#DonaldTrump: Why We Need To Stop Entertaining His Foolishness


Most of us have been in a store or other public place where we’ve seen a young child not get his or her way, and what’s usually next?  They often throw a fit.  The child either throws him or herself onto the floor and kick their feet, or they just start screaming and crying.  And those are the good children.

That’s when everyone annoyingly turns to look at the child and chances are, the embarrassed parent.  Often, what comes next after that is the parent catering to the child and giving them what he or she wants.  No telling what happens once they leave and make it to the car or back home, but for the meantime, the parent(s) want the child to stop embarrassing them.  So they ultimately get their way.

I’ll continue to say that I voted for Hillary Clinton.  I don’t care whether you agree with me or not.  This is not to gain friends or even to be concerned with who likes that or not.  I don’t care if this causes me to lose friends, either.  Unless your name is on any of my bills, I couldn’t care less what your opinion of that is.  Chances are, I’ve heard it all before by now.  The grouping of me in the category of “liberals,” the racial stereotypes, those want to continue to regurgitate “Get over it…you lost,” blah blah blah.  It’s nothing new.  None of it is.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then I don’t have to tell you about some of the things President-Elect Donald Trump has said over the past several months.  Many are very well-documented.  I’m not going to list all this and that because if you follow anything at all, you’re aware of it already.

I’m mostly talking about some of what he has said and his behavior since he won the election.  Again…much of which I do NOT have to tell you about because there’s a good chance you already know.

Here is why I feel we need to stop entertaining the foolishness.

Donald Trump is that child in the store.  Period.  He’s doing what he knows will get him attention.  He is figuratively (maybe…most days it’s hard to tell) throwing the fit.  Dropping on the floor.  Kicking his feet.  Crying and screaming.  And when all the “parents” (meaning Americans) look at him, he gets his way.  Just like those children, it didn’t take long for him to figure this out.

And the bottom line is that he is milking it for everything it is worth.

I look at some of Mr. Trump’s tweets and many of them don’t even sound like they’ve been written by an adult, let alone the president-elect of the United States.  They look like they’ve been written by 16-year-olds.  Speaking of which, I saw from a follower of mine on Twitter that he recently retweeted something from a 16-year-old in which the teen is bashing a news outlet (I believe) for talking about him.

Just said that out loud.  Seriously.  The president-elect, who is 70 years old, is retweeting a 16-year-old to stick it to the media.

Again…this is not a 16-year-old with a disorder of some kind and awareness needs to be brought to it.  This is not a 16-year-old who is a cancer patient.  This is not a 16-year-old who saved someone’s life or is a high school valedictorian, or something of that nature.  This is a 16-year-old who (by the “scripted” nature and feel of the tweet was likely coaxed into writing it) wrote a tweet where he’s bashing the media and Donald Trump retweeted it.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying a 16-year-old’s opinion doesn’t matter and is not worth retweeting.  But of ALL the reasons to retweet something from someone that age, for the president-elect to do so, especially when this person is bashing the media for reporting what actually happened, isn’t one of them.

Seriously…it’s bad enough that Trump is fussing at the media on Twitter each time they do this, but he could say “The sky is blue” on a day the sky might be grey, and if the media came out to say, “AND DONALD TRUMP REPORTEDLY STATED THAT THE SKY IS BLUE,” you can bet he will take to Twitter and personally attack them for saying this.  He has done it a LOT since he won the election and even before.

He’s been fighting a ton of “battles” on Twitter and mainly with the media.  I’m guessing he won’t be hanging his foot up Vladimir Putin’s ass or building that wall any time soon.  When will he find the time to do so?

Anyway, it seems now that he’s being just as careless as that child in the store is being.  The things he says just seem more and more outrageous to the point that it’s just not even funny anymore.  At one time, I felt it was comical, but I can’t even say that now.  The latest (I believe it’s the latest) thing is that he feels certain people should be “stripped” of citizenship upon committing certain acts.

I know that if you know that much, you know what the acts are.  But I’m not even going to bother putting it here.  It almost doesn’t even matter.  Seriously…HE WANTS TO TAKE CITIZENSHIP AWAY.  We’re not talking about taking someone’s driver’s license away when they commit their second or third DUI.  We don’t mean taking a child’s toy away when they’ve been “bad.” We’re talking about stripping U.S. CITIZENSHIP FROM AMERICANS.

