#BrusselsAttack: Why Do People Have To Die Before We Start Praying and/or Caring Enough To Be Kind To Each Other?

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By now, much of the world has heard about the devastating tragedy that has struck Brussels. A horrifying terrorist attack that has (as of the time I’m writing this) killed 31 people and injured many more, as those tolls are sadly rising.

I can’t even put into words how I feel whenever something like this happens. It’s indescribable. All I can think of is my wife and two children, and if something like this were to happen to them. I have no idea as to the first thing I would do or how I would react. These innocent people left their homes this morning and went about their days the same as probably every other day. Only this time, they very unfortunately will not be coming home.

Now for the “unpopular” part. If you can’t handle that, then it’s in your best interest to stop reading now.

As usual, there is an outpouring of support from everywhere, mainly on social media. Here’s my question, as the title states:

Why do people have to die before we start praying or caring enough to be kind to each other?

Pardon me, but I find it utterly ridiculous and in many ways, insulting, that so many people can come out and send all their “prayers” and everything on days like today. Yet normally, all they do, day and night, is bitch about anything and everything.

That’s right. But first, there are those people out there who are generally loving people. They don’t spend all their time putting others down or finding ways to attack other people, friends and enemies alike. They mostly have a positive attitude (not meaning just “happy” all the time) and they like to pass that on. If they are the religious type, it SHOWS in how they treat people. It’s not something they just run around saying and/or posting on social media all day and night. It is REAL with them.

Those are NOT the people I’m referring to here. If people like those are the ones praying or giving their support, that merely falls in line with how they live each other. I don’t have an issue with that whatsoever. It’s not fake coming from them.

However, again, when way too many people out there would normally find everything to fuss about, be negative in every way, spend all their time attacking people, whether in person or on social media and then something like this happens and they want to begin talking about “praying” and all this and that, along with the phony messages of “being kind to one another” when that is normally what they are NOT about, I’m sorry…but that is just sickening to me.

I know…”Robert, you can’t tell anyone how and when to pray. You can’t dictate how people mourn for others.” Never said I could. Nowhere in anything I’ve written so far or will write will express that I feel that people “aren’t allowed to pray” or “to mourn the way choose.” My purpose of writing this is to share my opinion of certain ones who do.

It’s really sad to me that kindness, praying (if you are a religious person) and support for others is so clearly a temporary thing that largely happens only in instances like these. Then people want to “pray” and all that. If you weren’t praying for people before, what’s the point in doing so now? You’ve NEVER prayed for me ONCE, but when I die, all of a sudden, you want to start? What help will that do?

Take school shootings for example. The same thing happens. People often say, “Make sure you hug your children tighter when they come home tonight.” Why? What’s stopping you from hugging them like that on a normal basis? Why do innocent children have to be killed in droves before we stop to think about showing OUR children how much we love them? Seriously…when I would drop our children off at school, it’s amazing how quickly parents shove their kids out of their cars (I’m aware of the “Kiss and Drop” zones and that they need to move with a purpose so that other parents can proceed to drop their children off. That’s not what I’m referring to). These kids fly out of their cars almost Dukes of Hazard-style, IF the driver stops, which I’m convinced, doesn’t always happen. There was one instance I saw where a mother just played on her phone as her daughter got out of the car and said “Bye, Mom” more than once as she was ignored, and then a teacher came to take the girl into the school. Mom did not look up one time. Now that would be the perfect time for some stranger to come, grab the girl, take her around back, and when everyone disappeared, so does she. It’s not like the mother was paying attention.

I would be willing to bet that she would be the main ones saying to “hug your children tighter” after a school shooting.

Now let’s take funerals. We ALL can seem to find time to attend those, no matter where they are in the country. So why can’t we make time for our loved ones on times other than that? I will admit that I’ve guilty of this as well, so I’m not above it. But why in the hell can we find time to drop damn near everything after someone close to us has died? And these are people we barely talk to when they’re alive. Pardon me for saying this, but if you didn’t give a damn about me enough to call or visit me when I’m alive, what the hell will it help to visit me when I’m dead? You want to come and talk to me when I can’t talk back. But when I’m alive and very much wanting that attention, you’re “too busy.” It’s sickening.

I certainly do not expect people to run around saying “I love you I love you I love you” every five minutes or posting “sunshine and rainbows” to their social media for every status. That’s not reasonable or even ideal. But I just can’t get why it’s so difficult for people to at least make a better effort to love one another or to be kind on days NOT like today…after many innocent people are killed.

The truth is simply this, from what I’ve noticed. Many of the “prayers” and all that are nothing more than a trend. Like that meme says, “BRACE YOURSELVES” for the profile pics to change to the Belgium flag, their colors, or what have you. Again, don’t come back with “people can do what they want.” I’m not saying they can’t. I’m just sharing how I feel about that. Again, if you’re a person who is normally very genuinely loving and caring, then I have no issue with you doing it, because once more, that falls in line with how you live every day. It’s not a “trend” for you.

I call it a trend because it seems to me as a feeling that lasts for a few days and no more. I think back to Trayvon Martin, when many people chose to “black out” their profile pics. If you don’t know what that means, it was simply that people had their profile pics as completely black, and the purpose was “until justice is served.” So many people said that. They felt that George Zimmerman got off, and this was to remain until he was held responsible. Well hell, the “blackout” didn’t even last for the week. By Thursday and Friday, they were already coming down. After all, it’s club time, or time to get ready for the weekend, so now it’s time to show those pics off. Enough people “like” those pics and they become profile pictures. By the way, Zimmerman was “not brought to justice” by those times.

I know many won’t agree with this and that’s fine. I’ve never been guilty of saying what everyone agrees with. But it saddens me that tragedies like these are nothing more than “trends” for many people. Something they rush to flood Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with just for “likes, shares, retweets” and all that. But a few days later, they’re looking for the next trend.

Many won’t truly understand what I mean here and that’s fine. You may take this part or that part and only address those areas. That’s okay. Also, the only ones I believe who will take offense to this would be the ones who are guilty of it. The ones who are not will be intelligent enough to get exactly what I mean here.

As far as praying goes, again, if you are religious, that’s okay. If you’re not, that’s okay. Please show respect to those who are on the opposite side as you. But allow me to quickly share what I pray for. Each night, I pray for life, I pray for my family, my friends, my enemies (because I refuse to wish harm on anyone and I believe in forgiveness), those doing well, those not doing well (whether I know them or not), my fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms (as I’m an Army soldier) and some other things as well. Many times, it depends on where things are for that day. Since these terror attacks have become relatively consistent, I’ve began praying for that also, especially since I may be called upon to go to work if need be as a result.

Once more, I’m not telling anyone who to pray for and how to mourn. However, if you are one of those who can “pray” and mourn and do all this and that ONLY on days like today, yet you’re always crying about this and that, attacking your friends on social media because your opinions don’t match, finding ways to just argue with everyone and believe that kindness is a weakness on days unlike today, then you are part of the problem.

A very LARGE part.

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