POEM: The Best Dreams Are The Ones That Don’t Allow You To Sleep

The best dreams are the ones that don’t allow you to sleep,

Making insomnia not the worst promise to keep.

The mere thought of dream of mine coming true,

Makes it common to be awake most nights at about two.
Writing is such a profound love of mine,

As I could do so whenever, with little regard to time.

At the age of 12 is when I began this love affair,

One I’m not at all embarrassed to show and to share.
Very proud to have been a writer for more than half my life,

As I write this poem in bed, hoping not to disturb my wife.

First poetry, then books; both tasks so serene,

As I’ve graduated to a goal of one day writing for the screen.
More passion is needed here; a much deeper focus, 

As I won’t get there with a magic wand, nor the uttering of “hocus pocus.”

Once nothing more than a hobby, writing has grown to so much more,

While each day, this love becomes even harder to ignore.
Not often calling this a dream; at least not until three years ago,

When ABC introduced us to what is today, my favorite show.

I became stuck to this program, the way a pancake sticks to syrup,

As it stars a great Britton, and I don’t mean the one in Europe.
Amazing actors all around, all worthy of praise and mention,

As Connie was the one who most profoundly caught my attention.

An aspiring screenwriter simply trying to find his way,

Hoping for the chance to meet this wonderful actress one day.
A straight man who has said he “dreams” of meeting this woman multiple times,

Makes all the inappropriate thoughts the ones to come to mind.

A romantic interest is believed; not that she is someone unworthy of this,

But my dream is to one day make it somewhere on her “co-workers” list.
Why she should choose me along with the team of writers she already has,

I’m likely far off that list and likely much easier on which to pass.

I know my odds are slim; my chances not that great,

But perseverance may mean that it is not yet too late.
So writing is what I’ll partake and I’ll do so without the fuss,

As aiming for better than perfection is an absolute must.

But I am sitting right now in a place I’ve never been,

And if this lovely woman responds, just what would happen then?
Until that time comes, I will simply continue to write,

Keeping her in mind as I do this at some insane hour of the night.

But no problem being awake and while this goal may seem quite steep, 

I must remember that the best dreams are the ones that don’t allow you to sleep.
– Robert People, 10/27/15

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