#GoogleIt: “Why Can’t You Just Look It Up?” HERE’S Why


I love to do research. When the time is available, I enjoy looking up information. Especially as a writer. It is not uncommon for me to have no less than five different windows open on my laptop as I’m researching different topics for a project I’m working on. There are even times I’m in bed, unable to sleep at night and once my mind gets to wandering as I wonder something, I get up to look it up. Needless to say, it’s not my wife’s favorite quality about me.

These days, just about anything you’d ever want to know can be found on the internet in some form or fashion.

Which brings me to the reason for this blog post. On many occasions, upon being asked a question, people have said to me or others, “Why can’t you just look it up?” or “Why don’t you just Google it?” Here’s a reason I don’t “just Google it.”

Because I want to TALK to people.

Wild concept, I know. But I do enjoy interacting with people. These days, I don’t have to point out that it’s difficult to go places and not see someone with a phone in his or her face for the majority of the time. Restaurants are even worse, because people are sitting directly across from each other and playing on their phones most of the time. Obviously within reason, because we don’t always know exactly what folks are doing, but it doesn’t benefit us to play stupid here. Many aren’t researching anything of immense importance. It’s basically to hang out and lurk on social media.

However, I’m not throwing stones. My wife and are guilty of this, too. Rarely, but it still happens from time to time. We’ve even caught ourselves doing this when it happens.

In many ways, considering the vast information found on the net, an argument could be made that there really isn’t much need to have to talk to anyone at all. After all, if most of us could just fuss for people “look it up,” why would there be?

I like to talk to people because there is a lot I get from physical interaction that I could never get speaking to someone online or avoiding folks by researching everything myself. I know some people have heartburn over people constantly asking questions that can be researched and within reason, I get it.

But what’s the harm in someone wanting to TALK face to face or directly with another person?

And speaking of social media, that is a few degrees short of being totally played out. If I did not have to network as a writer, I probably wouldn’t even be on it at all. With the exception of several people, including some close friends and few of my favorite celebrities who actually follow me on Twitter, I wouldn’t see a need at all. Especially considering how ugly a lot of people are on social media. It’s embarrassing. I’m really not one of those desperate to read other people’s drama, so even that aspect is boring to me. I have too much other stuff I would much rather be doing.

There are times where it would actually be faster and easier if I looked something up than to speak to someone personally about it. But again….I WANT to interact. I love many of the people I’ve connected with and this is my way of keeping the lines of communication open.

I once had a question about yoga. Now yoga is not some top secret thing where it can ONLY be found this place or that place. I could type “yoga” into Google and probably could find everything I’ve ever wanted to know within the first few web sites.

However, I have few friends who are into yoga. One teaches yoga, who I hadn’t spoken to in a while. Another is someone I just became online friends with, but she is just the sweetest person and she teaches it as well. Another, I believe does not teach it, but she is constantly talking about it, which led me to believe she has a lot of experience with yoga.

My question was about how yoga could help with sleeping. As a writer, of course, I don’t sleep a whole lot. There are some mornings my wife asks, “Did you even sleep?!” because I do so much writing.

Even though it took about a day or so before I got all the responses, they all taught me a lot and thanked me for writing them. I could have easily found out what I needed to know within minutes by looking it up. But I wanted them to know that one, I was interested in what they do and two, I was looking to find an answer to my question, since I read something about it once before.

Another reason I like to talk to people is very simple. Because I get to see and feel EMOTION. I get to see facial expressions. Upon being close enough, even physical contact is okay. I get to hear a person’s voice. When online, I don’t want to be someone who just posts Facebook statuses or tweets and nothing more. I like to speak to folks directly. When possible, I like to hear about THEM. I am a person, not a robot.

We’re all individuals. I want to know people AS individuals. Not to just lump them in categories with others because I’m too lazy to talk to them or I want to claim I’m too busy to get to know them. Even if “busy” was the case, then we should be too busy to group and stereotype also. Yet, we can all seem to find time to do that.

When I say “within reason,” of course there are times it’s more appropriate to research. School may be one instance I can think of, where that is a big part of it. But an intelligent person knows the difference. It’s not always about school or trying to help someone “learn” anything. It’s just because we’ve come away from wanting to talk to others.

So, if I ever ask you a question or someone else does, and the answer seems a little simple, don’t be so quick to believe that people are bumbling idiots who don’t know how to research something. As I said, at least for me, I research all the time.

But maybe it’s that we want to talk to you. Technology has already caused a lot of us to want to do EVERYTHING on computers, phones and tablets anyway. Even places meant to interact with others aren’t even fully used to TALK to PEOPLE. Call me crazy, but I don’t ever want that part of me, the part that enjoys to interact with other people, to die.

And unless you don’t like talking to people (which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if you’re on social media), is that really such a bad thing?


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1 Response to #GoogleIt: “Why Can’t You Just Look It Up?” HERE’S Why

  1. Nellie Coker says:

    Totally agree, I miss talking and hearing the voice, seeing the smile.


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