#MondayMotivation: 10 Ways To Stay Motivated


1. Mentally prepare for it on Sunday. It’s baffling how every week, people act as if Monday snuck up on them. It comes at the same exact time from one week to the next and it will be there whether you want it to be or not. So your best bet is to spend Sunday mentally preparing for what comes with a new work week.

2. Go to sleep early on Sunday. An early bedtime is NOT an “old person” thing. As an Army soldier, I’m up at 5:00 every morning and it has been this way for more than 19 years. It does me no good to stay up until midnight. So many people, even not having to be up that early, still have no concept of a sensible bed time, yet have the nerve to make fun of those of us who go to bed early. It’s not because we are “old;” it because we are adults. This isn’t high school anymore to where we have to prove independence by staying up until God knows when. I’m pretty sure your boss won’t be that impressed with substandard work performance because you chose to get four hours of sleep.

3. Set your alarm a few minutes early on Sunday night. Experiment with this one and this could apply on any other day as well. While you may not be a fan of getting up earlier than you have to, it is actually quite relaxing to get ready for work and not have to feel rushed.

4. Don’t walk around like a zombie. This will not help you. Monday is here to stay, so dragging around will only make things more difficult. If you don’t want to get hit by a car, you wouldn’t stand in the middle of a busy street, right? So if you’re trying to wake yourself up, it doesn’t make sense to walk around with your eyes 95% shut for as long as possible.

5. Do not check social media for something you KNOW will upset you. Many of us like to look at our social media as soon as we open our eyes. That’s fine, but drama should NOT be the first thing you look for, because if you look hard enough, you’ll find it. And it won’t always be pretty. I’ve never understood why people prefer to be upset all the time, especially when it comes to something they can avoid. You’re already trying to get your mind back to working after two days off. Don’t add to it by looking for what will upset you and then blame those for doing so.

6. Be thankful that you were able to wake up on Monday, as any other day. A lot of folks hate the “preachiness” of this, but tell me what I’m saying that’s wrong. Some people will not wake up on Monday. Many are unemployed, despite putting their best efforts into their job search. Quite a few will wake up with a disorder, disability, or not be in the best of health. I know that many times, it’s all about US, right? Well, take a second and think of someone other than yourself. I promise, it’ll put things in perspective. Many would love to have the “problem” of having to wake up and go to work, so consider yourself lucky.

7.  Do NOT expect everyone to just “move out of your way.” If you work with me or will in the future, pay close attention to this one. I have a LOT of patience and tolerance. But a huge pet peeve of mine is when people feel, especially when they haven’t had their coffee yet (as I roll my eyes), that everyone should just stay out of their way. Pardon me, but I have to be at work also and yes, I may or may not be tired as well. You aren’t special. There are places I would rather be also, but I know I have to earn a living, so my mind is there. But don’t strut around your job expecting folks to just avoid you because you aren’t in the best of moods. Number one, because again, you aren’t the only one there and two, you don’t know what moods other people are in as well. Just because you think you’re feeling the worst doesn’t mean you’re entitled to be a jackass toward everyone else, nor does it mean you will automatically “win” if you decide to be nasty toward someone. The fact that others are in a better mood doesn’t mean we won’t put you in your place if you come at us that way. I will do just that, and all with a smile on my face.

8. At least TRY to have a positive attitude. As a drill sergeant told me many, many years ago, you have to be up anyway, so it’s best to make the most of it. A positive attitude is not about “sunshine and rainbows.” It’s so ridiculous when people say this. To be positive does not mean we are oblivious to everything that isn’t right with the world. It’s about having a good attitude on how we deal with these bad things that we know are there or are coming. We’re not idiots. Again, there are places we would rather be also, but we’re sucking it up because we need to earn a living.

9. Don’t seek validating by complaining about it being Monday. Yes, something like this blog post would get far less likes, retweets, shares, etc., than if this entire thing was to complain about it being Monday. But that validation won’t make your Monday any better. Yes, it may show that other people sympathize, but again, your life isn’t (or at least shouldn’t be) lived through social media, so eventually, you have to, as they say, “adult,” and carry on OFF social media. Everyone in the world can agree with you, but again, you still have to get through your Monday, and that “validation” you seek is nothing more than a tease that won’t truly improve your day by a bunch if it’s all you’re looking for.

10. If you have dreams, START FOLLOWING THEM. This may be a bit of a confusing one, so let me elaborate. I am an aspiring screenwriter. I write ALL THE TIME because I absolutely have to. It’s not easy when having a full-time job and a family that I spend a lot of time with to be able to do a lot of writing, but I make it happen, because this dream will not come true if I do not. My weekday job is from Monday-Friday, but writing is every single day. What this has done though, it has taken off some of heat of Monday being Monday.

What I mean by that is this. When you are working to achieve your goals and reach your dreams, if you are putting your best effort into them every single day, Monday doesn’t bother you so much, because your mind really hasn’t “shut down” so to speak just because of the weekend. Does that make sense? For me, Friday just means the end of the work week, but right away, I plan on what writing I will be doing over the weekend. I understand that not everyone will necessarily have that kind of dream/goal, but with the effort and energy it takes, I still believe it will help when you have other aspects to focus on and Monday doesn’t seem as horrible as it once was.

Anyway, Monday is here. You can love it or hate it. But you two need to get along, because it’s not going anywhere.

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