SERVICE MEMBERS: Please Stop Asking Celebrities To Our Formal Events In Videos


That title probably sounds worse than it is, but let me explain. I’m intelligent enough to know that I’m not going to change the minds of a ton of service members if you decide you want to do this. After all, very often, these videos go viral and many actually reach the person being sought after. That’s an exciting feeling to know that your favorite celebrity may actually receive something that you’ve sent them, along with all the attention the video receives. So I DO get it.

However, here is why I don’t agree with service members who do this.

Personally, the thought alone is not a bad one. There’s nothing at all wrong with wanting to reach a favorite celebrity in some way. Especially now since many are just a little more accessible than they were back in the day. They allow us to interact with them on social media and every now and then, we may get a response back. That has happened to me a few times. It can be pretty exciting.

But the problem with sending videos asking them our formal events is this. It puts the celebrity in an extremely awkward position. They almost can’t win either way. If they say “yes,” then they will have to shift their insanely busy schedules in order to accommodate the request, and I can imagine this is NOT an easy thing to do. Then they’re going to an event that practically everyone knows they’ll be at. It’s not really anything against you as a service member, but with all the exposure they’ll already receive, they may simply not be feeling up to being almost “forced” to attend something which will give them more that really weren’t planning on.



An intelligent person like me would completely understand a “no” answer. However, some others may not.

Personally, there is one particular celebrity I’d like to meet one day and if you read a few of my blog posts, you’ll know exactly who she is and my reason for wanting to meet her. However, I would never, ever dream of doing this to her. I would never want to put her in that kind of position. I’ve even had people suggest I do something similar. “Oh, tell her you’re a soldier! She’ll want to meet you then!” I do have it on my profiles and I have mentioned it before, but I certainly don’t want that to play any role in anything whatsoever. I only mention that to let people know more about me. It is my occupation after all.

However, I feel that it is very unfair to do this to a celebrity.

Some of you may be thinking, “Why the hell do you care?! They don’t care about you defending them! You don’t even exist in their world. They couldn’t care less about you! If not for us, they wouldn’t be here!”

I’ll be honest. I really despise that way of thinking. Celebrities are people, too, and they deserve to be treated that way.

A celebrity’s fame and money make a lot of people jealous. Let’s not even dance around that. Despite all the people out there who try and claim otherwise, this is a fact. Because of this, there is a gross lack of empathy when it comes to a celebrity’s feelings. We’re not talking superficial things; i.e., a celebrity has ten cars and one of them breaks down. Of course, that’s not anything any of us should lose sleep over.

It’s the little things in which they are very similar to us. Personal space. Feelings in general about every day events. Those kinds of things are what I’m talking about. So many people out there feel a celebrity doesn’t deserve personal space simply because they’re celebrities. “This what they asked for by becoming a celebrity,” many would say. If they cry about losing a loved one or because their career has been affected in some way, oh well is what a lot of people think. Because they have money and fame, many feel they don’t deserve to be treated as people.

That is wrong.

Along with that, I’m not that big on using my status as a soldier to get this or that. I don’t want a celebrity’s only reason for wanting to meet is because of being in the Army. Yes, it’s my occupation now and when I talk about myself, that’s going to come up. But it is not ALL I’m about. I never want anyone to feel an obligation in any way to me because of the uniform I wear each day.

Could I get away with doing that at times? Probably. I just don’t want to. I never do. In my eyes, it’s sort of manipulative. You shouldn’t want to meet me because of me; meet me because I’m in the Army. If you say no, I’m going to assume you have a problem with soldiers. There is absolutely nothing that suggests a particular celebrity has a problem with service members if they choose to turn us down for something like this. However, again, that’s how it will be viewed, and that isn’t fair to them.

Not to mention the precedence that will be set. So the celebrity says “yes” to one person. Another person decides to ask that same person at a later date. He or she says no for whatever reason. Of course, it won’t be because of their busy schedules or anything like that. It’ll be because of favoritism or something to that effect. Some other unfair reason will be put on it. Why say “yes” to one person and not the other? The answer is simple, at least to me. In one instance, it may have been more possible than in another. But many others wouldn’t look at it that way.

I’ve seen people on social media say that it is “embarrassing” when service members ask celebrities to formal events in videos. I wouldn’t go that far. I would only say that again, asking them to our formal events puts them in a very awkward position and it’s not difficult to understand. No matter how much fame or money they have, they deserve better than that.

Service members, if you do care for and respect a particular celebrity, then show them by not asking them to our formal events. Show them that you do respect them by not putting them in an awkward position and then forcing them to make a decision.

Thanks for reading.

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