That’s right. I…HATE…WHITE…PEOPLE.

I hate white people because they are racist. They always like to assume that we’re thugs and criminals. They treat us as if we’re inferior to them. They’re always trying to hold us back. They think we are not “good enough” for them. They believe we’re the ones destroying the country. They think we’re all deadbeat fathers. They think we steal everything. They believe we are less than intelligent and are school dropouts. They we’re all unemployed.

I. Hate. White. People.

Now…if you’ve opened this blog post and have read that much, congratulations. That means you can read and you do have, at the very least, an ounce of intelligence.

Read on.

Everything in that first paragraph has been said before. But not by me.


I don’t really “hate” people in general at all. I hate acts. I hate behaviors. But not people. PEOPLE can change. In fact, you will NEVER hear me use the phrase “white people” alone because very few aspects of life apply to every single one of them.

I know. Using “some” at the beginning of it takes away the thunder. Makes it not sound as strong. That’s why people often leave the word out. Oh, I’m sure many don’t truly believe anything applies to “all” of a certain group, but it just totally ruins your entire rant by adding “some” to it. Can’t have people thinking you’re intelligent and all.

Oh, the horror.

Again, every one of those sentences in that first paragraph have been said before. Even each of those following “I hate white people.” Every one. I’m not making that up, despite how naive many people are to think no one ever says or believes these things.  I’ve been told each and every one of those in some form or fashion, and more. I just chose certain ones off the top of my head.

The first time I believe I ever heard someone say “I hate white people” was when I was nine years old. It was right after my aunt’s white neighbor (an adult) cussed out me and my two cousins, calling us every racist name in the book while encouraging his son (who was a year or two older than us) to “put us in our place as niggers.” This was probably the first time I had ever experienced a blatant case of racism that was directed at me.

I told my friend this the very next day. But here’s the funny part. My friend, the person who said “I hate white people”…

…was NOT someone black. It was a white kid.

Now, I don’t know if he was simply looking to support me and unintentionally went overboard or if this was something he truly believed and was taught by someone. At any rate, it didn’t necessarily make me feel any better. I wasn’t still as upset by then as the day before, but this did not give me any sense of relief.

The main reason was because I didn’t think it made sense, even as a nine-year-old. Here is my friend, who happens to be white, and he’s saying that he “hates white people.” I didn’t really know how to respond to that. So he hates white people because of what the neighbor and his son did to me and my cousins. Okay, but he as my friend would never do those things. So I didn’t feel this was an appropriate response, even in support of me.

So I asked him, “How many people are there in the world?”  He said something like a few billion. Then I asked, “How many of them do you think are white people?” He said, “Way more than black people,” which was a good enough answer for what I was looking for.

Rather than take a few billion, I decided to use just one billion. Then, since my friend said white people make up more than blacks, I figured I would go with just half of that.

Now, remember that I was nine at the time, so not only did I believe the entire world was either black or white, but I also had no idea about other nationalities. I didn’t know about Asians, Latinos, etc., so that’s what I had to go with.

So out of the at least 500,000,000 white people who I thought existed in the world, I asked my friend if he thought every one of them would be like my neighbor and his son. He just kind of blew it off, so I wondered it to myself.

Was there any way that every other white person out there felt the way my aunt’s neighbor did?

It didn’t take me long to realize that that was absolutely not the case. Hell, in hindsight, I think I figured it out by the time I began talking to my friend. I had already seen that he wasn’t the same, so that just confirmed it for me.

Now…let’s say that I truly did believe all of what was in the first paragraph. Would that be okay? Would it be fine to say that I “hate white people”? Would that be acceptable? Or would you understand if my negative experiences with certain white people led to me feeling horribly about them to the point of “hating” them?

So…what you’re saying is, that it’s not fair for me to take the WORST of a certain group of people and judge or group them ALL together based on ONLY the worst?


Then why is that what so many people seem to want to do?

It baffles me how often people take the worst or most negative of any group and judge the ENTIRE group based solely on those people. And most of the time, they don’t even make up the majority. Not even close. But that’s where the focus of so many people are.

It’s lazy.

One example is protests. It gets ridiculous having to keep telling people that those who riot are NOT protesters. There’s a reason they are two separate words. Yet, the media, being the attention whores they are, show a clip or two of people rioting and here come all the “patriots” to talk about how “stupid” everyone (again, it has to be “everyone;” they don’t want to water down their rants) is for exercising their constitutional rights to protests, largely because they feel rioting is wrong. Hell, damn near everyone protesting feels the same way. That’s why they aren’t the ones rioting. One is a crime and one isn’t.

