Here Is Why I Feel Jokey Smurf Can Still Teach Us A Lot About Ourselves Today




If you’re a fan of the Smurfs, then you know who this cute little prankster is. He is Jokey Smurf. We all know his game. If not, it’s pretty simple. He often gives “surprises” to the other characters in the form of this yellow box with the red bow. The surprise, just about every single time, is of the explosive variety.

Despite that there isn’t much mystery as to what the “surprise” is, it still gives us a laugh each time.

The Smurfs was most popular in the 80’s. However, here is why I feel Jokey Smurf can still teach us a lot about ourselves today.

Jokey Smurf was well-known among all the other Smurfs. It wasn’t like none of them knew who he was. And when he showed up with that yellow box with the red bow, someone always opened it. Again, it wasn’t as if none of them knew what was in there.

I’ve always wondered where in the world Jokey Smurf got all these bombs, but that’s beside the point. What I find fascinating is how often we deal with “Jokey Smurf” in our own lives.

Think about it for a second. How many of you have known of someone who continues to associate with that person or those people who are harmful to them, yet, they know what those people are about? How about some of you who are NOT afraid to take a good look at yourselves? How often have you experienced that? Are you going through it with someone right now?

We’ve not talking about a bad first date where everything about the person is still brand new. I mean when it is extremely clear as far as to what their personalities are.

Once again, everyone knew Jokey Smurf. You know who you are dealing with. Jokey Smurf always offered the “surprise.” These people in our lives always tell us or give the impression that they aren’t as bad as they’ve often shown us they are. The characters gave Jokey Smurf another “chance,” just as we give these people we know are not good for us chance after chance. The “surprise” blows up in the characters’ faces, Jokey Smurf laughs and then moves on to the next person, most often, with no apologies. The people we deal with deliver whatever badness to us and then, they just carry on as if they did nothing wrong, often waiting for that next opportunity to do it again.

I am not writing this to judge anyone. I have been guilty of this also. But so often, we continue to associate with people who are not new to us. Their personalities are not a mystery. What they’re about and what they have done and will do to us is nothing we aren’t aware of. Yet, we continue to put up with it.

Why’s that?

There could be a lot of reasons for this. But keep in mind what this does to you. These days, people will often do what they please with whoever they want, as often as they want, and if we continue to forgive or to ignore it, like with Jokey Smurf, it will just keep going.

Jokey Smurf wasn’t necessarily a bad smurf, just like not everyone is necessarily a bad person. But that doesn’t mean you deserve to be repeatedly treated in ways that make you unhappy.

Essentially, the many Smurf characters “enabled” Jokey Smurf to continue giving the “surprise” to everyone. That’s what we do to people who treat us poorly. We are enabling them to keep doing whatever it is.

It is important to stop things as early as possible. Have you ever dealt with someone who has repeatedly done wrong, yet when you bring it up to them, they don’t apologize, but they imply that it’s actually your fault for letting them have continued for so long? So not only have you enabled, but somehow, it became your responsibility for being treated as you’ve been.

I know. I’m comparing life with the Smurfs. But wasn’t that the purpose of many of these old shows and cartoons? A LOT of life lessons could be seen in them.

Don’t let the “Jokey Smurfs” of the world take over your lives.




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