#Ghostbusters Reboot: Proof That Many Still Do Not Fully Understand #Sexism


Let’s say that a group of ten people were throwing rocks at your house. Would you come outside, point to one person each time and say, “Hmm…okay, you right there, stop throwing rocks. And…you there, stop. And…you back there, you stop, too? Or would you just tell everyone to stop? That’s an easy one. I’d like to think most of us would tell everyone to stop.

So ladies…for those of you who have an issue with the people who don’t like the all-female Ghostbusters reboot…why are you attacking ONLY the men who have something to say about it? Aside from the superhero reboots, people (men AND women) have fussed about practically every one of them. Even sequels where the last installments were twenty to thirty years ago…many of those aren’t viewed favorably, either. Hell, a sequel that comes out the year after or two years later isn’t often received well by the public. So why is this one time that men complain (as many women are also doing) viewed as such a gross, blatant issue of sexism?

It’s the same way with racism. A LOT of folks out there are racist. So, black people…why do we raise hell ONLY when it’s a white person involved? Is it not possible that a black person can be racist? Ladies, is not possible that a woman can be sexist toward other women?

This is exactly why we as minorities have to fight for our lives every day over this nonsense. Because we pick and choose when to have a problem with something. We can’t do that. We can’t claim to be on such a “crusade” to end sexism and racism when we make exceptions for certain groups of people.

Along with that, we can’t be lazy and just claim that EVERY SINGLE TIME something happens unfavorably and we as blacks and/or women come out on the negative end of it, that it’s racism and sexism. Especially when, like in this case with the Ghostbusters reboot, men AND women are fussing about it. Again…this is far from the only reboot that people have had issues with.

Then again, I’m not stupid. I understand exactly what this is about. See…the belief is that it “waters down” the cause if we fuss at certain people. It HAS to be the “other” group that we attack whenever something happens. What I mean by that is exactly what I said earlier. Black folks, you raise a whole lot more hell when it’s a white person who is allegedly racist, but a black person can do the same exact thing and it be accepted. Ladies, some of you fuss way more about sexist men, but say little to nothing when women do the same thing. Somehow many of you believe that the cause becomes “stronger” when you can attack ONLY those who fall in the opposite category. “Us against them” sounds a lot tougher, doesn’t it? It’s all about “Girl Power” and “Black Pride.” It doesn’t quite work as well when you have to berate those who fall within those groups, right?

Not that anyone would ever admit that….which is the reason these issues continue to exist.

There is also this belief of “sticking together,” which is fine, but the problem is when there is NO sense that what either of these groups does could ever be substandard. In other words, as for this all-female Ghostbusters reboot; with all the predominantly male movies in the past that have failed miserably, why is it so hard to fathom that this movie could possibly not be that great? That’s just straight delusional. The belief that anyone who objects to this movie in any way is sexist is asinine. How does that help someone to ignore quality just because of who they are? So let’s just “force” this movie to be good because there are women in it, and how DARE anyone say otherwise?

Actor Bill Murray (who many of you know starred in the first two Ghostbusters movies), received a script some time ago on what would be a proposed third installment of the series. It was said that he shredded the script and mailed it back to the person who sent it to him. Who was it? Dan Akroyd. His co-star from the earlier movies. Yes…Akroyd wrote a script for this proposed third movie and even he could not persuade someone he has closely worked with to be on board with it. Nope…it wasn’t some woman that Murray was being “sexist” toward; it was a male co-star. It is widely known that Murray doesn’t want any part of another Ghostbusters. So if it’s okay for him to feel this way, why can’t others do the same?

One of the saddest aspects of sexism and racism is that so many aren’t even completely sure as to what they mean. I can guarantee that many of you reading (or who began reading, at least) read all this and see or hear, “SEXISM DOESN’T EXIST. RACISM DOESN’T HAPPEN.” Well, if that’s where your mind is, then I can’t help you. But I’m certainly not losing sleep over that kind of immature thinking.

Way too many of us are forcing the issues involving sexism and racism in one area and ignoring it when it happens elsewhere. But claiming that issues are there when they’re not would be the same as if you were making repairs to your bathroom when the damage is in your basement. It’s not to say that there isn’t a problem somewhere in your house. But sending a wrecking ball completely through your house or forcing the issue to exist in a different area than it is doesn’t help anything. At all.

Looking on Twitter and Facebook the few times I do, I see the same things; women fussing about ONLY the men who have problem with this reboot. Interesting is that many of the women who do this don’t say much in response to the FACTS that people fuss about reboots all the time and that it has nothing to do with women. But again, there’s a “cause” to fight, right? So there’s NO WAY anyone could take a step back to realize that. The issue HAS to exist solely with the opposite group?

On top of that, we’re not talking about some random, never-before-seen movie that just happens to star four women. We’re talking about a reboot. A reboot of a GREAT franchise. Again, MALE reboots have been frowned upon. A sensible adult should be able to realize that this movie can’t just be “good” simply because there are four women. There is a standard already in place. Many times, it can be difficult to live up to the standard that has been set in the past. It has nothing to do with them being women. I’ve heard MANY people (to include Mr. Murray) who aren’t crazy about another Ghostbusters to even include the original stars of the series.

So at what point did this become a problem “only because women are in it”?

There are enough legitimate cases of sexism and racism out there where there’s no need for things to be made up or forced onto something like this. What this becomes is what I call the “Crying Wolf Syndrome.” Not saying that these issues don’t exist, but yelling about them when they aren’t happening doesn’t help. Half-assed understanding of these does not help. When it actually does happen and hell is raised, by then, people are so tired of the phony cases that they don’t even want to hear it anymore.

And even I, as a black man, wouldn’t blame them.

Of course, as with anything else, when facts are presented that people don’t want to hear, this will likely not change anyone’s minds. That’s fine. Many who don’t agree would likely either ignore this or acknowledge ONLY certain parts of it as though they haven’t read the entire thing. No problem. Not the first time that has happened and won’t be the last.

But for those who do not agree, help me to understand something: Is every single case where a woman comes out on the negative end of the deal, considered as sexism? I’m talking EVERY case. If not, then how do YOU determine which cases are and which are not? Same with black folks. Do you honestly expect, each and every time a black person is against a white person in some way, that the black person is to “win” every single time?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with fighting for causes. Hell, I’m a minority myself. I’d be the first person to speak up in favor of both the black community and women when mistreatment is happening. But when the complaints are BS, I have a bad habit of speaking up against those times also.

And the bottom line is that with very few exceptions, the complaints that men are being “sexist” about this new Ghostbusters is complete BS.

I know, I know…”How DARE Robert say such a thing! That’s why I hope this movie does well. THAT’LL show him!” If that is your mindset, then you’ve totally missed the point, and will likely spend the rest of your life continuing to repair your bathroom when the damage is in the basement, totally confused as to why it’s still there. A LOT of movies have been “successful” that were bad movies.

What do I personally think of the movie? I wasn’t impressed with the trailer. However, I know that alone won’t determine the success or failure of it. I’ve seen many GOOD trailers for what turned out to be lousy movies and vice versa. My wife, (a woman, obviously), however, said much worse.

But ladies…that’s okay, right?







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