#DonaldTrump – Ladies, A Vote FOR Him Is a Vote AGAINST You


I’ll start this off by being totally honest. I am NOT a fan of politics. At all. For that reason, I’m going to do something that many do not. I will not sit here and spout off all this and that, pretending to know all about politics when I really don’t. I don’t have a problem admitting that. That concept may be foreign to a lot of people, but I just don’t feel it’s productive to add to the problem of folks arguing about politics and candidates when it’s clear some only follow enough to have more to argue about later on.

Each side believes and agrees with damn near everything coming from their “side” of the debate, whether Democrat or Republican, which doesn’t help, either. I have been married to my beautiful wife for nearly 17 years. I love her to death, and I don’t agree with everything she does. So when I see people out here and agreeing with every single word coming out of the mouths of the candidates and the political party they support, I laugh and shake my head at the same time. Even for those who are mature enough to think more objectively and don’t feel that 100% of their party is correct in everything they do, the honest facts (not just what people believe) are ignored by way too many.

I have no intentions of contributing to any of that. I’m mature and intelligent enough to know when I really shouldn’t be part of a conversation that I’m not educated enough to participate in fully.

However, there is one thing I’ve educated myself enough to know, and ladies, this is for you:

A vote FOR Donald Trump means a vote AGAINST you.

After everything I just said, how can I turn around and claim to be “educated” enough to make this determination? Maybe I’m not. But I’ve heard enough come out of Mr. Trump’s mouth and have seen enough of his behavior to have a good amount of faith in that statement.

See, to me, this isn’t about politics. This isn’t about Democrat or Republican. I am a black man, but this is not about race. It’s about something MUCH deeper.

Mr. Trump has made his feelings about women extremely clear. For someone who doesn’t even follow politics, I was able to figure that out. So I can’t imagine it is that difficult for someone who is a much bigger fan.

So why do I care enough about you all to write something like this?

I am one of four siblings who was raised by a single mother. I am 36 years old. I grew up with no positive male role models in my life and to this day, there aren’t really any men that I look up to. I honestly believe it is largely because of my mother that I look up to, even now as an adult, to women more than men. I can name several women who have been a major impact on my life in some way.

The point of this is not to man-bash or to try and garner sympathy not having an active father in my life and so on. That’s not my intention at all.

Considering that I tend to look up to women more than I do men, I naturally am more protective of women than I think I otherwise would be. That is why, upon seeing and hearing some of the things being said by Trump, I have a very grave concern about those of you who still believe in him as our president.

Every candidate has issues. I get that. Nobody is perfect.

However, let’s look at some of the comments Trump has made about women. He has called Fox News’ Megyn Kelly a “bimbo” because he didn’t recognize some remarks she said he had made. Kelly said that Trump has called women he didn’t like “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.” Trump’s response was a laugh and that he “didn’t have time for total political correctness.”

So, rather than just be cordial and minimize discussion about those women he didn’t like, he felt it was necessary to call them names? On top of that, he calls a woman a “bimbo” just because he didn’t recognize some comments she said he made? Why not just say that, then? Why the laugh? If someone claimed that I said these awful things about women, the last thing I would do is laugh. Even if I didn’t like the person asking the question, I wouldn’t call her a name. I would simply state what I felt. Lord knows I’ve encountered a lot of women in my life who I haven’t agreed with. But the calling of a name says more about Trump than it does the women he was referring to.

Speaking of “political correctness,” many of you are ga-ga about him not being a fan of that. Perhaps some of you need to understand the definition. To NOT call a woman “bimbo” is not being politically correct. To refrain from insulting women because you don’t “like” them is not being politically correct…

…it’s being a freaking MAN.

The complaining about political correctness is overblown. Any fool can say whatever comes to his or her mind. That certainly doesn’t make them better or “stronger” than someone who can be cordial enough to exercise discretion when he or she speaks. Being intelligent is not about knowing what to say, but also knowing what NOT to say. That takes a lot more strength than just rambling whatever they feel.

Here is something else Trump has said, about sexual assaults in the military. This was a tweet from him, dated 7 May 2013:

“26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military-only 238 convictions. What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?” 

Now, I’M in the military, and to say that is absolutely asinine would be the understatement of the year. So let’s not acknowledge the sexual assaults, but let’s put the military down for the decision to “put men and women together”? This man cannot be serious.

Oh, but he is. He is very serious. Not to mention, men have always existed in the military. To “put men and women together” is not speaking of adding them to something in which neither existed. In that case, his comments would be acceptable. But he is talking about the military deciding to give women much larger roles as service members. So it’s not about the military “putting men and women together.” It’s about them adding women. Shame on them.

