#Respect and #Sensitivity – Why I Don’t Care If People Say I’m “Too Damn Sensitive”


These days, it’s not a huge revelation that people are always finding something to complain about. There’s a belief that America has become “too sensitive” about this and that. One big complaint is that some folks feel that people are “always offended” about something.

I will be 37 years old next month. I have no problem at this point admitting that I can be a very sensitive individual. As nice and kind of a person as I am, I couldn’t care less if anyone has a problem with me being sensitive. Here’s why.

For starters, I’ve noticed that the main ones who complain the most about others being sensitive or “offended” by this and that are the same ones who are WAY more sensitive and get more offended by the things that are important to them more than anyone else. If you’re one of those who has such a problem with sensitivity and offensiveness, pipe down. You’re not fooling anyone. It’s a whole lot worse for you than it is for others. You’re not disguising it very well, no matter how much you may try.

Second, most of the time, it’s not actually the sensitivity or offensiveness itself that bothers people. It’s what these other folks are being sensitive about. The less the complainers care about whatever it is, the more they will cry about how sensitive “America” is.

I put that in quotes because I’ve heard so many people fuss about this, not about just a select group of people, but how AMERICA is “too sensitive.” Really? America, huh? You have your finger to the pulse of the country in such a manner that you can determine how the majority feels about something? You can determine something about American people as a whole?

In some ways, that could be possible. But for example, let me refer to something else. There are stories where a store sells a shirt that has whatever on it. The news reports that the store is pulling the shirt because of “outrage.” Right away, there’s always someone who shouts about “how sensitive America has become” when stories like these come out.

My first question is always this: Who’s being sensitive? Who’s offended? Most of the time, the stories don’t even point specifically to who’s being sensitive. The HEADLINE may say so (gotta love that), but the story itself has nothing. Then again, who needs to read the story? Another excuse to fuss! Yay!

Third, we are ALL sensitive about something. There is something out there that can offend every last one of us. I don’t care who you are or how tough you try to be on social media. Again, the main ones who raise the most hell about sensitivity and offensiveness cry the loudest about what’s important to them.

Fourth, as a grown man, I don’t need to ask for permission from anyone to feel a certain damn way. End of story.

Back to that store and shirt. Now, there are certain things that shirt could say that you honestly wouldn’t lose sleep about, because whatever is on the shirt wouldn’t matter much to you. But let’s say it was something you did care about. A lot of my friends are animal lovers. So let’s say the shirt had a picture or a quote promoting animal abuse. Would you “just shut up” or not be “too damn sensitive” about that? How about if you or someone close to you had a mental illness or disorder and the shirt was poking fun at it? What if the shirt had a slave in shackles being hung from a tree? The gorilla who was recently killed at the zoo? Let’s say the shirt was making fun of that.

People often respond to these stories by saying things like, “If you don’t like the shirt, then just don’t buy it.” But seriously…the same ones saying that would shout the loudest if something they cared about was on that shirt as I mentioned above and of course, if it were in some way that would make the person uncomfortable.

Again…you’re not fooling anyone.

Hell, little kids can’t even cry anyone without some supposed “grown” adult calling them names. Sensitive. Weak. Pansies. These are freaking kids. Like we never cried when we were children. Now all of a sudden, the downfall of the country rests solely on the fact that children cry about things.

Get a grip. Not the children crying…you “tough” adults who feel the need to say these things about them.

I don’t get why people feel it’s “tougher” in some way to not show sensitivity. To me, there’s no strength in not caring about something. That doesn’t mean you have to raise hell about every little thing that happens or that it’s supposed to resonate with you in the most profound manner. Of course not. But there are too many hypocrites out there. Way too many folks who don’t care about others enough to show sensitivity to them, but to expect everyone to just drop everything the minute they show sensitivity and offensiveness. Now all of a sudden, we have to just “get it.”

I added “respect” to the title of this blog post because that’s something else that’s lacking. Basic respect for others. Again, we all want it, but aren’t willing to give it. And yet, we can’t understand why people won’t give it to us.

I’m not impressed with someone who doesn’t show sensitivity. There’s no “strength” in that. I’m way more touched when a person has the power to display a level of sensitivity about something that may not necessarily mean the most to them individually, because that shows they have consideration for others. They’re not just thinking of themselves.

