#Screenwriting: With My Current Project, Why I Feel I Have To Be BETTER Than Perfect


When it comes to certain things in my life, I am a perfectionist. Cooking is one of them. Writing is another.

For those who know me or have been following me on Facebook, Twitter or on here, it may be an epic shock as to which I will focus on in this particular post. I talk about writing only every five minutes, so I can see why it would be so surprising.

While I write poetry and have self-published three books, I will talk a little now about screenwriting and my current project. I’ve finished several, but to date, this is THE most important project I have ever worked on, and that is likely grossly understating it. My reason is because of the person I would like to read it.

The person I am trying to reach here is a professional actress. Unless you just began following me in the last few days, chances are, you’ll already know who I’m speaking about. If not, just check out a few of my other blog posts.

As for this person, who is my favorite actress, she has been a professional for nearly twenty years and currently, she is the star of and plays the main character of a television show on a major network.

Some days, I feel like I must be borderline insane to think this script will ever reach her or that she would ever be interested. Okay…many days I feel like this. Which is the reason for  the title of this blog post.

Yes, I do feel like I need to make this script perfect. Then I need to take it a few steps past that.

Being a perfectionist when it comes to my writing isn’t such a bad thing and I feel it will be absolutely necessary here. I think it’s safe to assume that to an actress with so many years in the business, a person like me just really won’t be that attractive to her. She doesn’t know me and I’m inexperienced, which essentially is strike one and strike two. So I believe that even if she does eventually learn that I exist, that alone will put her on the fence. Which of course means it likely won’t take much to put her on that other side to where she may figure that I’m just not worth the risk or the time. I wouldn’t blame her. If I’m sitting where she is, I would likely feel the same way. I do understand and respect that this is where things are for right now.

This is why I honestly feel that this has to best work I’ve ever done, at least to this point. As a veteran actress, I don’t know how she would feel about working with an inexperienced writer, but I can guess that she won’t have a lot of patience for sloppiness or ANY sign of laziness or substandard work. I don’t believe the work I’ve done so far reflects this, but I still need to be even better than that.

I can admit that I do practically obsess over my work, especially this project, for this reason. Ever since it became a sort of feasible possibility that I may meet her one day to discuss this, I always feel I have to make this script perfect and then some. I really do admire this woman as an actress and as a person, so I feel like she more than deserves this kind of effort from me, but also being where I am compared to her, I am okay with feeling that I have a LOT to prove and am willing to put in the work to do so. I am not just some random person who wants to give her a script. I am a very big fan of hers and would love the chance to be able to work with her and maybe even write for or with her one day, even if this particular script does not catch her interest.

As far as how exactly I will make this script “perfect and then some,” I cannot control what she will feel about it as I will have no way of knowing at this point, but I know that on my end, I have to research as much as I can and also re-write and edit the hell out of it, which I’ve already done several times. I will likely never feel it is exactly where it needs to be and that’s mostly because I can imagine that this person likely has a handful of people she would choose to work with or to have write for her other than someone she doesn’t know who doesn’t have experience. So my work has to be worthy of her time and my effort has to be unmatched by anyone, even those she would likely choose over me. This isn’t about “taking someone else’s job” so to speak, but I know that if I want to have any chance of working with her or for her to even show a remote interest in my script, I have to shoot for perfection…

…and once I reach that point, aim a little further out and then shoot for there.

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