#Love: Yes, Princess…I Will Hold Your Hand


Yes, Princess…I will hold your hand,
But not just for today; I hope you do understand.
My love for you in many ways, nearly impossible to express,
As you continue tugging on the strings of that organ in my chest.
You’ve done so since birth, and yes, love at first sight,
No time at all before determining that you would be my Kryptonite.
Thinking to myself, “I won’t change much after they would bring her,”
A liar you made out of me, once you wrapped your tiny hand around my finger.
The father-daughter relationship is far from merely hype,
As there is not many a stronger bond, to include that “Double-O-Seven” type.
Never desiring fame, as you made me your rock star,
I swore I wasn’t ready, as you said, “Yes, Daddy…you are.”

We now sit in the hospital, as you do your best to recover,
Newfound patience and strength is what you’ve helped me to discover.
Though exhaustion has me struggling to stay awake,
I feel going to sleep now would be a much bigger mistake.
People say, “You should rest, for your daughter needs you strong,”
But if I’m not here when you call, I feel that is MUCH more wrong.
No, you are not helpless; that’s not the lesson I wish to teach,
I just feel right now it’s my job to be no further away than within arm’s reach.
You’ve called me before, and while I expected some pain and tears,
The sweet reason was simply wanting to make sure that I’m still here.
But that is never a problem; see, as long as God makes it so,
There is not another place from you that your father would rather go.

So when you choose to ask, temporary is never the plan,
Because until my life is over, yes, Princess…I will hold your hand.

(Robert People, 2/21/17)

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