#StaceyDash: Thanks For Helping To Prove Why BET Will Always Be a Secondhand Network


By now, I don’t need to remind everyone of what actress Stacey Dash said. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already know. If not, here is it again:

“…we have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration. If we don’t want segregation then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the [NAACP] Image Awards, where you are only awarded if you are black.”

She finished to say:

“…there shouldn’t be a Black History Month. You know, we’re Americans. Period. That’s it.”

Now, as a black man who agrees with what Stacey said and has expressed similar opinions on my only social media pages and to people in person, by now at the age of 36, it’s not surprising that much of the black community would be upset about it, along with it not being a shock as to how many of them reacted.

They said she was “clueless.” GET IT? Like the movie? Because it was called Clueless? That’s funny, right? Especially after it was said for the thousandth time?

Yuk yuk yuk.

Then she was called “coon.” Yawn. 

“Sellout.” Again? 

“She hates herself.” Yeah?

“She wishes she was white.” Really?

Anybody have something original? Because I still haven’t heard it yet.

I don’t mince words about my feelings on the truth about the black community and Stacey didn’t here, either. Like I often do, she got under the skins of a LOT of people…

…to include BET. Yep, the network.

Now, in response to the backlash that there weren’t any black nominees in this year’s Oscars, Stacey spoke the absolute truth. We claim to want equality, yet we still relish in the segregation that those before us fought so hard to end. However, much of the black community, rather than to simply “agree to disagree” or to state their points, they resorted to classic retorts they give other black people whenever we don’t agree with their foolishness or don’t say what we are apparently “supposed” to say.

A lot of sore feelings out there. Naturally, it led to a LOT of trolling by the black community on her social media pages.

I always say that every time it LOOKS like we may be progressing as a community, all it takes is something like this to happen and it shows we haven’t moved anywhere.

However, BET? A television network? Trolling one person?

That’s right. Here is what BET wrote on their Twitter and Instagram pages:

Soooooo @REALStaceyDash can we get our check back… or nah?




Then they proceeded to post a picture of Stacey when she was on the show. But that’s not all. They continued to retweet any and all stories mentioning their “trolling,” using hashtags like “#BETHonorsBlack” acronyms like “SMH” and “#ClapBack” and other similar things.

Not to mention retweeting posts in which Stacey is called “ho” and “Aunt Tom” from no-name web sites like “Bossip.”

Stay classy, BET.

Now, this wouldn’t be surprising coming from members of the black community. When you say the truth and they can’t accept it, they just lash out with juvenile and many times, very unoriginal responses which carry very little substance.


Just check out BET’s social media pages, mainly Twitter and Instagram. The way some of their posts are written is straight embarrassing. It doesn’t even look like a grown person is writing these posts. Many of them look like they’ve been written by young people who just learned internet lingo and acronyms, along with ebonics.

Now, let’s look at some GOOD networks, such as ABC, CBS and NBC. The difference between those and a secondhand network like BET is that they would have never responded to Stacey’s comments and if they did, the responses would have sounded like they came from sensible adults. They wouldn’t be hanging on social media and “retweeting” every other story that mentions what they did, nor would they be beating their chests like a kid at the playground once big brother shows up for the fight. They’d give no response, or one and they’d keep it moving.

BET is acting as if to say, “Yeah…we really told her off. Can we get an AMEN?”

Seriously, I’m reading Twitter posts of BET bragging about other web sites saying that they “trolled” Stacey Dash. “Trolled”?

That’s what you want to be known for, BET? “Trolling” one person? And you’re proud of that?

Desperate to have support, of course most of the black community backed them up. No big surprise there. But this is exactly the reason BET will always be a secondhand network. This would have been the perfect opportunity for them to exhibit class, “agree to disagree” or to just move on. Not only did they NOT do that, but they also responded in the classic manner of most blacks when they’re faced with the truth about themselves.

The funniest part of this is that BET isn’t responding to another network or some larger entity. They’re in their feelings about what one person said. ONE PERSON.

By the way, BET…let’s not act as if you didn’t make any money off those shows and movies when Stacey was on there. Are you willing to give her the money you made off her appearances? Didn’t think so.

So Stacey Dash, thank you. Thank you for number one, speaking your mind and the truth, but also showing that no, we as the black community really haven’t progressed much, and also why BET is and will always be a secondhand network. Maybe one day they’ll get better and exercise some discretion and class when a person says something they don’t agree with.

Ah, wait…who am I kidding?




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