A “Nashville” SITCOM With Rayna, Deacon and Tandy? I Wrote a “Pilot”


Dear Callie, Connie, Charles and Judith,

Hope this day sees you all doing very well. If you’ve made it this far (yes, to the first sentence), thank you. I’ll get right to my point of writing this.

My name is Robert People and I am a huge fan of the four of you and Nashville. I am also a screenwriter.

Hopefully, that hasn’t caused any of you to want to stop reading. One day last year, shortly after Nashville ended its third season, I came to Twitter and saw a few of the actors speaking about some of the concerts that were taking place over the summer.

Connie, knowing that you normally speak about the movies you’ll be in during the summer, I came to your page to see if you had done that. At the time I checked, I believe Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was the movie you had just finished up.

However, I looked to the left where the pictures are and that’s when I saw this:

Connie Britton and Charles Esten photo from Twitter (4-2-15).png

The caption especially caught my attention. I was between sets at the gym and I thought it was a cute idea, but thought it was mostly just teasing. However, I was also finishing up one project and was considering my next one. (Callie, of course, you of all people understand, especially at the stage where I am now, the importance of continuing to write).

Long story short, as crazy as many would think I am to have done so, I decided to write my version of a pilot episode of a “sitcom” with Rayna, Deacon and Tandy. The title is “Ray-Dea-Oh.”

Now I will not BS any of you to think, especially coming from me, that this has absolutely any chance of going anywhere. I know it doesn’t. Before I sat down to begin writing the very first draft of this almost a year ago, I knew it back then. I know I do not own the show or the characters, so I  have next to no legal standing as far as anything is concerned. So I am aware of that.

With that in mind, it may seem as if it would be a waste of time to send this to you all, let alone to have worked on several drafts of this by now. But I don’t feel it was at all.

In saying that, I would like to very respectfully ask you to read it.

I know what I’m asking. I understand that this is not a small request by any means. There may seem to be little point in making such a request if even I’m saying I know I don’t have much of a chance, largely because of being an unknown writer.

Callie, I am also respectfully aware that Nashville, along with each of these characters, is YOUR creation, and that is very obviously another reason. I don’t own the rights to any of this, so I am not looking for this to go further than hopefully each of your eyes.

I’ve carefully considered everything and again, it is my respect for each of you and my admiration for what you all do that drove me to work very hard at completing several drafts (by now) of this “sitcom.”

Now, you may all wonder why I would still go through the trouble of writing this if I have no intentions on hoping that it will be produced. Along with that, that may also bring up the question of how much effort I’ve really put into this. After all, if I know for certain this could never be produced, why go through the trouble of putting any real effort into it?

I obviously have no way of proving that I did work very hard at this. All I can say is that I attempted to keep this as current as possible with what has taken place on the show. My first version actually had “Beverly” in place of “Tandy,” only because of where the show was at the time (the conclusion of Season 3). There was a scene during the season finale where Beverly is with Deacon and the girls, Rayna walks in and eventually Beverly reveals that she’s considering moving to Nashville. I figured that would be a great place to start. I created an entirely different version once the character of Beverly died. I’m actually glad “Tandy” is appearing more on the show at this point (two episodes before this finale), because I wasn’t sure if adding her here would make sense, as she hasn’t appeared much on the show before now, since her initial departure.

The honest truth is, I simply wanted to write this because of the picture above. That’s really all there is to it. I’ve been so impressed with each of you and let’s remember…you all have worked hard to entertain us for the past four years. So I saw this as an opportunity to “return the favor,” so to speak. Connie, having sent this request to you initially because of seeing it first on your Twitter page, I truly would have been beyond thrilled if you accepted reading it. That’s it. As silly as this sounds, a notification to say “@conniebritton liked your tweet!” would have made me a very happy man. As much as I would like to make that sound much sexier than that, that’s really all I was hoping for. You’ve impressed me so much that I simply wanted to work on something that would impress you.

Just for a little bit of the premise of the show: Rayna retires from country music to become a music professor at Vanderbilt University. Deacon, along with part ownership of “The Beverly,” decides to run his own guitar shop.

Following a second honeymoon, Rayna and Deacon return home, as Tandy has to move in with them for a few days. She’s already there when they return, as Rayna forgot to tell Deacon during the honeymoon that she would be there when they got back. Eventually, Rayna suggests that Tandy, to keep busy, helps him out in the guitar shop.

Things aren’t so bad at first, until Tandy sets fire to the shop.

Here are a few excerpts (converted from PDF):


DR. WATSON: Okay, okay—let’s start from the beginning. How long have you two been married?

RAYNA: Two months.

DR. WATSON: I see. And how long have you two been together before that?

Rayna and Deacon look at each other and then back to Dr. Watson.

RAYNA                         DEACON

Twenty-four years.       Twenty-five years.


DEACON: I was just rounding up.


DEACON: What is your sister doing in our kitchen?

RAYNA: Probably because she got tired of sitting in the living room.

DEACON: You know what I mean.

RAYNA: Um—well, remember on our honeymoon last week when I said for you to remind me to tell you something later on?


RAYNA: (sings) Someone forgot to remind me.

DEACON: Oh, so this is on me. Good to know. And what did I not remind you to tell me?

RAYNA: I told her she could stay with us for a few days—hey, look at this. I nabbed the “His” and “Hers” towels from the hotel. Ya like that, huh?

DEACON: What?! Rayna, I cannot believe you didn’t tell me.

RAYNA: Fine, fine. I’ll send the stupid towels back.


RAYNA: I just thought of something (drinks from water bottle) How ‘bout Tandy work at the shop with you for a little bit?

DEACON: There must be liquor in that bottle for you to think that’ll ever happen.

RAYNA: Come on. You said you needed help there, right?

DEACON: If I’m with your sister all day, the only help I’ll need is a bail bondsman.

RAYNA: Deacon—

DEACON: No, Ray. Absolutely not.

Okay, so I hope that has intrigued any of you to be interested enough in wanting to read the rest. Again, I do understand and respect what I’m asking any of you to do, and for at least reading to this point and possibly considering, For your time, I appreciate you all very much.

I hope this reaches any of you soon. Have a wonderful day.

Thanks so much for reading.

Robert People

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