In a 2012 interview, Trump was quoted saying that Cher is “lonely” and a “loser” because she doesn’t support him. His tweet, dated 13 Nov 2012, was as follows:

“@cher should spend more time focusing on her family and dying career!”

Ladies, this isn’t some kid, teenager or young adult making these comments. This is a man who will be 70 years old next month. This is a man who is running for President of the United States. A man who will insult you if you don’t agree with him and will call you insulting names (largely reserved for women) if you say or do something he is not crazy about.

I could list every other example, but I don’t have to. Some basic research will tell you all you need to know. These comments are WELL-documented.

The saddest part of all is that I honestly don’t believe many of you truly support him. I think you want to vote for him just so a Democrat doesn’t win. If you don’t like Hillary Clinton, you feel it’s a good decision to vote for Trump.

I actually know this because I have sadly heard MANY women say, to the effect, “I don’t really care for Trump, but I don’t like Hillary even more, so…” and there you have it. What you feel are the lesser of two evils. Fair enough.

But we are talking here about a man who has made it clear that he views women as lesser than you are. I can’t imagine any level of hate for Hillary or any other Democrat should trump (I tried so hard not to use that word) that.

Another sad thing is that when women are asked about why they still support Trump despite his comments and obvious feelings toward women, I have yet to see a satisfactory response. The question is largely blown off, as the response is something to the effect of, “He will make America great again!” or “He’s not politically correct!” or “He is not a pushover like Obama!”

Well, okay, if that’s what you feel, but what about his comments about and his treatment toward women? How come those of you who support him can’t seem to acknowledge that? These sound like robots talking sometimes. I know politics have brainwashed a lot of people out there, but I think this is even more past that. Please forgive the comparison, but it’s like that woman who, when confronted about her abusive husband/boyfriend, never speaks about the evident abuse, but responds with “But he loves me” or “I forgive him.” It’s as if it never happened. Many of the responses don’t even sound like genuine responses. They sound like regurgitated campaign slogans.

Of course, one candidate doing something wrong doesn’t erase what someone else does. This is not to say the other candidates are perfect. Not at all.

Don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate someone who speaks his or her mind. Yes, there are many times where censorship is really unnecessary. However, there are ways to go about that that do NOT involve calling women names. If you’re a woman who feels that for me to call a woman a “bimbo” because we don’t agree is acceptable, then you’ll have to tell me what I’m missing.

Is it because he’s rich and famous that more is acceptable coming from him? Yeah, I really expect my comments section to absolutely BLOW UP with responses to THAT question.

I don’t expect to change anyone’s minds. Not this late in the game and certainly not from a blog post. But ladies, keep in mind that voting for Trump will NOT change his opinions of you in general. Again, this isn’t a kid, teen, or young adult who isn’t set in his ways. This is a man who was born in 1946, five years before the first episode of “I Love Lucy.”

I know a lot of you may believe in the “lesser of two evils” mindset. But this is one time I would feel it’s better to just not vote at all, if the belief the Trump is the lesser of two evils. To me, this is similar to having the option to pardon a child molester from prison, or a rapist of grown women. If the option to not HAVE to do one or the other exists, then why would you still choose? Why vote for Trump just because you “don’t like” the other person?

I do understand that voting is definitely the responsibility of all Americans. But I just don’t feel it makes sense to force the issue when it’s not really about one candidate being actually GOOD for the job, but that they’re just “not as bad” as the other candidate, or that he is a Republican, so you feel you HAVE to vote for him.

Ladies, just please be mindful of what you are doing. I most certainly will not call any of you “bimbo” or berate you as being “lonely, fat, disgusting pigs” and so on if you don’t agree with me. But just take some time to really think about what it means to vote for Donald Trump this November.

I’ve thought about it long and hard and I already get what it means…

…to vote FOR him means you are voting AGAINST yourselves. And you are all way too important to be doing that.

Thanks for reading.







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2 Responses to #DonaldTrump – Ladies, A Vote FOR Him Is a Vote AGAINST You

  1. I totally agree with you. It does not take an education in politics to see what this man is. I am stunned to think he might be our next president. How could this happen? When NY voted in the primaries, I was surprised at his success there with such diversion in the populus. Not just women, but all minorities should not support him. He has ridiculed everyone except people like himself. It’s a terrifying thought to think he may win.


  2. Gaillee says:

    Why dear lord does these women believe
    That this the time for Hilliary? She has scammed,insulted, lied ,destroyed women of all ages . She has put our country in
    Jeopardy In more ways than anyone
    Can imagine ! HRC is a money launderer,
    Corrupt by Definition, you might say Pay to Play with foreign illegal dangerous people who like to destroy USA
    And will trade her soul to the Devil to
    Get in the White House



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