Sensitivity to me means that a person cares. Is that such a horrible thing? How much effort does it take to NOT care about something? Very little. How “strong” do you have to be just ignore everything as if problems don’t exist?

If a person holds a door open for you, would you complain about that? If you fall and a person holds out a hand to help you up, would you say that person was “weak” for it? If someone lets you into a lane when you’re on the highway, would you make fun of that person for doing so? Would you put someone down for saying “Thank you” when you do something for them?

If your answer is no to any of those questions, then guess what? That person is showing SENSITIVITY.

Could you live with these folks NOT doing these things above? Of course. Do you HATE it when they happen? Of course not. But it takes a level of sensitivity for someone to want to do any of those things. Does that make you “weak” if you accept it? Seriously, people…

…it doesn’t. Not at all.

The main reason there are people out there who do these things is because we’ve all been there. We’ve all fallen and realized how helpful it was for someone to help us up. We’ve all ended up in the wrong lane in busy traffic and tried to make our way into the lane we were supposed to be in. Insensitivity is when people don’t stop to realize that. Sensitivity is when people do.

So again…what the hell is so bad about people being sensitive, or even offended by this or that? And even with the things you don’t care as much about…why do you get so angry about folks showing sensitivity or offensiveness? When someone is sensitive or offended by something that doesn’t mean much to me, I’m mature enough to understand that life doesn’t revolve around me. I don’t have the “investment” in whatever it is to show the same passion for it. So of course it won’t hurt ME as much…but that doesn’t mean I have the right to tell someone else what they can and can’t be offended by.

Neither do any of you. Who made you the authority figures on what folks are allowed to be sensitive or offended about? And what makes you the “expert” on what the downfall of America will be? I can easily think of a hundred reasons this country will go to hell. Sensitivity and offensiveness is NOT one of them. Not by a long shot.

Sensitivity and offensiveness is why women are now allowed to vote. None of you have a problem with that, correct? Someone back then was offended that women weren’t allowed to vote and sensitive to those needs, so the fight happened and now it’s allowed. Same for civil rights. Of course there were those people who said the same about them…they were “too damn sensitive” or “got offended easily” because of wanting to vote. Because of wanting equal rights without regard to race or ethnicity. Again, if you it doesn’t apply to you, then you have no clue as to what it means. Therefore, you really are in no position to tell someone else how to feel about it.

Things come up every day that people want to fight for. I commend folks for that. Again, not everything will matter to you as it does others. But just the same as you would raise hell about something and expect everyone in the world to listen is the right people who are sensitive or even offended about something to speak up as well.

And no…you have no clue as to what the downfall of the country will be. So stop saying it. We’ve done pretty well so far with all the things that have gone wrong.

America will be just fine. Pipe down the dramatics.

I’ll end with this. I mentioned above that sensitivity means caring. My wife and I have an 8-year-old daughter. When she was born, it was determined that she would need surgery to repair her skull. Basically, the soft spot was too wide and they had to correct it before her brain started to grow. However, at that precise moment, they weren’t entirely sure of this. All we knew was that something was wrong. So as our daughter lied on that table and cried, I choked back tears. My daughter was here for just a few minutes, needed her father, and I couldn’t fix whatever was wrong. I thought to myself, “Maybe I’m not ready for this.”

Just at that moment, our daughter grabbed my finger. She was still screaming, but she had such a tight grip on me. It was as if she was trying to tell me something. I think she was trying to calm me down. As time went on, I realized that each time I began to internally panic, she would squeeze just a little harder. I eventually told myself that she was telling me, “Yes, Daddy…you ARE ready for this. But I just need you to calm down for me. I don’t know what’s going on, but I know you’ll help me figure it out. I’m already panicking because I don’t know anything. Anything at all. But you do. Please try to relax and teach me what you know. Whatever is wrong in here, you’ll find out what it is and get it fixed. I know you will. But you can’t do that to your best if you’re panicking like I am. Whatever you do, I will follow. Please try to calm down. If you will, then I will. You ARE ready for this.”

Even though our daughter is today as healthy as she could be, I am still brought to tears when I think about that. Sensitivity is why I am brought to tears. Now do any of you want to put me down or say that I am “too damn sensitive” because of that?

I didn’t think so.

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