#Poem: Hustle Always Wins


You know you’ve reached that point where you feel you cannot stop,

Where your passion has become your internal alarm clock;

No need for beeps and flashy digits, nor the rotating of hands

To remind you of your hustle and all for which it stands.


Society is stagnant and for the most part, satisfied,

Not worrying about doing much, since the next person has not yet tried;

To accomplish much in life, a lot of precious time they would spend

Merely “hustling” to what’s popular or becoming that next trend.


The fastest way to mediocrity is to simply follow the crowd,

They move around like sheep, as individuality is not allowed;

Making about as much progress as dust collects on bookshelves

Many talk a good game, but the results speak for themselves.


Then here you come as someone with a desire to buck the system,

Paying attention to your dreams, as for the others, many have missed ‘em;

You reach a point where your promise for slumber is one you can’t always keep

As you eventually realize the best “dreams” are the ones that don’t allow you to sleep.


You begin that fateful journey each day on that tireless grind,

As direction toward your goals is what you desperately aim to find;

While the doubters point and laugh as if reading a comical poster

You proceed with your hustle, as each day, you’re that much closer.


You may tell a friend or two of some of your deepest dreams,

As some say you should give up on them; so impossible, as it seems;

You’re viewed as out of touch with reality; your mind, delirious

But when you continue, they think to themselves, “Oh shit…you’re serious!”


They eventually believe you feel you’re superior,

But your hustle is no attack on them; not your fault they feel inferior;

You put in work each day; many times more than you can afford

Even encouraging them to do the same, as your suggestions are often ignored.


And then…how dare you keep working and not to them, your life is catered,

So that’s when they become jealous or even worse, petty haters;

Now comes the time they wish for you to not succeed

As if failure for you means they’ll get in their lives what THEY will need.


It never does, but this is something they refuse to believe,

As they mentally attempt to take away what you’ve worked hard to achieve;

Misery loves that company, as they put that blame on you

That they’ve decided to follow society and all the nothingness they’d choose to do.


But never let that stop you from kicking down those doors,

And busting your ass to not ask, but to TAKE what’s rightfully yours;

Some will appreciate your encouragement, so don’t hesitate when you can

Because some indeed will get it; while others may never understand.


However, not your job to force anyone else to see,

The rewards that come from hustling; whatever hustle that may be;

Leave the haters and doubters aside as you owe not a single thing to them

And as much as they’ll want you to lose, don’t worry…

…because hustle always wins.


Robert People, 1/6/16

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