1 Response to #Trolls: “Women, Just Block Them.” No…BOYS, MAN THE F*** UP

  1. Marilyn Kahlo-Burton says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I will be forwarding it to several of my women friends if that’s ok. It is a spot on article on how much of this goes on(a lot) and how we as women feel both, about it and because of it. Yes, we do carry it with us. Usually resulting in feeling some fear, and in then deciding to not give our opinions, due to that fear or intimidation. I frequently just don’t give an opinion as my way of dealing with it. That results in resentment and frustration, both towards the “troll or bully” , as well as at myself for not being “brave” enough to overcome these tactics. Plus, I use my real name, so don’t want people coming after my family or personal property. I just have to say, that I am extremely sad, that it has come to this. So, thank you again, for taking the high and brave road for us women on social media. Hope some “boys” are out there reading this and take it to heart!


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