#SanBernadinoShooting: Many Are More Concerned With Being “Right” Than Anything Else


In terms of the latest mass shooting in San Bernadino, California, the story to me is pretty much the same: The victims are mourned for a few hours or so, as the gun control debate lasts for several days. I’m convinced that those who spend so much time arguing about it, while they may not actually want something like this to happen, they’re not exactly as broken up when it does, and why?

So they get yet another chance to be “right.”

It doesn’t even matter what side I am on as far as gun control is concerned. To me, it’s about as worth arguing as politics. People get so vicious about it and it’s just sad to me how people have and exhibit such hate over mere disagreements. That’s ultimately what it is. It’s nothing more than the fact that one person feels differently than another.

Yet, I see name-calling by so-called grown “adults.” Constantly. It’s not impressive to me at all. It’s absolutely sad.

As someone who is truly unbiased when it comes to pretty much any topic at all, I can honestly see both sides of the gun control debate. But like anything else, I’ve also seen so many people ruin their points because of behaving like children any time mass shootings like this happen.

Speaking of politics, another sad fact is that mass shootings also contribute to the already horrendous political divide as well. In other words, it’s seldom viewed as people just being on different sides of a debate. No, it’s that if you’re on one side of the political spectrum (obviously being either Democrat or Republican), everyone who doesn’t agree with you 100% is clearly on the opposite side of both the debate and the political party. It couldn’t be possible that certain folks who are part of the same political party as you could disagree.

Nope…those who disagree have to be on that other side.

When I look at certain arguments online, I see very few people who can articulate their points without name-calling or forcing one side of politics. You know…an intelligent person expressing his or her points in an intelligent manner. I tend to listen more to people like that than those who bicker like children, again, all because of a disagreement.

Here’s my question for those who spend so much of their time arguing politics when it comes to gun control: What do you actually gain by being “right”?

I understand why most people seem to have more to say when online; you can get your whole point out without being interrupted. If talking in person, that may not happen. However, most folks simply want others to shut up and agree with their points. That’s the reason people get so vicious when others do not agree. The word “opinion” and its true definition seems to elude so many people.

In other words, when I engage in a conversation with someone, I’m intelligent enough to know whether it will be an opinionated conversation or not. Some discussions are black and white and it’s clear as far as how much facts will be part of it and how much will be opinion. Others, not so much. I’m smart enough to get that. So when I know it will feature more opinions, I mentally prepare myself for people to disagree with me. I don’t want people agreeing with me all the time anyway. I’m more than happy hearing someone’s else viewpoint, even if I don’t agree with it.

However, it isn’t like that with some people. Way too many people. Especially on social media, people begin right away with posting this and that for the sole purpose of declaring that they are “right” to the other side. The tone is not “Hey, this is just my opinion here, but…” Absolutely not. Can’t sound “weak” in any way. No, it’s “I am right and anyone who doesn’t agree is an idiot and needs to wake up!”


Speaking of these mass shootings, I really just don’t have any words for them. I honestly feel like any words I would have would be just empty words. Condolences from me won’t bring anyone back. I wish they could. I feel horrible that the victims or the families had to endure any of that. I simply cannot imagine being in those situations myself. I wouldn’t know what to do.

To an extent, I’d like to believe that most of us in the U.S. feel the same way and have a genuine concern about the victims. However, my honest belief is also that people are more concerned with using this as yet another platform to get up on his or her soapbox and attack all those on the other “side” of the debate. Whether arguing about religion being involved, gun control or politics. There was one news page on Facebook (can’t remember which one at the moment) where one man posted “idiot libtards” on just about every comment. This guy is easily in his 50s, which puts him at no less than 14 years older than me (I am 36). Yet this is how he feels it’s appropriate to articulate himself and online, no less.

Before anyone fusses that I didn’t saying anything about conservatives being put down (which, for the smallminded people, that was all you got from all this entire blog post), I’ve seen the same thing there. It’s really no better.

But again, what is there to be gained by being “right”? Even if the people you spoke to just shut up and said, “Okay, you’re absolutely right,” what’s the real “victory”? That you shut up a total stranger over the internet? That’s fine, but what does that do as far as the mass shootings or the victims are concerned?

Oh, that’s right…all the arguing and debating does…what exactly to stop the next mass shooting from happening? If you have the guaranteed answer to that one, I’m sure everyone would be listening.

I know I would be.

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