#GilbertArenas: This Man’s Message To You and All The Other Men Who Agree With Your Sexist Comments About the WNBA

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So, former (aka, unemployed) NBA player Gilbert Arenas…you decided to rear your ugly head and post three pictures of women in their underwear on your Instagram, along with captions complaining that the WNBA players “don’t wear skimpy enough outfits”? One of the captions reads: “dont get me wrong, they have few #cutiepies but theres a whole lotta #beanpies running around…” 

I would ask what would possess you to post something like that, but I’m not even sure there could ever be a good reason. Sure you may have your “reasons,” but again…nothing good.

Let’s talk about you for a second. Now, you’ve gone from all-star NBA player to being out of the league since 2012 and you’re only 33 years old, which, for three-time NBA all-star, is really not that old. This is largely due to the incident in 2009 in which you admitted to storing unloaded firearms in your locker, which violates both NBA rules and D.C. ordinances. Then, you and one of your former teammates decided to show your firearms to each other, following an argument about gambling debts.

So I think it is safe to assume that exercising good judgment isn’t exactly one of your strong suits.

However, let’s think about this one. Even though you are pretty much irrelevant now and this was clearly an attempt to garner some attention, there is obviously a part of you who truly believes what you posted. So why would you as a grown man post pictures of women in their underwear and then complain that your former sister organization (the WNBA) should dress that way as they work? You’ve made millions of dollars playing in the NBA and you can’t even follow simple rules. Yet you want to question how others conduct business?

But here’s the thing. You’re not questioning random folks. You are berating women. Women who play professional basketball, which was once your occupation as well. Women who don’t step on the court and expect to be viewed as objects, but as PEOPLE. People willing to work hard for what they have as I’m sure you’ve wanted others to believe about you. This isn’t at all to say that if these women were not WNBA players, it would be all right, because it absolutely wouldn’t be. But these are your “sisters.”

Speaking of sisters, I’m not even going to bother with asking if you would be okay with this if someone said and did this about your sister(s) or even your mother and/or daughter(s), because I know for certain that you wouldn’t be. You and damn near every other man out there, all the ones agreeing with you, would pitch a hissy fit if your sisters, mothers or daughters were the ones being referenced.

So was this really just as attempt to let people know, “HEY…I’M STILL HERE, Y’ALL…DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME…” or do you really believe this foolishness? What would make you feel that something like that was okay?

Looking through some comments on social media, there are quite a few men out there who agree with and are giving you a virtual pat on the back because of doing this. As for all of you “men” out there who fall into that category, you should be ashamed to even call yourselves men.

It’s always funny to me when certain men are loose about their derogatory comments toward women, as their berate them in every way along with feeling this extreme sense of “superiority” over them. Yet, when the question is asked, “Would it be okay if this were your mother/sister/daughter?” and many of you would lose your minds. You’re ready to kick everyone’s asses now.

News flash, boys: EVERY woman is someone’s mother, sister, and/or daughter.

The comments in response are sickening and embarrassing. There are the classic “kitchen” jokes (as if this is still 60-70 years ago) along with several other ridiculous reasons, but the one that I’m always amused by is when certain men say, “Oh, he’s just saying what most other men are thinking!”

First of all…you speak for yourselves on that one. What proof do you have that this is even true? So you know for certain that “most” men would be okay with WNBA players playing games in their underwear? You’re just so certain that ratings would skyrocket if we do as, ahem…”most men are thinking” and dress WNBA players in their underwear?

The saddest thing about all this is that it’s not even about the WNBA’s ratings, or even “freedom of speech” and all that. Those can be removed from the equation. These women are still being berated for doing something they love and worked very hard at, and why? All because some men feel threatened and have to make lame attempts of “putting women back in their place”?

And yes, you feel threatened. Gilbert, you may be thinking that having played in the NBA, why would I say that you’d feel threatened by these women? Same with all the men just salivating about all this.

The WNBA was founded in 1996. I was 16 years old at the time, and I personally was excited for not only all the women who were to be involved, but for women as a whole, as this was another step forward for them. Obviously, not a lot of other men, or hell, other teenage boys felt the same way I did.

Gilbert, you were clearly one of them.

You captioned one of your photos about the WNBA “having some cutie pies and beanpies.” Well hell, that pretty much applies anywhere…including the NBA. So why the need to attack the WNBA because you personally aren’t attracted to some of them?

Here’s another news flash: It’s some “bean pies” in the NBA also and I’m sure many women would agree with that.

Besides, you’re 33 years old and you feel the need to put down someone’s looks? What grade are you in?

I’m well-aware that this likely will never receive a response, or even be seen by you. After all, I’m just a 36-year-old Army soldier who respects women. Why should you or most people care what I think or have to say, right? However, I still decided to write this for those who do have the intelligence to get what I’m saying.

You may or may not be one of them.

It’s this kind of primitive, idiotic and ignorant attitude that sets men back and is a real embarrassment to all us REAL men out here. Us REAL men who can respect when women make advances in society in all areas, but especially in an area where looks don’t have to play a part whatsoever, but skill, talent and hard work does.

See, not every man out there looks at women as sexual objects. Neither you, nor your loyal “followers” can assume that ANY percentage of men do this. That’s such a ridiculous assumption. Many of us men DO have tremendous respect for women and can do so without them being half-dressed.

After all, I’m pretty sure they didn’t work hard to make it into the WNBA just so they could “look good” for people like you. As for you and every other man out there who agrees with women playing basketball in their underwear, what do you think it says about you that you don’t respect women enough to be able to acknowledge their talent, work ethic, hard work, drive, determination, discipline, yet, all they have to do is take their clothes off and they have your attention? What do you think that says about you?

I’m glad some WNBA players spoke out against this foolishness. What I find incredibly ironic and downright hilarious is that a few of the WNBA players (who I believe are playing overseas now), posted their responses after they finished basketball practice.

Gilbert, what exactly were YOU doing before you posted those pictures? Can’t say “practice.”

Not any more.



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