Another example is this. For some of you white folks out there, don’t be so quick to applaud me, because just as the thought of black people saying “I hate white people” (though that’s not even what happened here) might annoy you, so should the other statements in which certain white people classify us, based on the worst of our group in certain areas. You can’t be bothered by one and not the others. The concepts are exactly the same.

Black people, same for you. Some of y’all actually DO hate or strongly dislike white people because of the worst of them and what they have done to you or us. But that’s still the wrong answer.

If you went into a house at the end of one of block and the inside was messy, is it fair to assume that every other house on that street would be “messy” also? Would it be right to just call it a “messy” neighborhood? Of course not. You’ve never even entered into those other houses, and there’s no evidence whatsoever that they would be the same.


This kind of thinking comes from what’s called Confirmation Bias. What that basically means is just that we often ONLY look for evidence that supports our beliefs. Once we find that “evidence,” we stop looking. That’s all the proof we will ever need.

In other words, if I believe white people are racist, look no further than Dylann Roof, who walked into a church in South Carolina and killed black people.

If I believe blacks hate all white people, I just need to find ONE person who feels that way.

If a white person believes that blacks are nothing but criminals and thugs, all they need is a SINGLE piece of a news broadcast, maybe a couple, and that is ALL the “proof” they will need that somehow, ALL of us are or have been criminals and thugs.

Ever hear a woman say “Men are all the same” after a few bad relationships? The latest man doing whatever wrong added to her Confirmation Bias.

Look at those who love to spit out these ridiculous conspiracy theories. The only “proof” that confirms any of them is simply the fact that other people can’t prove that whatever DIDN’T happen. And the somewhat “clever” folks often choose something that can’t be proven or something that will take a great deal of time to prove. Since most wouldn’t spend the time, that’s what lead them to feel that their belief(s) in said conspiracies are correct.

But we do this all the time. Again…we choose the WORST of a certain group and that’s what we base the entire group on.

A while ago, someone said this to me on Twitter: “If there were 10 white people and 9 of them were bad, would you take the time to figure out if that last one was good?”

And my answer to that was simple:

Yes, I would.

You could replace that with anything. 10 black people and 9 are bad. Do you take the time to get to know that last one? Now, I know for a FACT that a lot of white people out there would not.

What’s funny about all this is that if YOU are the person being wrongly judged, or that “1 out of 10” who is supposedly “good,” would YOU accept people just writing you off as bad because of the rest? After all, that’s what you do. So…why can’t others do the same and stick YOU in the category?

Why can’t other people classify YOU as “bad” because of the worst of whatever group you could be placed in?

What’s that? That wouldn’t be fair?

Nooooooo. Say it ain’t so. But what’s good for the goose, right?

Today is International Women’s Day. At some point, someone decided that one way to commemorate is to encourage women to not go to work. While I am an immense supporter of women’s rights, I don’t necessarily agree with this method. At any rate, it is what it is. They don’t need my permission.

However, today was yet another opportunity for the lazy to judge the entire day and movement on nothing more than the fact that women were taking off from work. That is apparently ALL this day is about. Many don’t get the deeper picture and realize that even though the strategies aren’t believed to be the best, it doesn’t take away from the bigger picture. Only in the eyes of the ignorant.

And save the “I don’t need it; it’s stupid” response. It’s not real deep, for one thing, it lacks substance (for another thing), but also, saying that other women should not care because YOU don’t need it is like telling people to not go to the hospital because YOU aren’t sick.

Spoiler alert:


Now, if you want to keep being lazy and grouping a mass of people together based solely off the worst of a particular group, be my guest. But that says more about you than it does them. And it’s not good.

And calling them everything in the book or putting them down does nothing also. Because people often make fun of or put down what they do not understand. Most sensible adults get that. So when I see people go straight to insulting someone about something, I just feel bad for them that they have such small and closed minds. All you can see is the bad of the group and you don’t have the good sense to acknowledge the MANY MORE of those who are NOT bad, and all because it confirms your close-minded thoughts.

And again…if you were in a certain “group” of any kind and someone took the worst of your group and decided to put you with them, chances are, you would be quick to bring out the “IT’S NOT ALL OF US!” response. Of course it isn’t.

And it’s not when it’s them, either.

But remember, if you are okay with choosing the worst of each group and classifying the entire group based off the worst of that group, if you happen to be white, then you should have NO problem with me saying…


If you do have a problem with it, look in the mirror.

And before you talk about trying to fix or you want to judge everyone else, work on that person looking back at you.


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