(Blog Post) BLACK FOLKS: If We Can Say “I LOVE BEING BLACK,” Then This Should Bother No One…Correct?


A friend of mine shared this Facebook post from someone else yesterday, but it isn’t the first time I’ve seen it. Now, as a black man, I have no issues with seeing this whatsoever. I mean, after all, I’ve many many times seen black folks say, “I LOVE BEING BLACK” or something to that effect, so it should be no different here.


A comment left on this post by one gentleman went as follows: “I think having pride in one’s race, no matter what race that may be, is ridiculous. To take pride in a thing which you did not personally achieve? What is there to be proud of? I was born white. I am white through no fault of my own. There’s nothing there from which I can personally take pride. It’s not that people shouldn’t have a close connection to their heritage and feel good about celebrating it, but labeling it as ‘pride’ has always felt wrong to me.” 

That is the absolute right answer. Period. End of discussion.

But then again…(sigh)…life would be way too boring if it was that simple, right? Being unbiased? Who would ever want to do that?

Okay then.

I think one thing we need to stop doing as black people is fooling ourselves and trying to fool others. Now I know too many people who claim to want “equality” when the reality is that that isn’t what you want. It’s superiority. There’s a difference. Equality would mean that you would be perfectly fine with seeing things like this. Then again, it would mean that you wouldn’t be the type to enjoy seeing and hearing people say “I LOVE BEING BLACK” in the first place, either.

But oh…we know that isn’t the case, don’t we?

Before any of you try and tell me that I “don’t understand,” save it. I’m a very intelligent man and I am well-aware of what’s going on. We as blacks are minorities. I get that. Things haven’t always been easy for us. Understood. We haven’t always and still in many cases, don’t have some of the same opportunities as whites. I’m tracking.

However, there are certain things that we shouldn’t have problems with, especially if we claim to want “equality” so much…this being one of them.

If we are allowed to “love being black,” then why can’t a white person “love being white”? As much as many would claim not to be bothered by that, most are. But if you’re all about equality, then it shouldn’t matter if there is a White Entertainment Television. An NAAWP (National Association For the Advancement of White People), right?

“Oh, but Robert, you don’t under–” Stop. Yes I do. If you’re about equality, then none of that should bother you.

Let’s talk sports for a second. Now superiority is basically the name of the game there. The whole purpose is to demonstrate how one team or person is better in whatever area than another. Nothing wrong with that. People love that kind of competition.

Now, let’s take a football team who has been around much longer than another. I’m from Baltimore, so let’s take the Ravens-Steelers rivalry. Now, we as fans beat each other up all day every day about which team is better. However, the Steelers have very obviously won more times overall as a team against the entire NFL than the Ravens have by virtue of having been around longer.

If you were a Ravens fan, wouldn’t you feel that even though the Steelers are much more familiar and embedded in the NFL, that it is perfectly okay for them to still want the same opportunities as the Ravens received as far as game time is concerned? Of course. If you said that you “love the Ravens,” you wouldn’t have a hissy fit because one of them says, “I LOVE THE STEELERS!” right?

Oh wait…some folks actually would. Scratch that.

But seriously…it’s the same exact thing. Whites are not minorities, no, but what’s the difference? Why are we allowed to say that we “love being black” but they aren’t?

None of us chose to be black. It’s not as if we were born white, we would wish to be black. I know I wouldn’t. Why? We didn’t have a say in the matter. In my opinion, to say that “I love being black,” I may as well say that I “love having two thumbs” or “I love having two kneecaps” or “I love having five toes on each foot…” you get the idea. We have just as much say with that as our race.

Again, I’m an intelligent man who completely gets it. As minorities, many of us feel that aiming for equality isn’t enough. To feel better about ourselves as a community, we have to shoot for superiority. The reason I don’t agree with this mindset is because many want to do that, but don’t want a level playing field. In other words, you want to claim superiority, but don’t want white people to fight back and want to claim the same thing. Back to my football example, that would be similar to a Ravens fan saying that they should be allowed to be spotted points in every game just because of the fact that Pittsburgh has been around longer.

If you truly feel that you want to be superior to white people, this blog post obviously will not stop you. But if you also feel that white people aren’t allowed to do the same simply because we’re minorities, then you’re sadly mistaken as well. Equality means to be on the same playing field. On the football field, it’s that coin toss. The score is 0-0. If you approach a white person and this is your mindset, I honestly believe you’re a lot better off.

And don’t even talk to me about “white privilege.” That’s one of the dumbest phrases I’ve ever heard. What does that even mean?

Stop. I know what it means. When I personally use the expression “What does that even mean?” it’s not for lack of understanding. It’s because I’m curious to hear someone’s explanation of it. “White privilege” means that there are certain things that just help white people that don’t help us as blacks. That’s basically what it boils down to.

Oh, but back to B.E.T. and the NAACP. Wouldn’t those be considered as “Black privilege”? No? Not the same thing? How so?

I could go on and on with this and if you’re a friend or family member, you already know that. But the insinuation that a white person is “racist” for saying this is absurd. If you really think so, look up the definition of racist. Some level of superiority has to exist in order for that to be the case. If they are “racist” for saying this, then what is it about saying “I LOVE BEING BLACK” would not be racist? The same exact words are being used; the only difference is color. Again, if you want to be superior, that’s fine. But you can’t take that opportunity from white people if you choose to be that way. In other words, don’t come to the grown-up table if you expect everyone to treat you like you’re still a child.

Bottom line: As far as “I LOVE BEING BLACK” or “I LOVE BEING WHITE,” you can either be okay with them both or not like either. Period.

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