#DonaldTrump: Here Is Why I Don’t Believe He Will Ever Be Impeached


Have you ever wondered why that stupid, ridiculous, HORRIBLE television show is STILL on the air?

And get this…it was just renewed for its fourth season. Seriously.

I’m no expert, but there’s a very obvious reason that shows we find absolutely abhorrent seem to be built to last, and it’s what many of us already know…

…because it is a TRAIN WRECK.

How often have you been stuck on the interstate only to reach a certain point and realize the ONLY reason you were stuck there was that people were looking at an accident? Especially when the accident happened on the other side as drivers were traveling in the opposite direction?

Don’t you just love that?

By now, politics is that hideous television show that keeps getting “renewed.” It is that accident on the opposite side of the interstate that we can’t stop trying to look at.

Which is the main reason I do not believe President Donald Trump will EVER be impeached.

Think about those television shows again for a second. People say SO MUCH about them as they display their disgust, anger and everything else, but yet…the show is still pulling in ratings. Why? Because folks are tuning in. And the ones who supposedly aren’t tuning in are still talking about it based on he said, she said. Networks don’t care how much you hate something. If the ratings are there, they win. Numbers are all that matter. I’ve tried telling people this, but what do I know?

I’ve even heard people play the “I only watch so I can laugh at how stupid it is.” Right. The network has you as a viewer, which helps their ratings, along with you talking about it the next day and damn near every day after that. Yet, they’re the “stupid” ones.

Same with celebrities that we supposedly “hate” so much. You know…Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande…you know, the ones you can’t stop talking about. I especially love the quote “PLEASE STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS.” This is coming from the ones who can’t seem to stop talking about them. It is laughable and ironic.

Okay. You really showed them.

A lot of talk happens about and as we all know, from the president. But as much as everyone hates this and that, look at how much we’re talking about him, love him or not. You think politicians aren’t paying attention to that? They’re likely eating this up.

And oh, let’s not forget the recent ridiculousness…”COVFEFE.” I think we’re all aware of that one. A freaking typo received almost two full days of attention, along with a lot of people who believed there was more to it than just that. But when you look at the initial tweet (which has since been deleted):

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

Nothing about this to me suggests that this was written intentionally. I’ve stopped social media posts before I’m done all the time and have come back to it later after having hit this button or that button by accident and something like this was on the screen. It is clear that “coverage” was the word that was to go here, along with the rest of a sentence. And seriously…when has President Trump EVER had this opportunity to complain about negativity (especially when it’s against him) and leave it incomplete like this? What made it laughably worse was that he milked this for all it was worth, pretending that there was a point to it just to see who all would bite.

And a LOT of people did. Score yet another one for the politicians. After this, I said to myself, “And THIS is why politicians treat us Americans like we’re idiots.”

I see all these stories about everything Trump does and says and most often, they’re complaints. Hell, by now, little coming from him surprises me anymore. It’s sad to say, but that’s just where we are as a country now.

Even not being a hardcore fan of politics, I have never heard of rumblings of impeachment this much over a single president, at least not this early in his tenure. Every day, there’s a new story. Someone says this. Someone says that. This person says we need to begin impeachment proceedings. So does that person. Then this other guy over here. Then that woman over there.

And of course, the peanut gallery that is we, the American people, are in it as well.

I really have not seen any kind of progress toward impeachment and the reason is simple…

…because I don’t believe it will ever happen. We are enjoying talking about him too much for them to allow it. And politicians know this.

Also, you may think that yeah, former President Barack Obama was talked about a lot, too. Well we already know why that was. Let’s not play stupid here.

But just like with every other story out there about the horrible things Trump does and says, there are the every-five-minutes reports of his dismal approval ratings. The last one I saw, I believe it said they were like at negative 1000%. It’ll be a minus one gagillion percent next week.

My point is, so what? As much as people may have good points, we can only talk about it so much. If the steps toward impeachment are never taken, then that’s all it is–talk.

I know it may be fun to write about this, post about that, share this, hashtag that, or whatever else whenever he does or says something we feel is inappropriate. But again…what is this accomplishing, at least as far as impeachment is concerned?

There are a lot of people who seem to believe that if we continue talking about it, it will eventually happen. But that’s not exactly how impeachment works. He’s been in office for nearly six months. Social media posts won’t get him impeached, however clever or funny a person thinks he or she is being.

But politicians want us talking. That’s why I truly believe they’re not in any hurry to begin impeachment proceedings. With all the talking folks are doing now about how horrible and everything else Trump is, imagine how disappointing (in comparison) things would become if he is ever impeached. Sure, folks will talk…but not nearly as much, nor will the same kinds of things happen or be said. It’ll just be “business as usual” in the world of folks arguing about politics.

Now…this isn’t one of those times where, if it happens, it will make sense to come rushing back here to rub it in my face. This is one of those times I would not only love to be wrong, but I would even take a handful of folks to the bar and say “A round of drinks, on me.” I’m actually with many of you.

But the bottom line is that talk is cheap. Do you believe that the post you made today, however many more “likes” or “retweets” it may have received, has us any closer to impeachment than yesterday?

And we have to be honest with ourselves. Just because we may be prouder of what we posted today doesn’t mean that moves us any closer. But I’m at the point now where the stories, the jokes, the gripes, the complaints, the jabbing and everything else has just gotten old. Again…I’m with you…but once more, you can only say so much.

A man sets a house on fire. We all gather around and talk about how “horrible” he is to have done it. We make jokes. We make social media posts. Stories are written about the fire. Comedy shows make fun of it. Yet, all the while, we’re standing there and just watching the fire happen. No one is taking steps to put it out, even though everyone is talking about how badly it needs to happen.

President Donald Trump is that “fire.”

And the house he’s “burning down” is America.

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1 Response to #DonaldTrump: Here Is Why I Don’t Believe He Will Ever Be Impeached

  1. Art Dodger says:

    I think there is a very real possibility of impeachment… For something mundane like money laundering or graft.


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