#ImWithHer: Why I Believe People REALLY Are Afraid To See Hillary Clinton As Our Next President

Back in 2013, my wife called me from Korea. We are both in the Army and she was stationed there at the time. She watched a documentary and she wanted to let me know about it.

As for me, I am a screenwriter. I first embarked on my journey to become a professional screenwriter early that year as well.

My wife said, “I have an idea of the next screenplay you can write. How about you write one featuring a woman running for president?”

I can’t remember the name of the documentary she watched, but it basically dealt with women in either powerful positions or careers of high visibility (news anchors, sideline sports reporters, actresses, etc.), how the public views them and what is often expected of them as opposed to men in those same positions.

I responded, “Honey, you know I hate politics. Plus, this isn’t something that has happened too often before. Along with that, I’m just starting this whole screenwriting thing out. What makes you think I could write something good enough, especially involving a woman running for president?”

My wife answered, “Because you really believe in a woman doing a good job as president. You want to see it. You have faith that it will happen. Your passion about this is why I know you can make this happen. Plus, you’re a wonderful writer. You’ll be able to figure it out.”

It actually surprised me that my wife had such faith in me that I could do this, especially since she hadn’t yet read any of my screenplays. Eventually, this is exactly what I did. I wrote a screenplay in which a woman runs for president.

In 2002, I wrote a poem that was aimed to young girls to encourage them to know that they could do anything they wanted if they put their minds to it. I can’t remember the title of it at the moment. I also cannot find my poetry book (we recently moved where we are now and we still haven’t fully unpacked), so I can’t locate exactly where this poem is.

Back then, I wrote poetry all the time. However, since social media was not around, pretty much all of the poems I wrote, I kept to myself. I didn’t often share them with anyone. The theme of the poem was to list the occupations that women are not “expected” to be able to do well or do at all, but to also include a notable woman actually doing that job.

Anyway, there is a verse in the poem that I remember pretty well. It went, to the effect:

“They may say you can’t be president,

But to that, you should not care;

We will soon have our first woman president

Because Hillary Clinton is almost there.”

Unfortunately, I obviously cannot prove that I actually wrote this poem way back then. Even when I find the poetry book I wrote it in, the only “proof” I really have is the poem itself and the date I wrote it written at the bottom (as I end every poem with my name and the date written). Not that too many people will lose sleep trying to obtain that “proof” from me.

As for my screenplay, I actually CAN prove that my very first draft was finished mid to late-2013, long before where we are today. However, I’m sure no one will ask.

To make things even more interesting, the person my female president (her name in my screenplay is Virginia Senator Katherine Wallace) competes against is a fictional Tennessee Governor James Trotter. I wrote Trotter back then to be very Donald Trump-like.

Back then, the funny thing is that as I wrote it, I wondered, “Would people actually believe something like this? I mean, really…no man like this would ever run for president. No way, not someone who would behave the way he does and says the things my guy says in this screenplay. No one would believe this.”

Fortunately (sort of) I was wrong about that.

Why the heck am I telling you all this?

Even though a few of my friends credit me for “predicting” where things are now, the truth is that I simply looked at where we are as a society (with both my poem in 2002 and the first draft of my screenplay eleven years later) and made an educated guess on where I figured we would be.

There are obviously a lot of people out there who will not be voting for Hillary Clinton in November. Even though I’m not a huge follower of politics, I’ve seen enough, and here’s the REAL reason I believe many don’t want to see her win the election.

What I honestly feel it boils down to is the fact that people are not ready for change. A lot of people out there are fine with things as they are. They don’t want to mess with the status quo. Many do not handle change very well.

Now, very few people, if any at all, will admit this, so there’s no need to comment to this blog post to say that this isn’t you. Of course it isn’t. The fault that folks aren’t willing to change or to make a change in their lives rests on someone else as well. Just look at some of what we see in our every day lives and how resistant people are to change.

Our favorite television program is moved from one time to another. That overweight person (who is able and NOT medically hindered or affected in some way) who blames everyone else for the fact that he or she is where they are weight-wise. Along with that are the insults and body-shaming to the skinny folks who they believe starve themselves. How about those people who hate their jobs, but don’t want to take the steps to improve things so that they can put themselves in the position to find something better? God forbid anyone come out and say these things.

My point is, when it comes to change, again, so many are resistant to it. The “status quo” of our president is white male. This has been the case for 219 years. However, things changed in 2008 when our first black president was elected.