And what they did isn’t even against the law.  That’s the crazy part.  As much as we may not like it, it’s a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.  Just like when NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel for the National Anthem.  I still don’t understand why this is so hard for people to understand.  Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean he didn’t have a constitutional right to do it.

And I say this an Army soldier of 19+ years.  If anyone would have an issue with something like this, it would be me.  But I’m also intelligent enough to know what everyone’s constitutional right is and that just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean folks aren’t going to do it.  The world does not revolve around me.  People WILL do things I don’t like.  This is what many folks, grown adults, need to understand.

Anyway, not to drag this out anymore, but Donald Trump has made it MORE than clear and on MANY occasions that he is simply going to say and do whatever he feels and whatever comes to mind, because he knows he will get attention for it.  That’s it.

It doesn’t have to make sense.  There doesn’t need to be proof.  He doesn’t have to behave like the 70-year-old president-elect that he is.  The SECOND people start talking about it or retweeting this foolishness, he’s already won.  Period.

This is the reason that those of us who are against Donald Trump need to stop entertaining this nonsense by repeating it in all these ways.  Sharing, retweeting…none of that.  That is what he wants.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not trying to silence any of you at all.  A lot of folks I greatly respect do this, especially on Twitter.  Hell, even I do.  And I’m not even saying I disagree with most of what you all post.  A lot of it, I do.  But no matter what comes with it, the minute it is shared in whatever way, it is the equivalent of that bratty child throwing the fit and the parent saying, “Okay, okay, little Donny…you can have that toy you wanted.  Now please stop.”

We just need to stop giving him the attention. Not for this.

Does that mean to stop fighting for what you believe?  Absolutely not.  No way.  But the fighting has to be geared toward progress, not just by retweeting and sharing the ridiculous things he’s said and expressing our displeasure about it.  That just slows things down.  If you’re retweeting what he’s said and talking about how despicable it is (and while again, I will likely TOTALLY agree with you), that means you’ll be temporarily distracted from whatever cause you’re fighting for against him.

Think about it like this.  You’re running a marathon.  If each time you reached a new mile, someone would say something crazy to you that just made no sense and in many ways was really beyond awful.  I’m not saying you’re wrong to want to stop to acknowledge it. But remember what your goal is.  If you stop every single time this happened, you would never finish the marathon.  And that person who isn’t running doesn’t care.  The minute you stop to turn back around to them, they’ve won.  It doesn’t matter what you say after that or how clever you’re trying to be.

Many of you won’t agree with that and that’s fine.  I understand why you wouldn’t.  But again, don’t look at this as me trying to silence you.  I’m just trying to get you to understand that right now, he’s saying things that he knows he’ll get a ton of responses from and it seems that’s all he’s interested in.  There doesn’t even seem to be much sense, thought, substance or even proof behind it.  Again, his tweets look like they’re being written by teenagers. Name-calling and exclamation points everywhere.  But he’s looking to see how much attention he can get and really…how much mileage he can get from these ridiculous statements he makes.

And this is all just until he comes up with the next ridiculous thing.

I honestly don’t even know if it’s for his supporters anymore.  Even they can’t honestly defend some of it, however pitifully they try.  Once more…I believe it’s just to get attention and the retweets, and mainly from those who do not support him.

On Twitter, he currently has more than 16 million followers.  That alone should be enough.  But imagine if we’re all retweeting the stuff he says, especially those of us who do NOT support him.  It’s magnified even more.

And with all due respect to celebrities (as I am very fond of and respect many of you), times it by ten or even a few hundred when YOU all retweet it.

I truly do get it and understand everyone’s displeasure and frustration.  But we really have to understand what we’re doing here whenever we continue to entertain nonsense like “taking citizenship away.” It’s feeding the beast.  That’s all it is.

Think about it…how many of you are following Donald Trump and you do not support him?    I’ll be the first to admit…I am.  But that’s only because I know a lot of his non-supporters are on there and my purpose of doing so is to get this to you.  Once I’ve reached what I feel is enough people, I’m done.  I certainly don’t plan on staying there.

But please, just think about all this.  Again, I don’t want you all to lose your passion or to stop fighting for what you believe in.  Not at all.  But think about that bratty child throwing a fit, dropping to the floor, kicking feet, whining, screaming and crying to get his or her way.

Donald Trump is that bratty child.

End of story.





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1 Response to #DonaldTrump: Why We Need To Stop Entertaining His Foolishness

  1. Marilyn Kahlo-Burton says:

    I agree with everything you said in this post!!! I refused a while back to not re post or tweet anything the creep elect post!!!


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