BLOG POST: DEAR @ABC_Publicity: Please Renew #Nashville For a Fifth Season

Nashville- EXCL

Dear ABC Publicity,

I may be embarrassing myself or wasting my time by writing this, but I’m not concerned about that. I wanted to take a little time to express some of my feelings on my favorite show on television right now, which of course is Nashville.

First off, I’m thrilled to be able to finally say that it will be back next week. We “Nashies” have certainly missed it dearly.

Second, the reason I am writing this is because I know you’re nearing that time where you have to make that tough decision of not only what new shows to begin featuring on your network, but also, which shows to renew and sadly in some cases, which to choose not to bring back for the new fall season.

Obviously, as a fan, I couldn’t possibly have any idea as to what goes into making these kinds of decisions and I know they’re not made lightly. I greatly respect what you all have to do, whether I agree with what has been decided or not.

Nashville is an amazing show. That may be putting it mildly. I absolutely love it. Now I’m aware that that alone won’t be the deciding factor on whether or not you choose to renew the show for a fifth season. So please allow me to elaborate.

Again, Nashville is amazing in so many ways. Callie Khouri has really introduced us to a world that many of us cannot possibly imagine ever leaving. This show is very well-written, well-directed, well-produced and just well-done overall. It has some wonderful characters who many of us have truly fallen in love with who are being played by absolutely fantastic actors and singers. The storylines are also wonderfully done.

One thing I’ve noticed in following the show on both Facebook and Twitter is that Nashville has an extensive reach, which I don’t notice much for other shows I’m a fan of. There are Twitter pages dedicated to Nashville from folks overseas (“NashvilleItaly4Ever” just off the top of my head, is one of them), along with many people following the show internationally also and the good thing is, I don’t have to search long and hard to find them. They seem to be all over. Even on Facebook, there aren’t many posts made by the Nashville page where I don’t see comments from people overseas showing their love and support as well, again, without having comb through the threads for them.

I could sit here and continue to explain all the ways in which I believe fans as a whole love Nashville and why others feel it should be renewed. However, I will proceed with sharing my personal feelings of it, as I cannot speak for everyone else.

I am originally from Baltimore City (now living in Texas). As many other residents there, I grew up not caring the least bit about country…anything. If you told me back then that one of my all-time favorite shows would be a country-themed show, I would have laughed at the notion. I didn’t even listen to country music before. However, now, the majority of the country music songs I like are from the show. Obviously, at age 36, I’ve grown from my city days and have matured, but I am still very fond of my hometown in many ways, so it isn’t as if I’m totally disconnected from where I grew up. But I can’t imagine that there are a ton of black men in their mid-30s who grew up where I did who can speak this fondly of this type of show. This is just one way this show has reached me.

Another way is this. I am an aspiring screenwriter. I would love to write for movies and television one day. I know that part is likely of little interest to you, but please…hear me out.

As an aspiring writer, it is strongly encouraged that I write spec scripts of shows currently on the air. These will not be scripts that would be used in any way or sent in to anyone, but just used as samples to display our writing ability in the event that we are fortunate enough to get an honest look from an executive or a producer in the business. Once I found that out a few years ago, I began to consider which show I would like to do that for. It didn’t take me long to realize that Nashville was the show I wanted to do a spec script for.

I had such a wonderful time writing it. It was a lot of fun. It was sort of like being the writer, director and everything else myself just for that time period. I know it’s something that very few will end up reading, but I didn’t care and still don’t to this day. I wrote my first one a couple of years ago, at the end of the second season. I wouldn’t hesitate to write more, because I just love writing that much, along with the show as well. I can’t imagine the fun the actual writers must have being able to do this every day. I could only dream of being able to do what they do.

Now, I’m well-aware of just where I am in all this. To put it bluntly, I’ve read very often about how writers are viewed in the business and in many cases, undervalued. And these are the experienced writers. So I can only imagine how I, as a probably perceived “wannabe, nobody” writer would be looked at. I can imagine most of those who reading this would probably not even address any part in which I speak as to my love for writing. Believe me…I did not enter into this with a naïve mindset whatsoever. I’m aware of what I’m getting myself into.

My reason for mentioning this is because this is just the kind of positive impact Nashville has had on me. I’m not saying anything writers don’t already know, but it can take several weeks in many cases to write a full episode of a show and I assume even with experienced writers. I’m not at all a lazy or sloppy writer, nor do I rush when I sit down to work on a project. I take just as long if not longer, because I know I need to learn and really work on the craft, along with doing proper research into what I’m writing. In no way do I feel my work is anything near perfect. However, committing to a project that I know will take several weeks to complete is not a small decision by any means. Again, I know that an aspiring writer probably won’t show up on anyone’s radar, but that’s okay. I’m all right with that. I knew that before I began writing all this.

But it is my love for the show and respect for all those involved, whether it be the actors, the executives, the directors or the producers, which leads me to want to work on my craft and use this wonderful show as a way to learn.

This matters this much to because I am an Army soldier with more than 18 years of service. I have reached a point in my military career where I need to consider what my next career will be. I’ve obviously decided on that, as stated in this letter, and I feel that I have more than earned the right to be able to next do what I absolutely love and dream every day about doing as my next career, as much as I enjoy the military. Nashville has touched me in such a way that it has helped me to work very hard on my writing craft and I’ve learned so much in watching the show, not to mention being very inspired in so many ways by Callie Khouri herself and many of the others involved in the show.

Again, there is probably very little to no concern as to what an aspiring writer feels in the grand scope of a major network deciding on whether or not to renew a program. I understand and respect this. I just wanted to share some of my feelings and how this show has touched me in such positive ways.

I do hope and very respectfully ask that you please consider renewing Nashville for a fifth season. I know that the “marriage” between Rayna and Deacon may symbolize a “jump the shark” moment (where a show is considered to have peaked), because the fans are finally getting what we all have wanted. But I can see so many possibilities for this show to continue even after this, and I’m sure Mrs. Khouri and those involved have some great ideas in mind that will keep your viewers, especially me, coming back every Wednesday night (unless the show is moved to a different night).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and to consider. You all are wonderful at what you do and again, I have a great amount of respect for the jobs you all have to do each day. I know a LOT has to going into this decision. I wish you all continued success and again, thanks for reading. Take care.

Robert People








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