#DonaldTrump: Please Stop Saying You’re Going To “Make America Great Again.” It Never Stopped

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Dear Donald Trump,

My name is Robert People and I am 36 years old. I am also an Army soldier. I have been on active duty for more than 18 years.

I’m going to get right to my point of writing this letter. First off, I’m not a fan of politics. In no way do I care to go back and forth with who I have found to be some quite irrational people. This certainly does not apply to everyone, because I do know of many few folks out there who can have disagreements and they not lead to childishness name-calling and insults. However, I see far too many who cannot. So I’ve chosen to simply not partake in engaging with them about it.

This is not about Democrat or Republican. This is not about who I think will be elected as president in November. This is not even about President Obama. This letter is about your campaign theme, which is to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

Mr. Trump, in understanding that nothing I say will likely change your mind or the minds of your supporters, I will attempt to write this as cordially as possible. Now, I’m not making an epic revelation to say that you’ve said some things that have been quite offensive to our citizens. Please don’t look at my race and think “Well he’s black, so we know where THIS is going!”

No…you don’t.

If you’re going to look at something, look at the uniform I am wearing in the picture above. THAT’S where this is going.

Even not being a fan of politics, you’ve been in the news enough to where I can spend all this time talking about the things you’ve said. Not what the media says, not what Democrats say, not what those who are against you have said, but YOU. By definition, you are a sexist. Again, based on the things YOU have said yourself. Neither I nor anyone else has to put words into your mouth in any way.

Not to mention the personal attacks on your opponents. Of course, that’s no different than politics normally are, but that has to be mentioned as well.

However, this is, again, about your theme to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” Here’s the problem I have with that.

Mr. Trump, America is already great. That’s the bottom line. I would never have raised my hand back in 1996 to sign a contract to fight for a country that I did not believe was great.

Is America perfect? Absolutely not. But America is my home. Period. I look around in the house I am renting at the moment as I sit here to type this. Is it a perfect home? No. But it’s MY home.

The people who live in America are my brothers and sisters. Period. Just like any family out there; are they perfect? No. But again, they are MY brothers and sisters. We are going to argue and fight as all siblings and family members do. Everyone will have their imperfections. But I am damn proud of this country and I make sure that shows when I put on my Army uniform every day.

On top of that, we can argue and fight all day as fellow Americans toward each other. But the second I set foot off America soil and you have something to say about my home or my brothers and sisters…then we’re going to have a problem…

…and if you ever decide that you want to attack my home or these same brothers and sisters, then your ass is mine. Period.

See, Mr. Trump, I may not like my family or my country all the time, but I LOVE them and I will NEVER stop. That’s all there is to it. I would NOT still be serving if I did not feel that way. It’s like my mother used to tell me and my siblings: “You can fight like cats and dogs in here all you want. But if you go out there, you better look after each other.” That’s how I feel about America and our people. We won’t always get along. But I’m prepared to give my life standing up for us…

…no way in hell I do that for a country or people that isn’t GREAT.

As I’ve deployed to Iraq twice and I returned from Afghanistan in 2014, here are some more reasons America is great. Going to those places was a very somber reminder of just how much we are allowed to do here that those countries simply are not.

You know how you love to boast about “not being politically correct”? Well some of those countries would love to have that luxury. But they don’t. You know how we as Americans love to mention “Freedom of Speech” every five minutes, despite many who don’t truly understand the definition? There are countries out there who do not have that. At all. That’s right; they are arrested, tried, convicted and possibly executed…just for speaking their minds. God forbid it’s something negative about any of their countries’ leaders.

Here, we can say just about whatever we want and it’s in our Constitution that these things cannot happen to us. So unfortunately, many Americans, including you, choose to exercise that to the fullest, no matter how derogatory or childish of a statement is being said.

Along with that, the poverty levels are out of this world. I thought it was bad here, but it’s not even close. And I honestly don’t even believe I’ve come anywhere seeing the worst of it. I also think about how women are treated in these other countries. The rights American women have don’t come close to what some women of these foreign countries, largely in the middle east, have, if any rights at all. I have a strange feeling that part may not bother you as much, but the point is that we are so much better off than a lot of these other countries in the world.

Mr. Trump, as you well know, the opportunities in this country far outweigh those in many other places of the world. Yet, you still feel that you need to “make America great again!” and that you want to “take our country back”?

Our country hasn’t gone anywhere. America is still GREAT. That hasn’t changed. You have a family, so surely you understand that. America is great and so is my family of fellow Americans. Fighting won’t change that. Arguments won’t change that. Disagreements won’t change that. Disliking each other won’t change that. And despite how much many of you try, I’ll be damned if I let any politicians change that. That’s like all the thousands of arguments and fights my wife and I have had over more than 16 years of marriage. NEVER have I ever felt that she “isn’t great” anymore. Not once have I ever felt the need to say that I need to “make her great again.” You know why? Because I love her. I would die for her. There are many times I may not like her, but I love her absolutely to death.

By now, I very well understand that I’m not going to change anyone’s minds, especially those who support you and your beliefs. I have no desire to do so, especially since many aren’t mature to even have this kind of discussion with anyway. Yes, there are people out there who would see that I’m black and right away, resort to “You’re an Obama lover” or “You’re on welfare” or anything else similar. I won’t say they’re all your supporters, but what I’ve noticed is that there are quite a few who are that way, especially since I have not once said who I support and/or agree with.

There are also those people who are somewhat close to me who will also not agree with this. That’s okay as well. One thing I’m certain of is that many who do not care for President Obama or other Democrats would do everything in their power NOT to express that anything I’m saying here makes sense. I’m positive they would feel that upon doing that, they would automatically viewed as on that “side,” and God forbid anyone let that happen. Yes, I’m well-aware that as far as politics go, you’re either on one side or you’re on the other. You can’t be ignorant and think for yourself, responding to what’s taking place as opposed to just blindly following your political party. How dare you.

Lastly, Mr. Trump, I understand fully that again, I will not be able to change YOUR mind, either. I doubt you read this, but even if you did, I have a tough time imagining a cordial response. And that’s okay. I have no desire to change your mind.

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts as a soldier about you feeling that you have to “make America great again.” Again, I have proudly served for close to 19 years and if I could do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat. Why?

It’s for my brothers and sisters who are my fellow residents of this country, along with my home that is America. A home that like many, is not perfect. People who, like many, I don’t always agree with or like.

But once more…at no time is any of that different from any home or any family out there. THAT is why I do what I do every day and have since July 1997. THAT is why I say that you can continue to waste your time believing that you need to “make America great again…”

Because even with all its flaws, all the disagreements between the people, all the fighting amongst politicians and everything else we think of that’s wrong with America, the truth is that NONE of that has ever stopped America from being G reat. And I joined the Army when I did and chose to stay in for this long because deep in my heart, I don’t believe it ever will. So while you’re working so hard to convince everyone that America is in such bad shape that only you will be able to make it “great” again, the bottom line is that you don’t need to make America great again…

…because it never stopped.

Robert People

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