My Open Letter To Marcia Cross


Dear Marcia,

I hope this letter finds you doing very well. I understand that you are a very busy woman, so I will get right to the point of writing this. There is something I would like to share and a question I would respectfully like to ask.

First, Desperate Housewives is one of my favorite all-time shows and you were absolutely amazing in it. I’ve been such a fan of yours ever since.

Here is what I would like to share. I would like to give you a very sincere THANK YOU.

I am an aspiring professional screenwriter. Simply put, you were the person who inspired the very first serious script that I’ve written.

A few years ago when I decided that I wanted to really go after this, I knew I had a lot to learn. So I wrote three scripts basically for that reason. I had no intentions of pitching them to anyone. I simply wrote them to send in for feedback to further learn the craft of screenwriting. Along with reading other scripts and studying movies and television shows (Desperate Housewives being one of them), this is what I spent the first several months doing.

However, I knew there came a time when I knew needed to write something more serious. It was in 2013. My wife and I are both in the Army and she was in Korea at the time. After watching a documentary, she called me to suggest that I write a screenplay about a woman running for president.

Of course, this wouldn’t be anything wildly new, as women had indeed done so by then.

Long story short, you were the person who inspired me to move forward with writing it. You were honestly the woman I pictured.

Here is something funny about all this. When I wrote this back in 2013, (titled, “Destination: 1600”) I wrote Katherine Wallace’s (main character and presidential candidate) opponent to be very Donald Trump-like. The funny part is, at the time I wrote it, throughout the entire process, I kept saying to myself, “No one would ever believe someone would run for president and behave like this. This isn’t realistic at all. I should just throw this out and do something else. This sounds like I’m reaching.” 

Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for much of the country right now) I wasn’t wrong about that.

Please understand that I am not pitching this to you at this moment. After this had been submitted and pitched elsewhere (after completing several drafts,) the belief was that I wrote it more recently and just ripped it right from the current headlines. So I have a feeling it may not be taken seriously. But again, I wrote the initial draft back in 2013. My purpose for writing it the way I did was to show that as much as people want to believe that racism and sexism are a thing of the past, it truly (and in many cases as we see, blatantly) is not. I’ll have been in the Army for 20 years this July, and I am still hearing men say that “women do not belong in the Army.” Just like that. No waffling, no discretion. Cut and dry. And I believe many are hiding behind the fact that there are a lot of people out there who simply don’t believe (or don’t want to believe) that blatant sexism still occurs. It’s like that male family member who becomes blatant about sexually assaulting a relative. They often know most of the family wouldn’t believe they would do it, so that’s what tragically keeps it going.

Anyway, my reason for mentioning that is again, to give you a very sincere THANK YOU for being my inspiration for that. I feel like that script was a big step for me in this journey and simply put, I don’t believe it happens if not for you. I struggled with writing it until I pictured the person I felt would be perfect as even a fictional first woman president, and again, you are immediately the one who came to mind.

I understand this is probably not a big deal to you and probably doesn’t mean much. I would blame you. Who am I, after all? But it means a lot to me and I just wanted to share that with you.

Now for my question. I would like to apologize in advance for asking in this manner, but there actually is something I would like to pitch to you, at least to read if you would like.

I recently finished a comedy-drama script, titled, Easier Said, which follows four women as hosts of a talk show. It follows their lives as part of the show and of course, their personal lives as well. I don’t want to take up any more of your time with details at the moment, but I would be more than happy to explain further if you would like. I would like to respectfully ask for permission to send this to your manager.

Marcia, I do understand what I am asking and it is NOT a small request by any means. I know you are still working on Quantico, so I do not ask this lightly. I do respect your time. I simply wanted to let you know how much you’ve inspired me as a writer and to take a shot and ask this of you.

Once again, thank you so much. Any writer will tell you how much it means to be inspired, as inspiration does not come easily. For some people, it just doesn’t come at all. Whatever your answer, please know that I greatly respect and admire you, and I will always be a fan.

Take care. Thanks so much for reading.

Robert People

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