#BringBackNashville: I Want a Season 5 So Much, I’m Writing It Myself


This could be looked at a little bit brilliant or a whole lot crazy. Considering that there is no guarantee that Nashville will even return for a fifth season, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought the latter.

Heck, I’m the one writing it and even I’ve more often thought that I must be crazy to be attempting something like this.

But that’s right. I am an aspiring screenwriter and I am writing my version of a season 5 premiere. My wife and I finally got around to watching the finale a few hours ago and as strange as it may be that a writer is even trying this, even stranger is that I’ve been pondering this ever since it was announced that Nashville was cancelled a few weeks back.

So, why is it important to “announce” that I’m doing this?

First of all, I’m far from unintelligent. I know exactly where I am in the grand scope of things. Very few people would be anxious to read this. Despite the fact that I am going to send this to as many folks from the show as I can, they would likely be even less interested than the thousands of other Nashville fans in looking at it.

So why still do it?

Second, once again, I am a writer. I’m already viewed as “strange” by a lot of people to begin with. Why would someone want to sit down and spend this kind of time in doing something like this?

It is not a huge revelation for me to say that I love Nashville almost as much as I love writing. I began my journey toward becoming a professional screenwriter a little more than three years ago and Nashville has been a huge part of that journey. Over these years, I’ve become extremely passionate about not only the show itself, but also its connection to my writing.

As an aspiring screenwriter, we are encouraged to write spec scripts of shows that are currently on the air. Nashville was the first and so far only show I’ve done that with nearly two years ago. When I was in Afghanistan, shortly before the beginning of season 3, I took a stab at writing my version of a premiere. I had so much fun doing that. For the most part, being a spec, it is mostly just for my portfolio, as there is next to no chance it will be used for the actual show. But that has not decreased my passion to do it back then, nor will that lessen it right now.

The difference between then and now is that back then, the show was still on the air. Now it isn’t. To many, it makes next to no sense for me to do this now, as it appears to be an uphill climb to get the show running again.

But my love for writing and for Nashville is the reason I want to do this. As a writer, when this intense of a passion exists to do something, the only answer is to just freaking do it. That’s it. The hell with what this person says or that person. The hell with thinking that no one will be interested in reading. The hell with the notion that the show may not actually return for a fifth season.

Like many other things in life, sometimes, when you want something, you just need to make it happen, despite how others will look at it. Will people say this is “wasted time”? Of course they will. But as I said above, the hell with that also.

Before anyone thinks that I’m just blowing smoke here, I’ve already started writing and I’m five pages into it. The bottom line is that I write, not because I want to, but because I have to. That’s all there is to it.

And I HAVE to do this. Period.


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2 Responses to #BringBackNashville: I Want a Season 5 So Much, I’m Writing It Myself

  1. Cheryl says:

    I had to laugh at your beginning. As a person who likes to write for my own pleasure and hope to make a few loved ones laugh, I like your self deprecation. I follow a young man on Twitter and he wrote, “I’m a misfit”. I wrote back that misfits are the history makers. I believe that. I’m not implying you’re a misfit by any means, but that all of us want to be recognized for our talents, whether they are real, as yours, or imagined, like mine. Good luck and don’t give up. Love your tenacity. Nashville lives!😄

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    • pplscrt79 says:

      Thank you. As a fellow writer, you certainly understand. I actually did struggle with this at first, but I eventually realized that if I couldn’t tell myself a flat-out “NO,” then I needed to make this happen, or there may be some regret later on. But you’re absolutely right about what you said. Those who step outside the lines are often the ones who historically create new boundaries. I certainly would love for my talents as a writer to be recognized. I feel that this is one good way to do so.


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