Now, this isn’t to say that people cannot have legitimate issues with who is running for or elected as president. However, society’s lack of a desire to accept change is the same reason I believed back then that many were resistant to President Obama winning the election because he isn’t the typical white male, just as many are resistant now to Hillary Clinton for that very same reason.

Again…no one is going to admit this. If anyone does, I’m sure I’d be able to count them on one hand. So of course, there has to be other reasons thrown in there so as to not make this seem so obvious.

As for Mrs. Clinton, the main issues I’ve heard with her are Benghazi, the e-mails and lying. Well, number one, those are weak. Those reasons (even if people actually did know what they were talking about, which many do not), while they may annoy some people and get folks to whip out that “holier than thou” finger wag, do not disqualify her to run for president.

Speaking of which, let me quickly talk about those who run for president and feelings about those resisting change. What I find very interesting is that very often, those who argue the most about one candidate or another mostly do so because each person has done this or that and the ones debating feel as though it is wrong in some way. However, I honestly feel that even if we had that “perfect” politician running for president, because many don’t like change, a lot of folks wouldn’t even be able to handle that without thinking that there’s something being hidden.

Look at social media and how often our “friends” on there see a couple or even an individual talking about being happy. Right away, there are the beliefs that these people are “faking” it in some way. No way a person can speak about being happy on social media and actually mean it. Certainly the only reason someone would ever dare express happiness is to annoy everyone who isn’t, or to cover up gross displeasure with life. Happiness could NEVER happen for a reason other than that.

I’ve asked many people over the years that if they had the choice on the type of president they would vote (on off-election years), what that type of presidential candidate would be like. The answer I’ve mostly received is simple; they want someone who “represents America.”

What exactly does that mean? My assessment is this: Most people want a presidential candidate who wears red, white and blue at ALL times. A baseball cap on his head, a forkful of apple pie in one hand as the other is covering his heart, while “God Bless America” plays over an imaginary, invisible speaker hovering over this person’s head. He eats “American Eagle” cereal every day. Eats, breaths, sleeps and sh**s America. I’m obviously being facetious there, but you get the idea. This is similar to what many have told me.

While no one has actually added “white male”to the equation, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out, especially when folks are looking for all I said above. “White male” has always been a big part of all that.

Here’s another reason I say people are resistant to change. There have been so many times I’ve heard people say that any time someone mentions women’s rights, equal rights, civil rights, racial/women’s equality or inequality and things of that nature, that someone is merely “pushing/forcing an agenda.”

Really? Is that so? Pushing an agenda, huh? As far as I’m concerned, to “push or force an agenda” means that something is attempting to be placed on us that isn’t already there. So, women are all treated equally to men? Nah. Is the inequality, not already “there”? So how is that an “agenda being pushed on all of us”? Many times, we don’t even have to look far to see it. Same for racial inequality. It’s out there, whether you want to see it or not.

Now we’re not referring to those who take advantage of this. Many of us are intelligent enough to know the difference there also. Every single time either of these is mentioned doesn’t mean it’s definitely the case. Understood. However, you have to really have your heads buried in the sand if you don’t believe the inequality happens at all.

Just to bring up one more example, a few years ago, Cheerios aired a commercial featuring a bi-racial family. A black husband, white wife and a bi-racial daughter. People had all kinds of heartburn over this. I’m not exactly sure why. With everything going wrong in this country and this world, and this is what people choose to be outraged over. Ridiculous. But anyway, it was there too, where I heard things like, “I don’t have a problem with interracial couples. But Cheerios is just trying to force this agenda down our throats.”

I am married to woman who happens to be white (17 years next month) and we have two (obviously) bi-racial children. Spoiler alert: We’re not the only ones out there. There are many, MANY interracial couples in existence. How is this some random “agenda” being “forced down your throats”? Look around. We’re EVERYWHERE. There’s no need for some “agenda” to be pushed. All Cheerios did was show what was already here. It’s like those people who do something wrong, someone reports them and that person says, “You got me in trouble!” No, no, no, grasshopper. You got yourself into trouble. All the other person did was report what happened.

Speaking of the Cheerios commercial, one thing I loved is that even with all that silly “outrage,” they replied with a big middle finger salute and aired another, separate commercial featuring that same family. Damn right.

Anyway, back to Mrs. Clinton. Now I will not hesitate or be afraid to now say that she has my vote. I won’t bother to explain the profound specifics as to why, because I have better things to do than to “argue” politics all day, especially to unreasonable people who feel that insults are supposed to change someone’s mind. I’m not interested in all that. There’s a lot more that my attention needs to be on than to spends hours on social media going back and forth with “mature” adults about politics.

