Joe Flacco For Our Losses


Yes, he has the big contract. Yes, he’s thrown a few interceptions. Yes, he hasn’t scrambled a ton this year. Yes, his shoes may be untied every once in a while. Now that all that is out of the way, I have one thing to say…


Personally, I like to talk football with football fans. Not people who can only name a few players or few teams. Not people who follow a team ONLY when they’re winning. I’m talking football FANS. I’d like to feel like we’re speaking the same language; that we’re on the same sheet of music.

True, Flacco has not had perfect games every step of the way. However, let’s just stay with this season. As you know, our Ravens are 0-3. Let’s look at Joe’s numbers this season: 65.1% completion percentage. 863 yards. 287.7 yards per game. 4 TD, 4 INT. Sacked twice.

Now let’s look at the defense: 23rd overall. 8th in rushing, 29th in passing (291 yards/game).

Now…anyone who has actually watched the games don’t need me to what has happened in each of them. We could easily be 3-0. We’ve had the lead late in every one of them.

The problem is that we have way too many of our fans STILL saying that everything bad that happens is on Joe Flacco. Every loss, every shoe that’s untied, every time it rains, every time Olive Garden runs out of breadsticks, everything…falls on Joe.

I can tolerate the delusional fans who mindlessly put everything on Joe because that’s what they’ve been brainwashed to do. Some of you are still bitter about him getting that huge contract as though you were next in line for it. But these days, when that happens, it makes me wonder if people are even watching the damn games.

Football is a team game. It absolutely is. Unfortunately, the way we have been losing these games absolutely has to fall on the defense, especially in the area of the secondary.

Week 1 against the Broncos, let’s face it; many of us would not have been shocked to lose that game. However, we kept Peyton Manning out of the end zone and only lost by one score. Even being a loss, it was encouraging that a game we were expected to lose came down to it the way it did.

Week 2, we went to Oakland. My head hurts now. Let’s move on.

This past Sunday (yesterday as I’m writing this), we lost a close one to Cincinnati. A.J. Green had his usual six thousand yards receiving and our secondary couldn’t cover a rock with a bedspread, much like in Week 2 against the Raiders.

Let’s address the penalties, because we have shot ourselves in the foot WAY too many times in that area. We shut a series down on third down only to give them first down by way of a penalty. So on top of our defense not showing up, we’re giving yards away.

Now I have no problem putting it on the offense or even on Flacco when he’s the reason. But when we’ve watched our defense play the way they have in the past two weeks, how in the hell can any of you say it’s Flacco’s fault? People are still saying that he “sucks.” He’s put up 300+ yards in back-to-back games. Granted, yards are often an overrated QB stat, especially in this case, because we still lost the games. However, he wouldn’t have to throw so often if we weren’t behind. The offense isn’t responsible for us falling behind, last I checked. It’s not the offense’s job to stop the other team from scoring.

The bottom line is that many of you have been spoiled by this team’s success. Any true football fan knows that times like these are really inevitable and there’s no need to lose your minds over them. However, the reaction from our fan base is embarrassing and downright pathetic.

People have us “done” already. “No way in hell we’re making the playoffs.” This season is over. One person even had the nerve to say we should start working toward the #1 pick in the draft next season.

Our defense has dominated for many years. We’ve gotten so used to that; AKA, spoiled. But as with anything, all good things must come to an end. Our offense has been greatly improved, especially since we drafted Flacco in 2008.

There’s nothing wrong with loving the defense we had. However, when you’re still stuck on believing our offense is the problem, you’re obviously not even watching the games.

Our defense has really not been very dominant over the past few seasons. Our last time was in 2011, where the defense finished 3rd. In 2013, 12th. In 2014, 8th.

Our Super Bowl season, 2012, you know, where the “only” reason we won was because of the defense? 17th. And yes, people are still using that one.

That playoff run, Joe Flacco threw for 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Yet, people are still saying the defense did it all. I know…”Anquan Boldin bailed Flacco out so many times.” Boldin is a BEAST of a receiver. But it’s foolish to believe that Flacco just tossed the ball up and Boldin came down with it. Otherwise, any of us could have been out there and throwing the ball. If you really believe that Flacco just “tossed the ball up,” Which of our other quarterbacks could have done the same thing and had the same amount of success? Honestly.

That’s another thing. People seemed to forget our other quarterbacks. Joe is hands down the best we’ve had. Our offense is actually relevant for once and has been since he’s been here. But again, we’re spoiled.

What you all need to do is to stop blaming Flacco for the losses. Him throwing an interception at the end of the game is FAR from the reason we lost. Stop regurgitating that “Flacco sucks” garbage that you use every time we lose. I get the notion that it’s supposed to fall on the quarterback, but hell…WATCH THE GAMES. I could even tolerate if the defense gives up ONE big play, maybe two. But unfortunately, it seems like we’re giving up so many…and all throughout the game.

The bottom line is this. It can’t be Joe’s fault if damn near every time he takes the field, he’s playing from behind.


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1 Response to RAVENS FANS: Stop Blaming Joe Flacco For Our Losses

  1. Joe Flacco is a good quarterback, and he does whatever he can to win. They have not given him enough weapon to help him success. I do not believe he is paid too much or is the cause of the losing. I do think however. the coaching has really suffered in being out coached on several occasions.


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