#ArmOurTeachers: Dear Gun Lovers Vilifying The Deputy Who Stayed Outside: Thanks For Proving OUR Point. Here’s How You Did It


Scot Peterson is the name of the deputy who chose not to enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the February 14 attack that left 17 students dead.

Many of you have called him every name in the book, from “coward” to “pussy” to “embarrassment” (because calling a man you will never meet foul names from the comfort of your social media and phones is the epitome of “strength”). Hope that makes you all feel better.

You want to put guns in the hands of all or even most teachers. Not only is that asinine, but it’s dangerous. I know…you don’t agree. You’ll just dismiss me as a “liberal” (I have no political affiliation, but that’s your go-to for all who disagree with you…yawn). But that’s okay. You don’t have to agree with me. I don’t need you to.

But for now, let me tell you how calling this man these names actually proves MY point and the point of the rest of us sane individuals more than it does yours in thinking that shoving a gun in everyone’s faces will solve the problem.

For starters, I am not about judge Peterson for being human. I’m just an adult that way. If throwing stones helps you to sleep at night, more power to you.

I don’t care what YOU would have done if you were him. I didn’t ask.

The reason I don’t ask is because everyone knows what to do after the fact. You have the luxury of days and weeks after this happened to decide what you would have done. Hell, when I have that much time along with the judgment of society, I would have every answer in the world also. But when you’re actually in the heat of what’s going on, you wouldn’t know what to do, despite how you would claim otherwise. So save it. There’s nothing worse to these grieving parents than a bunch of Johnny’s-On-The-Spot who has all the answers of what could have saved their children, but ultimately mean nothing now.

Before you continue to judge Peterson on why he didn’t just run into the school with guns blazing, first off, stop thinking Hollywood. Yes, Hollywood movies are the reason you expected him to do this. There’s actually protocol to what a trained armed official is supposed to do in the event of a shooting. The reason you don’t see that in Hollywood is because thanks to the short attention spans of most of society, they just skip over all that and get right to the action. But it doesn’t work like that in real life. As cute as it is that the “good guy with a gun” in the movies just runs through a random building and knows exactly where the bad guys are, taking them all out in one shot, that just isn’t how it works in the real world.

Not to mention, let’s say he runs into the building and ends up shooting at the wrong people, killing or injuring someone by accident. You would be calling him names too. Big surprise.

Peterson was a 33-year law enforcement veteran who was obviously trained on his service weapon. And while again, I don’t judge him for his decision, here is where YOU are wrong for wanting all or even most teachers to be armed.

Again, he was trained and he had his gun easily accessible. Not only that, but this was his primary job. Now let’s talk about what all of you at home expect teachers to do.

A teacher’s primary job is to…wait for it…teach. So even if they all agreed (which they didn’t) to get guns and to train on them, no matter how excited they would be, at the end of the day, their primary jobs are still teaching.

On top of that, law enforcement trains on their weapons constantly. How often, in comparison, would a teacher train on theirs? I highly doubt it would be anywhere near the same amount of time, because, oh yeah…they have to teach and do all of what comes with that. They spend their days dealing with our children, grading papers and figuring out how to get school supplies that oh, right…you don’t show nearly the same enthusiasm in getting for them.

Not to mention, how often would a teacher actually need to fire their weapons? With all due respect to school shootings as ONE time is too many…they simply don’t happen enough for a teacher to get anything close to use out of a gun. It’s just there for show.

Chances are, the gun will be locked up somewhere so a student cannot get to it and bullets will not be left in the gun. So when a shooting happens, everything is not instant.

Oh, you wanted the teachers to open carry right there in class as they’re teaching the students?

Don’t be ridiculous.

Wait, hold on…have any of you asked a teacher what he or she felt? I’ve seen teachers everywhere say that they don’t want to carry guns in school. So do you even care what they feel?

Of course you don’t. What was I thinking?

So, if this 33-year veteran decided not to go into the school when the shooting happened, and he’s been trained for all those years on firing his weapon as this is his primary job, how in the world do you figure a teacher who’s primary job is teaching and firing his or her weapon will be an extremely distant second, would be an absolute deterrent for a school shooter?

Remember, this guy had a gun, was trained, had done the job for many years, and he didn’t even go into the school. He wasn’t a deterrent. So as far as a “good guy with a gun” just magically stopping everything…

It didn’t.

And you called him everything in the book.

A teacher will have FAR less training and experience. Most will never, EVER even use his or her gun. Criminals will know this. But somehow, you think they’ll be totally deterred from attacking a school with all this in mind?

Just the fact that you vilified Peterson shows that even you realize now that a “good guy with a gun” isn’t always the answer. Often, it may not even work at all.

Thanks for helping to prove that for us.




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