#SecondAmendment: Gun Lovers, Where Is Your Love For The Constitution When People Protest?

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Once again, a school shooting has taken place.

Once again.

Not, “You would never believe what just happened!” No.

Once again.

Someone going into a school and deciding to shoot until he can’t shoot anymore is not an uncommon “Oh my God!” thing.

It is a “Not again” thing. Not again.

THAT is how common it has become.

Many you often never miss the opportunity to engage in a good argument. Politics is likely the biggest example. So as the cycle goes after something like this, let’s do “Thoughts and prayers,” feel sad for about a second and then move on to the arguing. Gotcha.

A lot of you out there barely even showed concern for the children who were shot and killed. Nah, you immediately went to that precious Second Amendment and the guns you may or may not even possess.

That’s right. Children died and what is your immediate response? To complain about whoever coming to “take your guns”? Not the lives of innocent children being snuffed out, but your inanimate possessions?

Ah, that Second Amendment. The right to bear arms. Got it. Rights are rights.

But then, let’s talk about that FIRST Amendment. The one including the right to free speech and peaceful assembly.

Uh oh…

That’s right. Hence the reason Colin Kaepernick is in the photo to the right.

The Constitution is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Rights, rights, everywhere…RIGHTS. And you know the most beautiful thing about the Constitution? These rights do not “rotate.” Yeah, it isn’t as though one Amendment applies today and a different one applies tomorrow, nope…they ALL apply at ALL times for ALL Americans.

God Bless America.

So I find it very interesting that many of you who cling so dearly to that Second Amendment (as the children are quickly forgotten about) treat people like Kaepernick, other NFL players and protesters in general as if they do not deserve to exercise their rights to the FIRST Amendment.

But wait a minute…I thought that as “lovers of America” and the Constitution, you would be the FIRST ones to support ALL Amendments and everything America stands for.


Ohhhh…you only support the ones you agree with and when it’s convenient for you.

Say it ain’t so.

I’m taking a U.S. History college course right now and it is one of two classes I need to finish my associate degree. I wasn’t crazy about selecting the class, but I needed it. It isn’t one of my favorites. But there is ONE thing I’ve always known about U.S. History if I know nothing else.

That is NOT how the Constitution works.

You don’t get to pick and choose which Amendments apply at which times. With so many people in this country and so many rights at our disposal, guess what? There WILL come times that someone will exercise rights in certain ways that you will not agree with. If you don’t like it, I have two words for you:

Tough shit.

But then again, you love America so much and want to protect the Constitution, correct? So how is this even an issue? America First, right?


You called NFL players “sons of bitches.” You said that they are “pieces of shit.” You told them to “leave the country” (of course with some of you giving the classic “go back to Africa.” Yawn). You pushed for them to get fired.

And…what was it that they did, again? They…took a knee during a portion of before the football game that 95% of the time, they don’t even show on television. That’s for those of you love to say, “I don’t watch football to watch players do this.” Yeah, because everybody watches football solely for the National Anthem. So that’s what has you so angry?

By the way, have you ever been TO a game? I have. Many times. And let me tell you that NOT everyone in the crowd stands at attention during the National Anthem.

Not to mention, how often do you stand up for the National Anthem when you are at home and watching?

Okay. Just checking.

People aren’t stupid. If these same players did the opposite, the same of you who called them every name in the book would be applauding them. So let’s call a spade a spade. It isn’t just that they’re exercising their rights, it’s WHY and WHO they are that you have the problem with.

But they are exercising their First Amendment rights, are they not?

Answer the question.


Stop. That’s all I needed to know.

Your opinions aren’t important here. Peaceful assembly? Check.

The end.

Now about those who protest on the streets. I find responses to this laughable. Some of you call them everything in the book also and what exactly is it that they are doing? Oh, right…peaceful assembly. That pesky First Amendment again.

You ask “Don’t these people have jobs?”

Wait…how does protesting mean a person doesn’t have a job? Do YOU work your job 24/7? Didn’t think so.

You do the half-assed “What are they protesting NOW?” as if you really don’t understand. Close your mouth, open your eyes and pay attention. They will tell you.

That is, if you really want to know.

Which you don’t.

You just want them to stop because they are making you uncomfortable.

Poor babies.

But why such venom toward those who are doing the exact same thing as you are? They are EXERCISING…CONSTITUTIONAL…RIGHTS. They may have chosen a different Amendment, but oh yeah…remember what I said above. ALL Amendments apply at ALL times.

Don’t talk to me about those who riot. They are under a different category entirely. Stop putting the two together thinking that strengthens your argument. It doesn’t. That just shows you don’t have the intelligence to engage in further discussion when you can’t stay on topic.

But AGAIN…you proclaim how much you love America and how much you support and defend the Constitution. When anyone dares mention, NOT “taking away your guns,” but simply to tighten regulations so ALL guns aren’t accessible to ALL people, you go to that Second Amendment (which, by the way, applied more to the weapons possessed back in those days rather than today. Something else I learned in my college U.S. History class). Bravo.

But what about those who exercise rights from a different Amendment than you? Who are you to tell them they can’t? Who are you to throw tantrums each time this happens? Why do you feel threatened to the point that you wish for people to lose their jobs and want them to “leave the country” when they are doing exactly what the First Amendment says and nothing more?

Again, your opinions of whether they should do it now or later is irrelevant. Maybe that’s something you have a hard time understanding. Yeah, you know how many of you say things like “That’s not the time to protest” or to “protest on your own time” to the NFL players? That’s what I mean. They don’t need your permission on when and where to do so. Whether you like it or not means nothing. The same way people don’t need permission to order the Big Mac rather than the Quarter Pounder with Cheese that YOU happen to like is how they do NOT need your permission on when to exercise Constitutional rights.

(Seriously, that “protest on your own time” one is hilarious. It wouldn’t be called a “protest” if it was at some time that no one was able to see it, genius.)

Oh, and as an Army soldier with nearly 21 years of service, how could I forget the classic, “They’re disrespecting the troops!” 

No, they aren’t. Just stop. Don’t hide behind us. We didn’t raise our rights hands to take rights from anyone. When WE say we “support and defend the Constitution,” we MEAN it. The WHOLE Constitution.

Anyway, what is your issue? If you love America and support the Constitution, why do you have a problem with people exercising their FIRST Amendment rights, especially when you lose your minds over even the mere THOUGHT of someone messing with your Second Amendment? I mean, deceased children obviously don’t matter to you, so what’s the deal? If Donald Trump can say whatever he wants because he has “Freedom of Speech,” why do you get so angry at others like Colin Kaepernick, other NFL players and protesters who do the same?

What are YOU so afraid of?

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