Hillary Clinton has flaws like anyone else. Again, there isn’t a single thing from what I’ve researched that says she’s unqualified to be president. I’m sure there could be something found on just about everyone, so we don’t even need to go there, or we’d be here all day. But the bottom line is that I believe in her and what she stands for. We can throw around everything else, but again, debating that won’t change anything.

You may say, “Well Donald Trump has flaws, too.” HELL no. That man has ISSUES. I’ve written three separate blog posts about him. That tells you where I think HE is in all this.

Yeah, I know…I’m “stupid” for wanting to vote for her. And I could be childish and say that you’re “stupid” if you don’t.

And where exactly is THAT conversation going?

Anyway, I’ve heard many people say that they are voting for Donald Trump mainly because they don’t like Hillary or simply because they don’t want her to win. Now that doesn’t speak to a ton of faith for Mr. Trump (not that I can blame you) that you’re only voting for him because you don’t like whoever the other person is. But I know some folks out there will muster up a reason or two to make it sound as if they actually do believe in Donald Trump and what he stands for.

That’s okay. If that’s what you choose to do, more power to you. But Donald Trump is closer to the typical, white male politician that the country has gotten used to and from what I see, many are afraid to go against that. It’s really that simple. Of course, again, many will come up with this reason or that reason, but the fact that Mr. Trump has put women and minorities down in the manner he has and there are women and minorities who still plan on voting for him proves that it’s all about simply being afraid of something different. Scared to “rock the boat.”

And please save the “He’s not politically correct” dialogue. First off, people need to understand what “politically correct” means. It is not impressive to me that someone just runs off at the mouth. ANY idiot can do that. However, I have more respect for that person who can be cordial and is smart enough to know when it’s appropriate to say this or that and when it isn’t. People are so giddy about this “lack of political correctness,” but I think some need to look up the definition. It doesn’t mean what you think it means. Exercising discretion when you speak is not being “politically correct.” It’s being an ADULT.

People also, because of their dislike for Hillary, force the support for Trump and excuse the things he says, by saying, “Freedom of Speech.” Oh, Jesus…while you’re at it, look that one up, too. You have that one wrong also.

Whether you agree with it or not, I want to continue to see history be made. I think Hillary is the right person for the job. I don’t need anyone to agree with me, nor will I go back and forth about it. There’s no time. Feel free to comment with what you wish and if the response is cordial enough, I may take the time to reply with something back. Maybe. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time. It’s not as if I haven’t heard the insults and all that before, so if you’re going to be childish enough to use them in the first place, understand ahead of time that you likely are also not smart enough to say what I haven’t heard.

I don’t support Hillary just because she’s a woman, despite how this blog post sounds. I support her, again, because I feel she is the best person for the job in this upcoming term. I am thrilled that we have made history and hopefully in November, we will continue to do so.

Now, while I’m not a famous celebrity, one of my favorite actresses, Connie Britton, is. She recently made a social media post about supporting Hillary Clinton as well, and it was met with such mature responses as “You just lost a fan!” and “I wish celebrities would shut up about politics” and “I’m glad your show was cancelled!” (Connie is a main character and co-executive producer of the recent cancelled ABC show Nashville, which was actually given a second chance and will be airing on CMT in the fall). “Adults” were saying these things. Taking their ball and going home. People who are supposedly mature and grown up, and this is what they respond with just because a person (one they claimed to be such a big fan of) speaks her opinion about something. Connie didn’t put anyone down in the process, but oh, did the insults fly back to her. So, celebrities have no right to an opinion? Halted careers should be celebrated just because they speak opinions we don’t agree with?

These are the mindsets of people who I am supposed to be insulted by when they respond to this blog post. You might as well be a child and calling me “doo-doo head.”

If you’re someone who follows me on social media, I don’t need a ton of responses to express that you are “disappointed” that I wrote this. If it bothers you that much, there’s the door. It’s not changing anything I’m saying. If you want to make separate posts or tell all your other friends how disappointed you are, feel free. I likely won’t see any of it, nor will I care to even look.

So in conclusion: I’M WITH HER. End of story.

By the way, not that I’m figuring anyone will ask, but just in case any of you are wondering how my screenplay with my female presidential candidate turns out, here’s another spoiler alert for you:

She wins. 🙂

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